Microfiber Shaggy Carpet for Home Decoration

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Product Description:


microfiber shaggy carpets for home decoration
1.Material:100% polyester
2.Good quality&compeititve price
3.customized color,

Microfiber shaggy carpets for home decoration


shaggy microfiber


160x230cm,can do customized size


Any color available

pile height

3 cm

pile weight



cotton canvas with latex adhensive or non slip


shaggy rugs




Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freigt of DHL/Fedex/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 sqm to 6000 SQM

Production time

30 to 45 days after order confirmed

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Q:1600*800 what size carpet is appropriate below the tea table?
Generally according to the sofa and coffee table from the distance to set, as long as the big tea table 50~80 centimeters can be, that is, 1.7 meters *0.9 meters or so (can be bigger, even the living room shop is better).
Q:Laying carpet over old?
Your renting! buy you a carpet and place a border around the edge, when you leave, roll it up and take it with you. you bought it! You won't be hurting their carpet if it gets dirty roll it up take it to the cleaners of carpet. Roll it out cut it to the wall seam where you have to seam with a carpet seam iron and carpet tape. On the border edges get some border cloth tape fabric that comes in long rolls and a canvas hook and like this ________line is your carpet lay the tape like so __________< this < reprsents you boarder tape you can rent a carpet hand held sewwing machine or you a canvas hook a few overlaping loos threw the carpet and bottom edge of the border tap roll the top of the border edge over the seam of the border egge and with a hot glue gun run a bead and hold it two seconds use gloves the glue gun is hot. you end up witha nice straight border on the carpet side and the glue holds the bottom side to the bottom of the carpet.When you need to use another strip of border tape Make the border tape overlap and form an small angle over the new roll of border tape being applied. You can get the border tape in matching colors or using a diferent color accent the carpet.
Q:Way to remove pet odors from carpet?
The way to treat your carpets is to invest in a carpet/rug cleaner. Walmart sells 2 products which I have found work great and unlike some pet eliminating products these work right in a carpet cleaning machine... they eliminate pet stains and neutralize pet odors. They are... Odo Ban pet (in the pet section) and Bissell Pet Odor (in the carpet cleaner section) They also have a pleasant scent, and by cleaning the carpets it also picks up any fur that your vacuum may have missed. There are other products that you can buy at pet stores however with those you have to pour the liquid and leave it there to dry on its own .. can take along time to dry and will damage your carpet, padding and wood underneath. The carpet cleaner does a great job and dries rather quickly I use a carpet cleaner weekly/biweekly (have 6 dogs)
Q:What are the methods of cleaning carpets ?
I would advise you to rent a carpet cleaner professional so that your carpet stuff is looking like a novel.
Q:How to maintain the carpet?
the carpet is easy to breed the bacteria, so you should pay attention to the virus, and bask it in the sun.
Q:I accidentally bleached a beige rug?
Best option is to buy the new rug. It can not be repaired easily.
Q:carpet question???????
First you do not need to put chlorine in with the water. The black paper ( is that what it looks like?) could just be something that was used to even out the floor's surface. Forget the knives and scratching! Adhesives ( glues) are sometimes soluble with water.. Sometimes with heat - you heat the glue moderately with perhaps a steam iron or a hair dryer, the glue will loosen enough to pry back the carpet. Otherwise- and this is totally out of range of my experience- solvents are sometimes used. I would not recommend using any kind of flammable solvent. Instead of knives find a wide putty knife to help lift the carpet off the tiles, this will get a larger area up off the tiles and will not scrape or gouge the tiles nor is it likely to slip and cut you. And you can get one for a few dollars. Work a little at a time- maybe it will take you a day or two- and wear safety glasses when you pull up the carpet because it is easy to get a small carpet fiber into your eye and it is a pain to get it out!
Q:Can I carpet in the kitchen?
Many people are not laying carpet in the kitchen, a big reason is not conducive to clean, especially in Chinese style kitchen, often smoke smell around in the kitchen, and the carpet is not resistant to clean items, often spend a lot of time to clean the kitchen in the carpet. Cleaning carpets is more difficult than cleaning tiles or dirt. Carpets in the kitchen can be greasy, worn or torn, which makes the kitchen look less clean and tidy. In addition, the kitchen is the use of water more places, the ground will often be sprinkled with water stains, carpets, if often exposed to water stains, will make the carpet of bacteria breeding, is not conducive to the kitchen clean, healthy environment to maintain.
Q:steam mop and carpet?
I don't own one, but they appear to be designed for hard flooring such as tile and linoleum. There's only a cloth at the bottom where the steam passes through. I think you'd really be struggling trying to use one on carpet. A better alternative would be a carpet cleaner, Bissell and Hoover are both good brands. Expect to pay $150-300 and up. But for a budget, I love the Little Green Machine by Bissell which is much smaller. Don't try to clean an entire carpeted area with it or you'll be exhausted! But it's great for cleaning upholstery and for picking up spills on carpet, and doesn't take up a lot of storage space. Costs around $100 and you can get it at WalMart and many other retailers. Then if you need to do your whole carpet, you can rent an extractor for around $25 (check with your local supermarket, they probably rent Rug Doctor, etc.). You can get the job done in a day and not have a bulky machine taking up valuable closet space the rest of the year.
Q:Carpet and security deposit question?
The landlord can install whatever kind of carpet he wants. What he can charge the tenant is a different matter entirely. The tenant is responsible to return the unit to the same condition as when they moved in. This means the landlord cannot charge the tenant for redecorating, upgrading, and/or renovating the unit. Yes, the carpet should be about the same quality as was already in place if the landlord is attempting to charge the tenant for it. In addition, the landlord can only charge the prorated amount of life left in the carpet, which is typically estimated to last about 10 years. Meaning, if the carpet was already 5 years old when the tenant moved in, he could only be charged up to half the cost, even if he destroyed the carpet. If the carpet was over 10 years old, the tenant cannot be charged at all, as it was already considered as having to be replaced. This is a very, very loose rule, though; a judge may not necessarily agree or may consider the life of carpet to be closer to 20 years. Certainly, carpet can remain in good condition for that long if properly taken care of. Hopefully, you have move-in pictures dictating the condition of the carpet and what quality it was.

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