4CH Home Security Outdoor Remote Home Surveillance System With 7Inch LCD Monitor 8107JR4

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Product Description:4CH Home Security Outdoor Remote Home Surveillance System With 7Inch LCD Monitor 8107JR4 Remote viewing via iPhone and Android-based smartphones
· 4CH digital wireless camera & DVR system
· Simple installation-no video cables required!
· Total digital wireless, no interferences, no privacy leak
· 7" LCD monitor with integrated video recorder
· Support up to 32GB SD card or external 1TB mobile disk by USB2.0
· Support 4 cameras/ 24hours /7days non-stop overwrite recording
· Multiple recording modes: manual, schedule, and PIR activated
· 20 meter night vision range
· Video quality: VGA 30fps
· Weather proof outdoor cameras with 300 m/1000ft transmission open range
· Video output function for bigger monitor
· IR-cut filter embedded

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Q:How to make monitoring system
I suggest you use particle compression card, because the remote control is very convenient, does not require the use of third party software, that is to say you can go through the house or any computer through the network to see the scene in your store
Q:What are the common brands of building automation control systems?
Building automation infrastructure, building communications systems, integrated wiring systems, equipment monitoring systems, security technology, automatic fire and alarm systems, building automation systems integration and engineering case studies and so on. The book is equipped with a variety of detectors practical circuit for your reference. This book can be used as electrical engineering colleges and automation, automation, electronic information engineering, building intelligent technology, electrical and intelligent building, building environment and equipment engineering and other related professional teaching materials, but also can be used as in the intelligent building and building automation system design, construction, supervision, installation and other professional work of reference.
Q:Does weak current project belong to IT industry?
The conceptual scope of IT includes both hardware and software. The hardware mainly refers to the data storage, processing and network communication equipment; and weak project is mainly refers to the hardware part (part of the software is to verify the correctness and efficiency of hardware and accessory), which covers a wide range, far beyond the IT hardware.
Q:Does the hard disk recorder have an operating system? Can I run the program?
There are many kinds of hard disk recorders, including operating systems and DRV integrated systems that can not run new programs! The open DVR system, that is, using XP and 2000 systems, can run!
Q:How to use low power GPS module design of vehicle monitoring system
SKYLAB low power GPS module SKG09A GPS module is a complete, high sensitivity, low power consumption, miniaturization, high tracking sensitivity greatly expanded its localization coverage, in the common GPS receiver module cannot locate the place, such as the narrow urban sky, dense jungle environment, SKG09A can high precision positioning.
Q:Security monitoring, forest fire prevention, solar power supply system, principles and matters needing attention
Safety monitoring, forest fire prevention, solar power supply system design considerations:1. Solar power supply system in use area2, the system load power.3 、 system output voltage.4 、 the system needs working hours every day5, if there is no sunlight rainy weather, the system needs continuous power supply time6, load, pure resistive, capacitive or inductive.7, the number of system requirements, the greater the quantity, the cost of power generation will be reduced.
Q:The problem of monitoring by centralized power supply
You have this 12V10A power supply. The front L, N, and ground, connect the normal 220V power supply. COM and +V are 12V + and -You have two pairs of positive and negative ones, each of which is 12V10A. Not altogether
Q:How to control invasive traffic surveillance system?
Urban rail transit integrated monitoring system is a large-scale SCADSA monitoring system. It is based on the system of backbone network, through professional interface device, multi specialty, multi system data acquisition, information integration and information sharing in the SCADA system software platform, providing advanced technological means for city rail transportation scientific and efficient operation organization and management. The MACS-SCADA system is the system of Hollysys company dedicated to the application of large-scale monitoring, comprehensive monitoring and control of city rail transit city track traffic specific application requirements based on monitoring functions such as PSCADA, BAS, support FAS, ATS, ACS, AFC, PIS, PSD and other professional system.
Q:Does monitoring belong to security system? Why should we be qualified
Security engineering construction qualification: mainly for engineering, system integrators. Currently commonly used by the public security department issued the "security technology prevention system design, construction, maintenance, qualification certificate", this certificate is divided into sub grade, three, two, and so on. Different levels of qualification means the strength of the engineering company and the size of the security works that can be undertaken. The qualification to engage in security engineering design, construction and maintenance, otherwise it is illegal, and even completed the project, nor through the acceptance of technology department.
Q:Internal installation code for outdoor equipment box of monitoring system
Plate wire, video wire without what specific requirements, beautiful step line, BNC head firmly enough, optical fiber jumper worth mentioning, avoid the 90 degree turn, the loss is relatively large, there may be loss of 1 2DBM, also not part of the extra ring jumper stampede, tie wire, fiber porcelain head don't stain and cleaned with alcohol and dirty.
we are an industry-leading high tech company specializing in the production of wireless AV transmission equipment. We design, manufacture, and supply baby monitors, security cameras, network/IP cameras and other surveillance products to customers .

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2002
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North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
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No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 People
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Factory Size: Above 12,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 5
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Product Price Range Professional