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Just for monitoring systems. What configuration does the computer need?
For the monitoring of course the most important thing is hard, because of the need of video is better than 160G, other configuration is not important, CPU is more than P4-2.0 on the line, the line is also more than 256M of memory, integrated graphics and so on the line, so that the configuration of the most money, I sold many sets of monitoring the computer is such a configuration, economy enoughTell me if you don't understand
What are the common brands of building automation control systems?
Building automation comprehensively and systematically introduces the practical knowledge of the concept, composition, theoretical knowledge and system design of building automation system, and briefly introduces the latest technology of building automation.
Configuration software for monitoring configuration software
IFix:GE Fanuc intelligent equipment company by the Ge Corp (GE) and Japan Fanuc joint venture company, providing automation hardware and software solutions to help customers reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance its profitability.
System integration qualification and security qualification can share?
The principle is not higher than the security system integration qualification, qualification, the former belongs to the field of computer, have issued, the State Ministry of national security, Security Association (hung in public security bureau below) issued, belonging to the security guard, the general level is far better than the system integration qualification
Assembled computer, integrated graphics card, a security monitoring system, open monitoring software, the computer will spend the screen. How to solve?
Usually not. Is your computer AMD or inter?. It's normal if there is a problem with AMD. If the software is installed, the handwriting software will be affected. Proposed reinstall system. Reinstall the acquisition card!
Classification of video surveillance
Video surveillance is an important component of security system, and it is a comprehensive system with a strong ability to guard. Video surveillance is widely used in many occasions because of its intuitive, accurate, timely and informative content. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer, network and image processing and transmission technology, video surveillance technology has made great progress. In the continuous development of video technology, video surveillance can be divided into two categories: digital video surveillance system and network monitoring (embedded video surveillance system).
What is the weak current system? What does the weak current system include?
Electric power application can be divided into two kinds: strong current and weak current according to the intensity of power transmission. Electricity used in buildings and buildings generally refers to AC 220V50Hz and above strong electricity. Mainly to provide people with electric power, energy will be converted to other energy sources, such as air-conditioning electricity, lighting electricity, power, electricity and so on. Intelligent building has two main categories, one is the national security requirements of the voltage level and control voltage of low voltage power, with AC and DC branch, AC 36V, 24V DC, 24V DC power supply, emergency lighting or standby power supply.
Which system does not include in the general intelligent community?
Intelligent community is the use of computer, communication and network, automatic control, IC card technology, through effective transmission network, the habitation service and management, property management and security, residential intelligent system integration, intelligent means to provide high technology services and management of residential district, in order to achieve fast and efficient service and excellent control the Home Furnishing, provide a safe and comfortable environment.