Collared Lab Coat Shop Coat Ploy-Cotton Knee Length Staic&Chemical Resistant

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Item specifice:

Item: Lab Coat Fabric: Ploy-Cotton Feature: Anti-Static, Acid & Alkali Resistant
OEM: available Fabric Weight: 230g Pocket: 3
Length: Knee Length

Product Description:

Knee Length Anti Static Acid & Alkali Resistant Collared Lab Coat 

Lab Coat or called shop coat are widely used for labtoratory, warehouse, school, hospital, workshop, DIY, garden etc. 

Our lab coat are made from ploy-cotton fabric and has special protective function: Static-proof, Acid & Alkali Resistance, main clients are: national laboratory, shcool, medical study company, special workshop. 

Common lab coat is also available and price will be lower. But need customized. feel free to contact us. 

Item Name
Lab CoatCollar

Notched Lapel

Garment TypeCoatFront ClosureButton 
LengthKnee LengthPocket Outside3 (chect*1+bottom*2)
GenderUnisexPocket InnerNone
Fabric MaterialBlendSize-Body TypeRegular
Fabric Weight230g (8.29oz OR 0.52lb)PaddingNo
Color OptionsNavy, White, Brilliant
Packing1 piece/bag, 20 pcs/carton


Fabric, Design, Color, Logo, Packing etc.

both can be made as clients request. 

100% cotton, ploy-cotton fabric also available. 

The lab coat can custom clients logo as your request. Embroidery, Printing etc. method all available. 

If you have any question or just have interest feel free to send inquiry. 

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