Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces

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Product Description:

Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces

Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces

Product Specification

Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces

The door mat perfect for heavy traffic area, front door, outdoor, living room, bedroom, kitchen and office,  ect.
Also, the doormat is both protect your floor and add tasteful decor to your life.

Products Functions


Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces


The surface material allows you to scrape dirt and debris from your shoes. Let the welcome mat clean off your shoes.Super easy to clean, just rinse it in water and let it dry, comes like a new mat.


100% Polypropylene Surface and Environmental Protection PVC Backing. Our barrier mat not only helps catch dirt and mud, the
simple pure pattern also suits most scene in the house. The soft surface works well in the cold winter as well.

Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces

Cotton Door Mat with PVC Backing Home Indoor and Outdoor All Kind of Surfaces


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Q:What kind of carpet do you use in the office?
The office carpet can play a very good decorative effect, carpet color and pattern can choose according to their own preferences, but the office carpet can reduce noise, help you to create a quiet and comfortable office environment, once again, the office carpet can play the role of slip.
Q:I keep pads under my Oriental rugs. I bought rubber backed pads for all of them but I noticed that it's disintegrating - turning into a fine powder. Has anyone had any experience with better pads and can recommend something better?Thank you.
Pads are must for rugs whether its an oriental rug or some other rug. It increase the life of rug.
Q:Our dog peed on the bathroom rug while I was taking my brother somewhere and I have no idea what to do. Apparently it's made out of 100% polyester, and I can't put it in the washing machine because I have absolutely no clue how to use it.
let me think
Q:Ok i just got new ferrets and every time they go onto my living room rug and then sniff it they start bugging out like they'll keep jumping really high sometimes almost flipping and then start rolling around and its only when they sniff the rug is when they do this and they do it every time. Is it bad for them to be going on that rug?
Lol, no it's not bad for them to be on that rug. Like the others said, it's the weasel war dance or their dance of joy, whichever you call it, it means their excited. Mine do this on the carpet in the upstairs hallway, none of the other carpeting/rugs in the house, only the bit that runs through the hall. They could be smelling something that's getting them excited. When mine do their dance, I usually get down on my hands and knees, hit the floor with my hands and go towards them, it will get them even more excited and then a game of chase will start.
Q:What's the difference between a pure wool carpet and an ordinary carpet?
Pure wool carpet compared with ordinary carpet two: practical and maintenancePure wool carpets are belonged to the nobility of the use of products, comfortable feel, good texture, often give Home Furnishing decoration to create a noble and luxurious atmosphere, but pure wool carpet is very need maintenance, its moisture resistance and antiInsect sex is very bad compared to ordinary carpet. Therefore, in the enjoyment of pure wool carpet to bring you comfort and enjoyment of life at the same time, it should also be carefully taken care of. And blend of ordinary carpet, because of the use of modern fiber systemIt is very sturdy and durable, and has some functions of moisture proof and insect protection.
Q:I have a budget of about $2300 for the carpet, pad, and labor. I have inquired at two different places and have been given very different estimates of the cost of carpet per square foot that I can afford. These are the dimensions of the three rooms:Living Room: 12X23Dining Room: 12X12Hallway: 4X12How much, with approximate cost of pad and installation fees, do you think I can afford?
You are going to need roughly 46 square yards of carpet to do these 3 -- more if the rooms are not precisely square/rectangular or there are any cut outs or niches, etc. Look at the price per square yard for good quality, high durability carpet -- you do not want to have to do this again within the next 5 or 10 years. Don't just get an estimate - pick out the exact carpet you want and get an estimate from 3 companies using the same carpet, or the lower estimate will be cheap carpet, cheap padding, and will look like **** in a year or two. If the carpet costs less than $20-30 sq yd these days, it's probably garbage.
Q:Tips for cleaning wool carpet
Combing with comb or rake carpet carpet comb cilia, which is very important for carpet appearance, especially long fiber cotton carpets, carpet and accelerate the drying effect.7, suction dirt: wait for carpet hair completely dry after, and then vacuum suction dirt and dry bubble knot crystal.
Q:I live in an apartment and recently decided to get rid of an decades-old carpet. But the floor is plain white tile. Can you give me a suggestion as to a nice decor to cover the floor that's on a cheap end (I'm a student)? I don't like rubber backing because they tend to break off, but something nice. Under $50 preferably, up to $100. Send links to images. Thanks!
Get our there and check rummage sales, end hand stores, antique stores. Just because they say it's an antique store, that doesn't mean that they only have antiques. You will be surprised what you can find only because people decide to make a few changes in their own homes. I often see rugs of all kinds, in good condition at rummage sales. I've purchased a few through the years and never pay that much for them. Besides you can always do some dickering about prices. I never pay what they ask for at any rummage sale I might stop at. Might even be able to dicker down prices at 2nd hand stores. I've done that too at 2nd hand stores. You might want to consider double tape to keep you rug in place. However you can check that out once you have the carpet in your home. There out there ... you just have to find them. The fun is in the hunt + dickering. Not to mention saving a lot of money to put toward something else.
Q:I was just wondering if CLR can remove carpet stains. If so, how would you use it? what are the steps?
Read the insrtuctions on the bottle. I don't think it is advisable to use on carpet. Dawn dishwashing soap and water can remove some stains. Mix lightly and dab.
Q:How can I wash the ink off the carpet?
Drops of ink on the carpet, can be wiped with citric acid, wipe the place to wash with water, and then use dry towels to wipe moisture.

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