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Solid Colors Of Shaggy Rug / Carpet

Solid Colors Of Shaggy Rug / Carpet

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Loading Port:
Xingang, China
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
500 M2 m²
Supply Capability:
2000M2 Per Week m²/month

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Specification of  hotsell shaggy carpet:



150D polyester silk


90x2750px,120x4250px,150x6250px,160x5750px,customized size


Any color available

pile height

3 cm

pile weight



cotton canvas with latex adhesive




Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freight of DHL/FedEx/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 to 6000 SQM

Production time

25 to 35 days



Pictures of hotsell shaggy carpet:





Q:Does anyone know anything about Indo Bijar rugs. I bought a 6x9 Indo Bijar rug today for next to nothing and am curious about its value. It has a tag on it from a profesional rug repair shop in Dallas ( the tag just says indo bijar 6x9 clean and replace fringe) It's in great shape and was hoping to resell at our yardsale but not sure about the value. I found two similar rugs on Craigs list, one was $4,000 and the other was for $600.
Hi, Value of a rug depends various factors 1.)Whether it is hand made or not? A) If hand made is it hand knotted or hand tufted? I am assuming that it is hand knotted, then the value depends on knots per square inch, the quality of the wool, the design, the worksmanship and finally the size. One more thing, carpet retailer often make this mistake; there is no such thing as 'BIJAR' its Bidjar. Indo-Bidjar rugs are usually made of 10x10 or 11x11 quality and this will have a retail value of 50-60 USD per SQ FT. Your rug has a square footage of 54 making its price fall in the range of 2700-3240 USD. Again, this is based on my assumptions. This is the fair value retail price. Now, some retailers like to keep a higher listing price and then give occasional discounts while some retailers do not like to do so. So its possible that some one might sell the same stuff for USD 4000. The 600 Dollar rug cannot be hand knotted. It must be hand tufted or something, as for this amount the rug is sold in India and when when add to this the retailers, wholesalers, importers margins; the price increases dramatically. If you can upload a picture of the rug, with a close up of the back side of the rug as well , I can provide you with much more information on its make as well as expected retail value.
Q:How do I keep the the coffe table from digging into the area rug (persian rug) and moving around ?
To protect the rug fibers from being crushed by the coffee table legs, place small pieces of carpet padding under each of the legs. As long as the furniture is lightweight, then your persian rug should stay in tact. It is not wise to place heavy objects or heavy furniture on persian or oriental rugs for fear of damaging the rug fibers.
Q:how to clean vomit off a gray rug.?
Rug suggest an area rug. If so wash in a machine. If carpet get a carpet cleaner, a brush and bucket of water.
Q:Okay.. Stupid question:Will a horse get caught up or whatever if they decide do roll while wearing a winter rug? Or will they be okay??Just wondering, cause I'm curious :)
As long as it has adequate straps, your horse should be fine. You want one with straps around each hind leg, as well as one or two belly straps. I've seen the ones that only have belly straps fall to the side when the horse rolls. Then the horse can step on it or get tangled in it.
Q:My son got orange marker on our carpet, (which is the longer strand kind). I went to my old standby stain remover of vinegar baking soda which I've never had any issues with until now. Now the orange marker is gone but I have a fairly large spot that's now much lighter than the rest of the carpet! And the spot cannot be easily covered and is in a very visible place. Please help!
Most carpet is made from nylon or polyester, and the color is inside the fiber -- if you bleached a lighter spot with baking soda and vinegar (very weak acid), I opine that what you really did was clean grime from the carpet - it's almost impossible to bleach color out of hard synthetic fiber. Try renting a carpet cleaning machine from the grocery or tool rental store, and put some vinegar in with the hot water and detergent. Won't hurt the carpet, and might resolve the problem. If your carpet is very old or very expensive, it might be wool, but very little wool carpet can be found anymore -- it's just too expensive.
Q:What to do if the carpet is dirty?
Just need to dry cleaning
Q:What are the categories of carpet materials?
Not afraid of wet, according to the classification of the carpet material, and then stitched with the bottom of the linen. Chemical fiber carpet has good abrasion resistance and elasticity, not easy to burn and self extinguishing, the stage, the price is low, such as polypropylene fiber carpet, residential, shiny, falling prices and terylene (polyethylene eye) chemical fiber carpets, carpet can make the wear resistance increased five times, very comfortable, it can replace pure wool carpet and carpet use. (4) the plastic carpet is made of polyvinyl chloride resin. Blended carpet has synthetic fiber. Plastic carpet is suitable for hotels, because it's comfortable and durable.
Q:For all carpet experts....I accidentally spilled bleach on a small section of carpet in my apartment. I cut out the affected area and tried to patch it with a piece from the closet but the colors dont match. How does the carpet dying process work? I called several places and they suggested I do it myself since they no longer do that sort of work.
Do you have a steam cleaner? If you do, fill the steam cleaner with water bleach steam clean the whole carpet. That should even it out. I'm interested to hear what other answers you get cause I had a friend spill red wine on my off white carpets that was what I was told to do. Good luck!
Q:How does the bedroom carpet remove mite?
Please send the attached product 5 bags of Home Furnishing environment mites on a mattress or pillow bag inside the bed, under the sheet etc. contact, eliminate mites, lasts five years (60 months), does not need to be replaced frequently, each mattress just place two bags.
Q:I just moved into a new apartment and used the wrong cleaner to pick up a spilled drink on the beige carpet and bleached it. Anyone know of a stain or a dye I could use to get the color back?
oops! okorder IF the rug is cotton or similar plant fiber. If your rug is poly fibers, toss it... no amount of dying will stay.
We produce various of Shaggy carpet, the company advanced equipment and each process is complete, to improve the technological content, particularly the introduction of Germany advanced acupuncture equipment, product quality has been on the protection they deserve. Now our main products: various materials Shaggy carpet, flat needle carpet mainly exported to the United States. Europe. Canada. Australia.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei, China
Year Established 1997
Annual Output Value ¥10,000,000 - 20,000,000/year
Main Markets The United States of America;Mid East
Company Certifications ISO 9001 Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Xingang
Export Percentage 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5-8 people
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 6000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range

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