• On Line Monitoring System for High Temperature Gas at Kiln Tail System 1
  • On Line Monitoring System for High Temperature Gas at Kiln Tail System 2
On Line Monitoring System for High Temperature Gas at Kiln Tail

On Line Monitoring System for High Temperature Gas at Kiln Tail

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On line monitoring system for high temperature gas at kiln tail is specially designed for the pain point of the traditional analyzer sampling device. The system is mainly used to monitor the gas components in the smoke chamber at the end of the kiln in the dry cement production line.The system is mainly composed of sampling pretreatment system, circulating cooling system, electrical control system and gas analysis system.The sampling pretreatment system adopts automatic blockage removal, circulating cooling, rotating material shaking, three-stage back blowing and multistage purification to realize the stability and continuity of high temperature and high dust flue gas extraction.The gas analysis system adopts non-dispersed infrared technology to monitor NOX, CO, O2 and other gas concentrations in flue gas in real time.Kiln operators can reasonably adjust the ratio of air, coal and material according to the gas concentration information of each component, so as to achieve the goal of high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption in cement production.


1. The high torque pneumatic transmission device ensures that the transmission does not jam and jump.

2. Multi - stage movable section slag cleaning rod ensures smooth and stable slag cleaning action.

3. The high-strength probe rod cleaning device removes the crust regularly to ensure that the probe rod is not coking.

4. High torque rotary shaking mechanism greatly improves the thermal deformation resistance of the probe rod

5. Automatic blockage removal design ensures sampling continuity

6. Automatic protection circuit improve the stability and reliability of the product under the interference of external factors.

7. The automatic data retention function reduces the data jitter under the backblow action and improves the data smoothness

8. The automatic safety warning device sends out high decibel sound and light alarm before the probe rod moves to improve the safety of the equipment.

9. Integrated cylinder block cleaning rod design and two flexible seal to ensure that the slag cleaning rod long-term action without leakage.

10. The use of back blowing front and large flow diaphragm pump can reduce the gas displacement time after back blowing and ensure the effective data proportion.

11. Circulation large area air cooling fan heat mechanism, improve the medium heat exchange capacity. Automatic temperature control circuit and intermittent fan start and stop energy saving and consumption reduction.

12. High temperature alloy and internal rod circulation cooling system are adopted to ensure the long-term stability of the equipment in the harsh environment such as corrosion and high temperature.

Company Introduction

Hefei GoodTimes Automation Co., Ltd. is a technique oriented state-level high-tech enterprise, transformed from Hefei  Jinshan Science and Technology Industrial Company organized  on the basis of automation institute of Hefei Cement Research  & Design Institute Corporation Ltd. under of CNBM.It was  awarded the Anhui Industrial Design Center, Hefei Enterprise  Technology Center, Hefei Brand demonstration Enterprise,  Hefei Engineering Technology Research Center. The core  team is composed of the automation laboratory of construction  institute. It is a scientifific and technological enterprise with a  long history and strong technical strength, which integrates  scientifific research and development, equipment manufacturing,  engineering settings, and technical service.The company has  established a perfect quality assurance system, which has  passed the authentication of ISO9001 quality management  system certifification,ISO14001environment management  system certifification,OHSAS18001 occupational health &  safety management system certifification, level 3 work safety  standardization and Certifificate for China Compulsory product  certifification.It is engaged and specialized in the development  of the whole series of material measurement, process control,  factory power distribution and electric control, monitoring  and control devices for cement production as well as their  manufacturing and services. The company has inherited  innovative development experience from the core team for  more than 60 years. It is staffed with a professional team with  fifirm grasp of the latest technology and rich practical experience.  In product development, production and services, it adheres to  the business concept of “Customer-centered, innovation-driven,  aiming at the win-win”. The company will continue to make  customers feel “carefree, assured and content"

