Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

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Product Description:

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

Product Specification

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

The entrance door mat is an ideal solution to stop dirt, mud, and water before it enters your home or office.

Our high quality door mat is fitted with a nonskid PVC or TPR backing, which keeps the mat in place while in use,

so it can be safely used. The anti-slip door mat is pliable, and can be easily rolled up for easy storage and transport.

In addition, it is easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.  

Main Benefits    

Removes dirt and absorbs water    


Easy to clean    

Excellent resilience and long lasting wear    

Products Functions

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing


The surface material allows you to scrape dirt and debris from your shoes. Let the welcome mat clean off your shoes.Super easy to clean, just rinse it in water and let it dry, comes like a new mat.


100% Polypropylene Surface and Environmental Protection PVC Backing. Our barrier mat not only helps catch dirt and mud, the
simple pure pattern also suits most scene in the house. The soft surface works well in the cold winter as well.

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing

Heat Embossed Door Mat Entrance Anti-slip Waterproof Heat Embossed Door Mat with PVC Backing


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Q:I do not want to get a cheap carpet. Is $30 a sq yard above average or expensive?
$30 seems high to me but it may be a superior carpet. Think about the padding also. Even a cheaper carpet will feel plush with the more expensive padding under it.
Q:We have a wall-to-wall berber carpet, and we want to make it into a smaller area rug (perhaps 9'7quot; x 11quot;). Has anyone done this sort of thing before? If so, what was the approximate cost, and who did you call to service it? I tried some local carpet stores to no avail. Thanks for your input.
Done that. It works fine. Check with someone who does oriental rugs.
Q:Can you put an area rug on burber carpet?
Q:We arelooking to replace carpeting, empire came out today and quoted $34.00 per yard for Nuvo(?) carpet brand...this ncludes padding, installing, ripping and hauling old one, and tax. Is this a good value, ok value or expensive value. can i get better deals elsewhere in MN.
The carpet brand is only one small aspect of what makes the carpet a good value or not. Each company will make 100's of different carpet and many diferent qualities. However, based on normal empire quality carpet: the prices should start at 2.75 sqft ($24.75 sqyd) installed, w/pad disposal. So you may have upgraded and the price can reach that level quickly. We carry many different carpets with many different price levels and great prices in Minnesota's metro area. Stop in and we would love to get you a great value.
Q:Most of the powder carpet freshners have so much perfume in them they trigger a migraine and I can't use them. Not to mention they are pretty pricey for what you actually get. Is plain ole' Arm Hammer baking soda a good alternative? Any other suggestions for freshing carpet?
Baking soda works well as a carpet freshener and you really want to kill odors in the carpet (pets,smoke,etc) just sprinkle with some dry coffee grounds and then vacuum after 20 minutes or so. Another good way to freshen carpets without damage is 1 capful of liquid fabric softener to 3 cups water in a spray bottle. Vacuum first and then mist carpet to freshen!
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Unless you can get the odors completely out of the rugs, they will never stop. They will pee poo where they smell it. And just because you can't smell it in the rugs, doesn't mean they can't. Their sense of smell is much stronger than yours.
Q:I want to deep clean my carpets but I can't afford to rent a rug doctor or buy a deep cleaning vacuum. What can I do to make my carpets really clean again?
Clean Carpet Without Steam Cleaner
Q:I just moved into a new apartment about three weeks ago, and the carpet in only one room smells like ammonia. It's a really terrible smell and it won't go away after vacuuming many times. I know they shampooed the carpets before I move in. The lady before me who lived here had a dog. I know urine can smell like ammonia after it's sat awhile. Could it be that her dog peed on the carpet? Any ideas about how to get rid of the smell without shampooing the carpet?
Mix a solution of fifty percent white vinegar and fifty percent water. You must use a liberal amount of this solution to reach the carpet fibers deep down. Work the solution into the carpet with a soft brush (or your fingers) to ensure it penetrates the carpet fibers below. Then blot the area using the paper towel method above to absorb the vinegar mixture. The vinegar will neutralize the ammonia in the dog urine. If you own a wet/dry vacuum extractor use it to remove excess moisture. When the area has dried or almost dried sprinkle a good handful of baking soda over the soiled area. Mix half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of Dish Soap detergent. Plain liquid dishwashing detergent is required. Do not use caustic dishwasher detergent. Slowly pour the hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing detergent mixture over the baking soda. Alternatively you can use a spray bottle for the hydrogen peroxide/dish washing detergent solution. Then work the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture well into the carpet with your fingers (put on some rubber gloves) or use a brush. Allow the area to dry completely. Once the area is thoroughly dry, vacuum up the baking soda. A fan or heater can assist drying. Use a hard bristled brush to loosen up the baking soda if necessary. That's all there is to it. Your carpet will smell fresh and free from urine odor.
Q:I have a 4 month old who's crawling and walking while holding onto things. Needless to say, he's 4 months old and falls flat on his face quite often and just pushes himself along face down with his legs for a few seconds before picking himself back up. So he's got a rug burn on his nose...Any treatments for a quick cure? Aloe Vera, maybe?
vasaleen will help with pain
Q:What causes carpet around the edges to turn grey in a stairwell?
The technical term, as used by the carpet cleaning industry, is Filter Dirt. This term refers to soil/dust that has passed through the furnace duct work, and the furnace air filter, and has now attached it self to the carpet fibers. When this dust is circulating through the house, from the cold air return to the heat/air ducts, it picks up an electric charge which makes it difficult to remove from the carpet fibers. When it shows up on the edge of each step, it is thought that the dirt/soil is coming up from the under side of the steps, through the small crack in the wood base holding up the steps. Some people plagued with this problem, have replaced the carpet ,and prior to this, caulked the seams between the steps and the wall. You need to look at getting your air ducts professionally cleaned. They should be cleaned every 5 years, anyway. also, you may need to consider replacing your furnace air filter with a paper pleated style. Do not purchase the 3 for a dollar fiberglass style. The cheap filters have the ability to only trap golf balls and pop cans. They allow most soil and dirt to pass right on through the system. Change your furnace air filter every 4 months religiously. Use a black marker to write on the duct work near the furnace of your change out dates. This gives you a written filter change out record in an appropriate location. The carpet cleaning industry does have a solvent based product to help clean the filtration soil from the carpet. One is called Filter Out. from Pro's Choice. Sometimes the stains are permanent, as the soil while traveling between the air ducts is picking up cooking oils from the kitchen, making for a difficult oil/dust, electrically charged stain to remove. These stains are also found around furniture setting right on the floor, and under doors that remain closed. Hope I've given you some guidance to help deal with future filtration soil problems in your home. (3M makes the best paper pleated air funace filters)

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