4CH Home Security Digital Wireless Camera DVR System With 7Inch LCD Monitor 8104JM4

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Product Description:

Product Description:4CH Digital wireless camera & DVR system with 7''LCD monitor
· Simple installation -- no cables required;
· Total digital wireless, no interferences, no privacy leak;
· 7" LCD monitor with integrated video recorder;
· Support up to 32GB SD card or external 2TB mobile disk by USB2.0;
· Support 4 cameras/ 24hours /7days non-stop overwrite recording;
· Multiple recording modes: manual, schedule, and motion activated;
· 5meter night vision range;
· Video quality: 4CH VGA 10fps, 1CH VGA 30fps;
· Weather proof outdoor cameras with 300m/1000ft transmission open range
· Video output function for bigger monitor

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Q:What are the requirements of video security monitoring system design?
4.1 system should be the integrity of the original and real-time image information and voice information, regardless of how to deal with the intermediate process, should make the final display / record / playback of video and audio and the original scene is consistent, namely reducibility reducibility, image contour in color (gray level) and subsequent events, sound characteristics to the scene to maintain maximum similarity (subjective evaluation), and the delay time between real-time display and live events back images and sounds occur should be in a reasonable range.
Q:How is the monitoring system integrated?
Integration is to put all of the above-mentioned devices (including hardware and software), according to functional requirements, effective combination, and ultimately achieve the desired monitoring purposes.Integration is not a simple stack, it is effective integration. The need for a variety of products and equipment, and the software platform is very familiar with, to grasp the characteristics and parameters of each system, achieve the function of maximum utilization, and no duplication and waste, but also can effectively cope with, compatible, stable and reliable operation.
Q:What is the IP monitoring system?
Is network monitoring, also known as digital surveillance, using the camera called IPcamera (network camera)
Q:How is the power environment monitoring system connected with the access control system and the monitoring system?
Power environment monitoring system has an important device is embedded server, all front-end detection devices will be through the RS485 bus and its intercom, and the host can be connected to the LAN through the RJ45 port;
Q:System integration qualification and security qualification can share?
This is not what is not higher than the above, issued by the organization (a MII, a security association) are not the same, the security is mainly in the field of security, integration is mainly in the field of computer network. But it is really the right bigger. I personally feel that there is no express provision can not be shared, that can be shared I have written so tender blows,
Q:What is 3S integration?
Three S integration technology "three S" integration refers to the above three kinds of ground observation, new technology and other related technologies organically integrated. The integration mentioned here is a Chinese translation of English Integration. It refers to an organic combination of online connections, real-time processing and the integrity of the system. The integration of GPS, RS, and GIS can be implemented at different technical levels. The "three S" integration includes an empty base, three S integration, and a ground three S integration. Air based "three S": integrated air ground positioning mode of direct observation, the main purpose is to ground control points (or a small amount of ground control points) under the condition of realization of aerospace remote sensing information directly to the positioning, reconnaissance, guidance and measurement etc..
Q:What does it mean to monitor and install multiple systems integration?
You will find access control systems, monitoring systems, and building intercom systems, but they come from different manufacturers. We just put them together and put them here, so it's called system integration.Remote monitoring includes remote monitoring, as well as remote meter reading. The principle is based on the Internet and other related networks, through software to operate.
Q:What is the difference between integration of weak current system and security system?
These systems often have overlapping operations, such as cabling will involve the computer network system, telephone wiring wiring, intelligent Home Furnishing system will be the lighting, household appliances, home security integrated together, will bring together the security card set in multiple systems.
Q:Is the transformer in the monitoring system in the power supply?
Transformer (Transformer) is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change AC voltage. The main components are primary coil, secondary coil and core (magnetic core). In the electrical equipment and wireless circuit, often used for lifting voltage, matching impedance, security isolation, etc..
Q:Emerson power environment monitoring system how to see ports?
The function monitoring of the moving ring converts the moving loop data into the controller identification signal, such as the dry contact signal, by the special function field controller.
we are an industry-leading high tech company specializing in the production of wireless AV transmission equipment. We design, manufacture, and supply baby monitors, security cameras, network/IP cameras and other surveillance products to customers .

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