Q:How to make monitoring system
I am doing security, you go to the market to buy electronic surveillance cameras over 200 a, buy a hard pressed card inserted in the computer motherboard, about 350 yuan to buy 4 Luca, wire and power supply wire 75 - 5 connection line software installed easily without the large integrated comparison simple.
Q:Cell monitoring intelligence, community communication network supplementary agreement to follow what fixed valuation?
Intelligent residential security system generally includes such as including closed-circuit television monitoring system, anti-theft door intercom system, household alarm system, safety management system; management monitoring system, including water, electricity, gas, heat and other remote meter reading system, power supply equipment, water supply and other public lighting elevator monitoring system, main equipment management traffic / parking management system, emergency broadcasting and background music system, property management system of computer network system; information including broadband, television, telecommunications, control network, home network and so on.
Q:Is it necessary to install and debug the security monitoring system? Learn how much it usually costs a month
If it is a small company, the salary may not be very high, but it will be very tired, you should understand this. If there is a large company specializing in doing this, the treatment of more than 3K bar (Wuhan, I have classmates do this), but business is inevitable.
Q:What does security engineering refer to?
Security engineering is to achieve the use of modern scientific and technological means to achieve security protection process, security products is to serve security engineering equipment. Security projects include building intelligence (building intercom, etc.), video surveillance, access control, attendance, anti-theft alarm, parking management, smart home, room engineering, etc..
Q:What are the common brands of building automation control systems?
Building automation infrastructure, building communications systems, integrated wiring systems, equipment monitoring systems, security technology, automatic fire and alarm systems, building automation systems integration and engineering case studies and so on. The book is equipped with a variety of detectors practical circuit for your reference. This book can be used as electrical engineering colleges and automation, automation, electronic information engineering, building intelligent technology, electrical and intelligent building, building environment and equipment engineering and other related professional teaching materials, but also can be used as in the intelligent building and building automation system design, construction, supervision, installation and other professional work of reference.
Q:How to control invasive traffic surveillance system?
The system software platform is a program system located between the operating system and application software system, using a variety of techniques to provide SCADA based software services, including real-time database, general HMI, communication and data flow management, input and output subsystem, command system, alarm / event management, system log, history database, diagnosis, school redundancy, and application development tools etc.. The large-scale monitoring system is an open architecture software system, which supports multi platform mode, each layer has the design logic correlation and independence, scalability, openness and sustainable expansion of the system. A product that accommodates different functions and platforms, and emphasizes reuse of application design, operational experience and engineering experience. Object oriented real-time database and HMI are provided by means of modular structure and component reuse. The key solutions include open architecture, design technology, component reuse technology, computer network technology, multimedia technology, communication technology, compilation technology, reliability assurance technology, etc..
Q:What kind of knowledge does video surveillance system need?
Video surveillance system consists of real-time control system, monitoring system and management information system. The real-time control system to complete the function of real-time data acquisition and processing, storage and feedback; monitoring system of each monitoring point of all-weather surveillance in multi operation control point switch multi image; management information system to complete all kinds of information collection, transmission, receiving, processing, processing, is the core of the control system.
Q:What is electronic monitoring?
The signal line can not be parallel to the large power line, nor can it be worn in the same tube. If the environment is limited, parallel lines should be kept away from 50cm.5. alarm control box AC power should be alone line, the camera can not signal line and low-voltage DC power line in the same tube, AC power line installation should comply with electrical installation standards.
Q:What is the weak current system? What does the weak current system include?
Electric power application can be divided into two kinds: strong current and weak current according to the intensity of power transmission. Electricity used in buildings and buildings generally refers to AC 220V50Hz and above strong electricity. Mainly to provide people with electric power, energy will be converted to other energy sources, such as air-conditioning electricity, lighting electricity, power, electricity and so on. Intelligent building has two main categories, one is the national security requirements of the voltage level and control voltage of low voltage power, with AC and DC branch, AC 36V, 24V DC, 24V DC power supply, emergency lighting or standby power supply.
Q:Does weak current project belong to IT industry?
Weak current engineering is a classification of power applications, including: entrance and exit control system, fire protection system, cable signal distribution, sound reinforcement and sound system, integrated wiring engineering, security monitoring system, etc..

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