4CH Home Security Digital Wireless Camera DVR System With 7Inch LCD Monitor 8104JM4

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Product Description:

Product Description:4CH Digital wireless camera & DVR system with 7''LCD monitor
· Simple installation -- no cables required;
· Total digital wireless, no interferences, no privacy leak;
· 7" LCD monitor with integrated video recorder;
· Support up to 32GB SD card or external 2TB mobile disk by USB2.0;
· Support 4 cameras/ 24hours /7days non-stop overwrite recording;
· Multiple recording modes: manual, schedule, and motion activated;
· 5meter night vision range;
· Video quality: 4CH VGA 10fps, 1CH VGA 30fps;
· Weather proof outdoor cameras with 300m/1000ft transmission open range
· Video output function for bigger monitor

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Q:What are the requirements of video security monitoring system design?
4.1 system should be the integrity of the original and real-time image information and voice information, regardless of how to deal with the intermediate process, should make the final display / record / playback of video and audio and the original scene is consistent, namely reducibility reducibility, image contour in color (gray level) and subsequent events, sound characteristics to the scene to maintain maximum similarity (subjective evaluation), and the delay time between real-time display and live events back images and sounds occur should be in a reasonable range.
Q:What is home system integration?
Similar to building systems integration:The home system can include:First, security system: home fire prevention, anti-theft, emergency alarm, monitoring and access control;Two 、 communication system: multimedia communication, network, telephone;Three, control system: family environment control (temperature, light, humidity), household appliances control (refrigerator, washing machine, catering equipment);Home system integration is:Comprehensive management of the above systems, and can reasonably control the operation of the above system management platform.Safe, convenient, energy saving and stable
Q:What is the degree of integration between the video surveillance system and the industrial control system of the thermal power plant? What are the difficulties and obstacles in its integration?
The matrix can receive the alarm of the node, and the alarm of the node needs the industrial control monitoring system to generate and transmit to the linkage link, thus triggering the video matrix to call out the corresponding monitoring picture. This integration requires a large number of video equipment (because the only point the way), to the huge video matrix (of course you have seen monitoring point to determine, using the ball machine) can control the rotating focusing different points (semi-automatic mode).
Q:What is intelligent weak current engineering?
Video and broadcast systems: video conferencing systems, public address systems, cable television systems, etc.SPC switching systems: provide voice solutions and equipment in accordance with enterprise type and requirements
Q:ERP systems are measured in several ways
This is ERP application success, the most basic performance in technical solutions. ERP system is a software system which integrates the management of enterprise logistics, capital flow and information flow. The core management idea is to realize the management of Supply (Chain). Software applications will span multiple departments and even multiple businesses. In order to achieve the expected application goals, the basic requirement is that the system can run, realize integrated applications, establish enterprise decision-making, perfect data system and information sharing mechanism.
Q:Classification of video surveillance
The classification of video monitoring, from a technical point of view, the development of video surveillance system is the first generation of analog video surveillance system (CCTV), the second generation based on digital video monitoring system PC+ multimedia card (DVR), to the third generation based on IP network video monitoring system (IPVS).
Q:System integration qualification and security qualification can share?
This is not what is not higher than the above, issued by the organization (a MII, a security association) are not the same, the security is mainly in the field of security, integration is mainly in the field of computer network. But it is really the right bigger. I personally feel that there is no express provision can not be shared, that can be shared I have written so tender blows,
Q:Master for help, digital monitoring TV wall need what equipment?
The presentation layer is the most intuitive, and it shows the quality of the whole security monitoring system. Such as surveillance TV wall, monitor, treble alarm horn, alarm, automatic answering telephone and so on, all belong to this layer.
Q:Does monitoring belong to security system? Why should we be qualified
Security engineering construction qualification: mainly for engineering, system integrators. Currently commonly used by the public security department issued the "security technology prevention system design, construction, maintenance, qualification certificate", this certificate is divided into sub grade, three, two, and so on. Different levels of qualification means the strength of the engineering company and the size of the security works that can be undertaken. The qualification to engage in security engineering design, construction and maintenance, otherwise it is illegal, and even completed the project, nor through the acceptance of technology department.
Q:What is the market prospect of security monitoring industry?
If it is to do system integration, monitoring project, first-tier cities application has been very mature, now a lot of simulation system are facing upgrading, the two or three line of the city also faces the good situation of new HD monitoring system.
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North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia
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