PIR Detector Dual Element Passive Infrared Wall Mounted

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Product Description:

PIR Detector Dual Element Passive Infrared Wall Mounted

Main Features

1.Detection Mode:Dual Element Passive Infrared.
2.Installation Mode:Wall Mounted
3.Operating Voltage:9~16VDC

Technical Parameter

Model No.
Detection Mode
Dual Element Passive Infrared
Detection Angle
Detection Range
Diameter 11m*12m. 25℃
Installation Height
Installation Mode
Ceiling/Wall Mounted
Infrared Area
Power supply
Current Consumption
8mA~25mA(about 20mA/12VDC)
Working Environment
Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Humidity:RH 95%
White Light Immunity
RFI Protection
20V/m (20MHz~1000MHz)
Alarm Output
Solid State Relay;(NC)Contact Capacity: AC/DC 100mA/30V
Tamper Output
(NC)Contact Capacity: AC/DC 50mA/24V
Product Dimension

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Q:How to pick up the alarm siren host?
Above the positive and negative poles of the handle handle line in the central control handle of the four with the line were found in the right of the four empty I do not know what your alarm is the model yourself try
Q:What are the advantages of motor alarms?
Factories, schools, docks, warehouses, public buildings, commercial areas, residential areas, such as earthquake, tsunami, flood, flood relief, debris flow, landslide, typhoon, fire, minefield, forest fire and other natural disasters; Ports and other places of the fire or emergency alarm system.
Q:Is home burglar alarm really useful?
But you do not doubt its function. Although it is also very cheap, less than a hundred can buy a set of ordinary.
Q:Infrared alarm probe when someone outdated red light, the host does not alarm does not ring, why?
3: Infrared probe or host is faulty.
Q:Computer search host alarm where, how to install?
Motherboard generally have a clear label for the computer's automatic detection, as long as the normal boot can be, and may not be the normal boot time will be called, that is not necessary.
Q:What is the manual alarm, and the principle of hand alarm?
The hand alarm eliminates the need for power and can provide an effective alarm in all locations where power is not available. Only through the manual hand clockwise shaking the handle, the speed to the primary (50-80 r / min) can achieve the desired alarm effect, the sound of sharp, shocking, strong penetration. The alarm sound size depends on the speed at which the handle is shaking. The new hand alarm sets the shutter shutter mechanism in the tone window, which quickly closes the sound window, blocks the sound, and generates a different signal. (Old product does not have this feature!)
Q:The uniform elevation of fire and sound and light alarm
6.5.3 When the fire alarm installed by wall technology, the bottom margin of the ground height should be greater than 2.2 meters.
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1. Charging the charger on the electric car's seat, the charger inside the fan, 10 minutes after the shock and easy to resonate with the electric car, won on the handlebar or foot pad will be eliminated.
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2, if the alarm connector is the original car belt from the nine-line plug at the clawed, and then correspond to the alarm head of the two lines together can be fired together.
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To see if it is not anti-theft device speaker bad anti-theft speaker in the engine compartment to find a car beauty to see you, a bad one is not expensive

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