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So last night i was painting my nails and i got some nail polish on my carpet and i cant get it out. Please help.
You can usually remove spilled nail polish with scissors, but you have to wait until the polish is completely dry. Then snip the polish off with sharp scissors. Just cut the very tips of the fibers. Work slowly. Don't cut a single millimeter more than you have to and pull up while cutting. This will help prevent divots in the carpet. Try your best to do just one or two fibers at a time...not a whole clump. Dissect any clumps first by cutting them in half or thirds. This will work unless you have already used nail polish remover and have worked the nail polish into the carpet. Also...cutting the nail polish works on shag or plush carpet, but not Berber or loopy carpet. Good luck.
What is the average cost to remove carpet?
In my area (toledo, oh) .25 cents per sq foot is average for the installer to make. Which means the carpet store is probably charging .50
My table has 2 leafs and extends to seat 8 comfortably. It's probably about 105quot; long with 2 leafs. The wide is 3 1/2 feet. I was thinking I should get a 9' x 12' rug. What does an expert think?
that sounds about right, though you might want to consider the size of your dining room also, perhaps getting an area rug that is just shy of the walls, yet that compliments not only the table, but the flooring as well.
So, I've seen on the internet about these rugs that is practically all you need all year round. It consists of 3 layers: a protective sheet, an outer shell and a reversible quilted blanket. I have only seen a few of these on the internet and none in the UK. Do you think these would be worth investing in? And would I be able to find them in the UK?Thanks in advance (: xo
I've seen them advertised in the UK but off hand can't remember where - Rideway? Derby House? IIRC they are expensive. You could probably use three equivalent rugs and pay less for them but they wouldn't match prettily. Depends whether you want economy or looks. On the basis that two or three thin layers are warmer than one thick one they should be a good idea. However, I don't have direct experience of this 3 in 1 rug. I've been at it for long enough to prefer economy as long as the performance is satisfactory. Along with others at the yard I use a Morrison's First Home duvet as an under layer indoors when it's very cold.
We received a carpet bid for a room that is $2641.00. The next number is 52.44 installed and carpet only 39.44. I'm assuming this is yards? Does that sound like an average price for a slightly above average carpet?For about 200 square feet, is $7/sq. ft an average cost for tile and $1700 total including materials? Then still I have to pay labor separate. It is a unique tile in a unique shape, not square but rectangular.
The carpet , I need more info on since most of those numbers don t make sense with out knowing the s/f of the room to be carpeted. The 39.44 and the 52.44 sound like a square yard price and to give you a price like that is against the law. All carpet must be given in a s/f price format.. I used to have carpet that installed at 52.44 a s/y but it was excellent carpeting.. So I don t know about the carpet until I get more info, but its sounding high.. The tile could be 7$ a s/f if its unique like you say.. The installed price with the materials is a bit high but not totally out of line at all. Your installation area could explain that.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL
im looking for like a plain white rug with a solid border around it that does not touch the edges but jsut borders it kinda outlines the shape its going to be put im my room so any ideas?
rug depo
Is it true that you are better off buying a thinner carpet (not as dense or tall) with an 8 lb. carpet padding (the best) as opposed to a thicker carpet (dense and tall) with a cheaper 6 lb. padding? The price difference in the padding is dramatic...3.50/sq. yd. vs. 6.50/sq. yd.!
yes u r better off buying thinner carpet :]
I've got greasy dirty black grease tracked on my carpet
Greased LIghtening will do the trick, but, Mean Green is good too.