4CH Home Security Indoor Digital Wireless Camera DVR System With 7Inch LCD Monitor 8204JM4

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Product Description:

Product Description:In-door 4CH digital wireless camera & DVR system with 7'' LCD monitor
· 2.4GHz digital wireless, no interferences, no privacy leak
· 7" LCD monitor with integrated video recorder
· Support up to 32GB SD card or external 2TB mobile disk by USB2.0
· Support 4 cameras/ 24hours /7days non-stop overwrite recording
· Multiple recording modes: manual, schedule, and PIR activated
· 5meter night vision range
· Video quality: 4CH VGA 30fps
· Indoor cameras with 300 m/1000ft transmission open range
· Video output function for bigger monitor
· IR-cut filter embeded

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Q:What is information system integration? What do you include?
Information system integration is through the structured cabling system and computer network technology, the various separation equipment (such as personal computer), function and information integrated into interrelated, unified and coordinated system, make the resources to achieve full sharing, centralized, efficient and convenient management
Q:What does security engineering refer to?
Security engineering is to achieve the use of modern scientific and technological means to achieve security protection process, security products is to serve security engineering equipment. Security projects include building intelligence (building intercom, etc.), video surveillance, access control, attendance, anti-theft alarm, parking management, smart home, room engineering, etc..
Q:Cost difference between analog monitoring system and digital monitoring system
First, the digital monitoring system has advantages in multi-channel video surveillance, random retrieval, playback, video and playback simultaneously, network remote monitoring, surveillance video preservation, and so on.Two, analog monitoring system, the relative cost is cheaper. The cost of digital monitoring system is 12% higher than that of analog monitoring system.
Q:Which system does not include in the general intelligent community?
Intelligent community is the use of computer, communication and network, automatic control, IC card technology, through effective transmission network, the habitation service and management, property management and security, residential intelligent system integration, intelligent means to provide high technology services and management of residential district, in order to achieve fast and efficient service and excellent control the Home Furnishing, provide a safe and comfortable environment.
Q:How to invade the monitoring system? What principle?
When the detector detects the intrusion signal, namely the alarm to the residential property alarm center, alarm center linkage controller to open the relevant regional searchlight sent alarmsirens activated recorder analog electronicalarm regional dynamic display screen, alarm center monitor computer can pop-up map.
Q:How to use low power GPS module design of vehicle monitoring system
The main function of GPS vehicle monitoring and management system is the real-time monitoring of vehicles, vehicle information management, so as to implement the dynamic control of the vehicle owned by the relevant units and individuals, improve the scheduling management capabilities, rapid response capability to handle emergencies. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the selected GPS module is required.
Q:What is home system integration?
Similar to building systems integration:The home system can include:First, security system: home fire prevention, anti-theft, emergency alarm, monitoring and access control;Two 、 communication system: multimedia communication, network, telephone;Three, control system: family environment control (temperature, light, humidity), household appliances control (refrigerator, washing machine, catering equipment);Home system integration is:Comprehensive management of the above systems, and can reasonably control the operation of the above system management platform.Safe, convenient, energy saving and stable
Q:What does it mean to monitor and install multiple systems integration?
You will find access control systems, monitoring systems, and building intercom systems, but they come from different manufacturers. We just put them together and put them here, so it's called system integration.Remote monitoring includes remote monitoring, as well as remote meter reading. The principle is based on the Internet and other related networks, through software to operate.
Q:How to integrate the existing land law enforcement video surveillance network system?
This is not to say you ah, you want to see the front of the camera before using what kind of equipment, which is used, and the center management platform which is also a problem, equipment and software compatible, so you must first solve the problem is to make clear the composition monitoring network system, and then think about how to integrate the monitoring network.
Q:Configuration software for monitoring configuration software
Commonly known as configuration software, from English SCADA, namely Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (supervisory control and data acquisition).Configuration software has a wide range of applications. It can be applied to many fields, such as power system, water supply system, oil and chemical industry, such as data acquisition and monitoring, control, process control and so on. In power system and electrified railway, also called telecontrol system (RTU System, Remote, Terminal, Unit).Configuration software is a special software for data acquisition and process control, they are in the automatic control software platform and development environment level monitoring system, the use of flexible configuration, with rapid construction of industrial control system monitoring function, general level of software tools for the user.
we are an industry-leading high tech company specializing in the production of wireless AV transmission equipment. We design, manufacture, and supply baby monitors, security cameras, network/IP cameras and other surveillance products to customers .

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2002
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Main Markets
North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia
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Nearest Port Shenzhen
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 People
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Factory Size: Above 12,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines About 5
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered;Design Service Offered
Product Price Range Professional
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