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Fixed iris lens:


C Mount Type2.5mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
2.8mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
6mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
8mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
12mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
16mm lens1/3" C, F1.2
CS Mount Type2.5mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
4/6/8/12/16mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
25mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
50mm lens1/3" CS, F1.2
3.5-8mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
4-9mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
6-15mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
2.8-12mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
6-60mm lensmanual iris, 1/3" CS, F1.4
3.5-8mm Lensauto iris
2.8-12mm lensauto iris
12-30mm lensauto iris
6-60mm lensauto iris
5-100mm lensauto iris


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Q:How do I recognize the SLR camera with a telephoto lens and a short focus lens?
So when you distinguish, look at the lens of the focal length, you know is wide-angle lens, the standard lens or telephoto lens! For example, Canon 16-35, is a large wide angle - wide angle lens. 50F1.2 is the standard lens. The 70-200 is the standard - telephoto lens.
Q:What is the meaning of the camera lens 18-55
That focal length, 18-55 that is the shortest focal length 18mm, the longest focal length 55mm. But because it is APS frame lens, in the APS body on the actual focal length to 1.5
Q:SLR camera lens What does the USM mean?
Canon ring USM in addition to the basic characteristics of the above, its own characteristics: 6, high efficiency, low power consumption; 7, the ring of the motor can be perfectly combined with the mirror body; 8, low speed, especially for the lens of the AF drive; 9, the rotation speed can be in the range of 0.2rpm ~ 80rpm arbitrary control; 10, can achieve the sensitivity of the electronic MF; 11, the working environment temperature is: -30 ℃ ~ +60 ℃.
Q:The digital camera shows what the lens is wrong
General digital camera display lens error is due to the machine's self-test function of the machine so that the machine does not work. It will prompt you how to deal with, such as can not reply to machine failure, please repair the local brand service
Q:SLR camera lens has a slight spot-like moldy how to do? Is it sunny?
After a little while (30 seconds is enough) and then wipe the mirror paper stained with anhydrous alcohol gently wipe, the purpose of using anhydrous alcohol to absorb the water on the lens, and wash away the lens of fat-soluble dirt. After the above treatment, as long as the mold has not eaten the glass too much, your lens is like a new one. The above method, after 60 years of lens coating has no effect, and then the previous lens has not tried.
Q:Optical SLR camera lens can be used in digital SLR cameras
In addition to Pentax, as well as Samsung as long as the PK with a digital SLR can be. If coupled with PK-EOS adapter ring, can also be used in Canon digital SLR.
Q:What is the head of the project and the National Bank, the camera lens works what it means
It seems like the display of the processing of almost, but now this time, are talking about selling gimmicks, a lot of works is not cheap, as if music as MAX example.
Q:Digital camera lens suddenly shrink back? Camera is the Canon IXUS 210 how to do?
In the table pad the book, shut down after the camera at the bottom (tripod screw face) down a few pounds, the intensity of their own grasp the shell is not broken on the line, boot recovery. I have just solved this, I do not believe at the beginning. Very useful.
Q:What are the lens links for Canon's SLR?
All the cards are the same, only the sub-Canon interface, Nikon bayonet, which is generally other brand lens, do the time, will speak, but absolutely no Nikon original lens, is the Canon bayonet, just like you go Unicom, China Telecom charge mobile phone calls, obviously want to hit people places.
Q:What does the lens on the camera lens mean?
The new actor in the camera before the fear of fear, stage fright A lens turntable on a camera or television

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