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The rug with the rubber backing. If no, why not? I have been told not too but someone said it is no big deal.
Yes you can. You may put some more kitchen rug also. Reason, Font loading machines has to distribute the load in spin. If not it will damage the Machine due to un balance. Rubber backing is not the problem. Generally there will be 3 ribs in the drum. The washing is happened when the cloth falls on the rib while on rotation. and in spin the weight is to be distributed in the space between the ribs.
I am going to rent a rug doctor to clean the carpet in my apartment. The only stains are from my puppy, and I am not sure what kind of cleaner to use with it. should I use the regular cleaner or am I going to need a heavy duty/pet specific cleaner? I have shampooed before, but not since I got my puppy.
The rug doctor will not remove the stains, but if you use an enzyme cleaner on the spots first, any rug machine will, with any shampoo. Cross your fingers there's no smell. That's another problem.
What is a good way to get your carpet looking clean? Besides renting one of those carpet cleaners do anyone have a home remedy?
a scrub brush and dish liquid but to rent a carpet cleaner is only $21 at walmart.
Can you lay new carpet over old carpet. Because of my age and health it is not possible for me to rip out the old; but I would like to lay down some new to freshen up my computer room.
For the best answers, search on this site People put throw (small) rugs on top of carpeting all the time. Be sure you vacuum the old carpet first and it is laying flat with no wrinkles. That will help your new rug stay cleaner and not show wear lines.
The other day I just found out that I had a hand-made rug that was made in Iran and bought by my grandparents about 10-15 years ago, the rug is about 6x8 and they paid around $2000 dollars for it.My question is what is the proper way to clean a rug that is hand-made? It has not been cleaned in years only vacuumed... and also is there a market place for these rugs? if I do decide I want to sell it.
The best way to clean an oriental rug is either to wash it yourself with bicarbionate of soda and vinegar, or farm it out to be washed by a company that specializes in oriental rugs. NEVER use detergent or a chemical cleaner, or dry clean, an oriental rug. All these substances will destroy the protective lanolin in the rug. A 6x8 would be really easy to do yourself. First, vacuum it face-down to loosen the deepest dirt, then right side up. You can either lay the rug on flat, clean concrete (not tarmac), or hang it over a couple of ladders or a fence. Then, rub bicarb all over it, then saturate with vinegar; it will foam up and push out the dirt. Rinse well. The advantage of doing it on a flat surface is you can squeegee it, then hang it. If over ladders, it may take a few days to dry.
we are moving out of our apartment and need to have the carpet cleaned. Has anyone rented a rug doctor? Was it easy to use? work well? Or should I just hire a carpet cleaning company to do it?It was like a $70 difference in price. Trying to save money where we can. Thanks!
I have used the Rug Doctor and it is awesome. Well.. my boyfriend actually did the cleaning, but the results looked great! we have also paid someone to do the carpets, and those results were better.. It was after a party and there was a lot of beer stains.. I think if the carpet isnt in way too bad of a shape then just rent one... but otherwise pay someone..
Which is white grey, with a small amount of impurity spots, or black and white color
no, it will be damaged because of a long time friction. there is professional engineering carpet.