NEW wired/wireless Gas Sensor

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NEW wired/wireless Gas Sensor

Main Features

wired/wireless Gas Detector alarm,Auto reset after alarm MCU processing adopted,Auto detect sensor failure Induced gas-natural gas/LPG/LNG SMT design, high stability

Technical Parameter

Type of gas detection
Natural gas or LPG
Working voltage
DC10V-14V  AC100V-220V, 50Hz
Quiescent current
Alarm current
Alarming level
Alarming level error
Buzzer sound pressure
≥70dB (1 meter ahead)
Working environment
Long time alarming level error ± 5% LEL
Repeating test alarming level error ±33% LEL
Power consumption
Alarm mode
Sound and ligth alarm,NO/NC wireless frequency 315MHz or 433MHz(wireless)

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