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About installation monitoring, how to monitor the number of meters according to the range and distance?
Third, single-lens monitoring is simple, and more get a lens can be improved, and now 2IT's hard drive also has a large capacity of the hard disk for large-capacity information to create the conditions.
What is the difference between the 2.4mm, 4mm and 6mm camera lens?
The 4MM is best to look at the area of about 4 meters, and so on. The approximate distance is like this
5 meters away with the number of mm monitor camera lens appropriate?
Monitor the camera lens 3.6mm (4mm) viewing angle of 69.9 °, identify the face is 3 meters to 5 meters.
Can the security camera lens be used on camera camera? Is there a camera camera for c-cs interface camera?
As long as it can be connected
Monitor 8mm camera lens can be far
(1) to lens installation classification All camera lenses are threaded mouth, CCD camera lens installation has two industry standards, namely, C mount and CS mount. Both threads are the same, but the distance from the lens to the light-sensitive surface is different. C mount: The distance from the lens mounting datum to the focal point is 17.526mm. CS mounting seat: special C installation, then the front of the camera should be removed and then install the lens. The distance from the lens mounting datum to the focal point is 12.5mm. If you want to mount a C mount lens to a CS mount camera, you need to use the lens converter.
Monitor the important parameters of the lens
Day and night cameras are generally used in the night near infrared or infrared environment. If you use a lens without IR correction to match the day and night camera, the camera will not be able to focus clearly when used at night. EVETAR lens with glass lenses supplemented by special optical design and multi-layer coating to reduce the refraction of light to achieve day and night confocal. As a result, the camera does not need to be re-focused when used at night. CCD and CMOS image sensors use pixels arranged in a two-dimensional grid. These pixels convert the optical image into an electronic signal. The number of pixels on an image usually determines the resolution of the image, and more pixels mean higher resolution. Million pixels is one million pixels. While the megapixel camera is a megapixel camera.
20 meters away with the number of mm monitor camera lens appropriate?
1/4 "CCD lens in the line of sight with 1/3" CCD no difference, but the angle will be more narrow, while the shooting of the object will appear taller.
16MM lens can see how far
2.8mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 6mm you can create this lens you will be on the textbook