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i have the carpet and the padding now i just need to know what tool i need to rent to install it?
Do yourself a big favor and hire someone to do it. If it's not done properly it'll loosen up and look bad. I am a carpenter by trade and tried to lay carpet once, using all the proper tools that are mentioned in a preceding answer. After a couple of years it needs restretching.
what do they mean when it says you have to quot;stretchquot; a carpet you are laying?
wall-to-wall carpet has to be stretched to fit tight and flat. At the perimeter of each room are wood strps that have sharp metal prongs that grab and hold the carpet as it is stretched tightly to each wall.
what's the difference between an emerlen rug and a wool rug?
A wool rug is obviously made from wool or a wool. These rugs can either be hand knotted (best quality) or machine tufted. Persian rugs are wool for example. Emerlen is a 100% synthetic Polypropylene. The rugs are air-twisted (woven) and heat set. It's basically a FAKE wool rug.
We got a wool area rug a month and a half ago. It sheds bunch. Is this normal? thanx
with wool rugs this is very common. When they make the rug lots of little pieces of loose wool get into the air and end up in the carpet itself. Its not a problem, vacuum lots, use a vacuum with a power head.
We received a carpet bid for a room that is $2641.00. The next number is 52.44 installed and carpet only 39.44. I'm assuming this is yards? Does that sound like an average price for a slightly above average carpet?For about 200 square feet, is $7/sq. ft an average cost for tile and $1700 total including materials? Then still I have to pay labor separate. It is a unique tile in a unique shape, not square but rectangular.
The carpet , I need more info on since most of those numbers don t make sense with out knowing the s/f of the room to be carpeted. The 39.44 and the 52.44 sound like a square yard price and to give you a price like that is against the law. All carpet must be given in a s/f price format.. I used to have carpet that installed at 52.44 a s/y but it was excellent carpeting.. So I don t know about the carpet until I get more info, but its sounding high.. The tile could be 7$ a s/f if its unique like you say.. The installed price with the materials is a bit high but not totally out of line at all. Your installation area could explain that.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
The canister filter on (specifically, directly under) my 55 gallon sprung a leak, and in total has leaked 20+ gallons of nitrate-laden water onto the carpet around the stand. The canister is undergoing repairs ATM but the carpet is still soaked. Will I have to break down the aquarium and pull up the carpet, or can I keep mold from growing another way? Also, the canister was removed and will not be back up for at least a day, so how long can I keep my fish in there without an ammonia spike?
use a jet vac to get the carpet as dry as possible then put a fan on it
How soft is the carpet after washing?
After several dry foam carpet after washing, some foam debris and fiber bottom could not wash, then, must adopt the pumping method will bottom dirt, sand, water, and can make the rolling brush, absorb away dirt, restore the original soft and clean.
I have never washed a winter rug and my horses really needs doing but I'm not quite sure how !?Dry cleaners ?In the bath tub? (by hand) The washing machine looks to small... and I do not want to wreck it !!!Thankkss xx
ive never actually washed any of my rugs, but i hose down my saddle blankets. yo could always waterblast it, thatd be sure to get the hair out. if i out even a small saddleblanket in the washign machine, there seems to be hair on anythign that comes out of the machine for the next few washes. so i wouldnt put the rug in anything that isnt used solely for horse supplies