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Last night was the third time this week that our smoke detector went off, waking us up. We recently changed the batteries in all of the detectors in the house, but for some reason, the one in our master bedroom is now going off. Has anyone else had this problem before or does anyone know why it's doing it? We have a 1 year warranty on our house and I was hoping to find an answer before I have to call the electrician out. Thanks!
Only if you have really big binoculars with special glass in them. The cheap motion detectors have an array of infrared sensitive sensors which are mounted so each one looks at a small area out in front of the detector - like 3-4 high and 8-12 wide. The electronics looks at the signals and detects on the basis of two things - a difference between two detectors side by side and movement from one detector to another. So to make it work at a distance you would need an eyepiece as big as the front of the detector. Long distance detectors are normally a form of video camera with special glass lenses and scanning circuitry on a small finely divided sensor. Because of doing differences cheap motion detectors can't detect if the outdoor temp is the same as a person's skin temp or if a bundled up winter coat has an outside temp as cold as the background.
Assume that Congress has come to an agreement that there will be a law requiring licensing and/or registration of most or all guns, but that most or all presently legal civilian firearms will remain legal to own, provided you comply with licensing laws and aren't a felon or otherwise disqualified. Assume, further, that the government has asked citizens to submit proposals for the exact parameters of the law. What would your proposal be?That is, if you were making a law that required gun owners to have a license and/or to register their weapons, what provisions and restrictions would you put in? Any guns you would make illegal? Any guns you would exempt from licensing requirements? What limits would you put on who could and couldn't get a license? Any other thoughts?
i'm so ill and bored with people constantly determining on on Michael Jackson and his looks. If he needs to have cosmetic surgical treatment so what? NONE persons are appropriate and if we might choose to alter something on our physique that we are no longer happy with,what supplies people the appropriate to decide them! In Hollywood,if a female is over a length 2 she is seen fat,only ask Jennifer Love Hewitt! The media grow to be asserting how fat she supposedly grow to be,and this female is a length 2,come on people! I even have constantly been an suited female and that i've got got here across that if persons are making exciting of me or judging me on my looks,those persons are so depressing with themselves or their very own lives,that they have not have been given something extra effective to do! i might only ignore approximately those people if i grow to be Michael Jackson,because of the fact he has the main captivating super dark brown eyes that I even have EVER seen on a guy,and this different than for Johnny Depp who's additionally great-looking too! you're able to be able to desire to additionally think approximately that Michael Jackson would be 50 years previous next year in August of 2008,and that i think of he looks rather good for a guy going into his Fifties! As we age,it rather is everyday for our bodies and our looks to alter,that's all due partly to the becoming previous technique. If I have been Michael Jackson,i might only tell the losers the place to pass and the thank you to get there in the event that they do in comparison to how he looks!
I finally got around to cleaning my mouse. I just wiped down some of the dirt, etc. on the surface of it (nothing inside). Now my RIGHT mouse button won't work. Any suggestions?
it dosn't matter if it is fast or slow it will cause lightly attached items like exhaust damage faster and also if you go fast over them you could hit your oil pan and put an hole in it that is very expensive to repair because you have to take the motor out of most cars
the most expensive baby crap there is? Like those pricey strollers or baby clothes
Mike do you do this work? I have a small statue that I want turned into resin, but in a larger scale. I am trying to find someone that can do this also. Can you help me with this?
about 3 days ago i started getting a irratated throat then i noticed yesterday that i have bumps on the way back of my tongue which i have never had before so now i have a sore throat but i also have symptoms of a cold runny nose,cough,sore throat what could this be?
I just login. It's that simple.
I like the one where George tries to get himself fired. Tan suit guy. His boss is a laugh riot.
Hey, electric blankets are a risk on thier own and widely discredited by fire safety experts, but apart from this your son is far too young for this, over heating in a child this young is serious much more so than being too cold. please please please this is not safe for a 14 month in any shape or form, just add some extra normal blankets and buy some draft excluders
What is the main difference between IP telephony and video conferencing?
There are advantages and disadvantages
I would like to make tie dye using gold as a color, but am having trouble finding gold dye. I don't want yellow, I would really prefer an actual gold color. I'm not sure if it even exists, but if it does, I'd appreciate any information on how to purchase it. Thanks.
I dont know if florida requires it, but u should have them anyway. Its for ur safety. Their not expensive.