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What is the best way to remove cat vomit stains from carpet?
try woolite foaming carpet cleaner. my cats used to throw up alot, especially when they were like kittens
It doesn't matter if just lay a small piece of carpet; but it won't be good if it is full laid because that the heat is difficult to come up, influencing the effect of heating.
Since it has been absorbed by flour, then you'd better dry the carpet in the sun, or use the hair dryer to blow it, then along the direction of the wool carpet, brush the flour attached on the carpet, vacuum surface grinding, doing this for several tiimes. . . . .
My mother recently passed away. I had prepaid her rent for a full year. The bedroom had several stains on it and I recognize the carpet needed to be replaced, and I'm OK with paying for it. The bedroom is around 200 square feet in Connecticut. The landlord took the opportunity to replace the carpet with hardwood. He told me the carpet would have cost $600 installed but he paid extra for the hardwood out of his own pocket. The carpet that was there previously was the cheapest contractor grade material you can imagine. I have a hard time believing it cost $600 at $3 a square foot for cheap carpet installed. Should I be pressing this? I figured it would be $300 - $400, max, for similar off-white basic carpet.
Offer 350 and tell him to sue you for the rest. Tell him you aren't paying for the best carpet when he didn't even install it.
what is the measurelt;RUG
Rugs are measured by length and width, and by the height and density of he fibers in their nap.
First trim uneven fluff in joint, cleaning off the fiber, using paste way to fix. Cutting carpet should cut along the carpet warp. Cutting superfluous edge of the carpet, and repeatedly rub fluff in joint place, seperate hair from the obverse side. Snap the line on the back of carpet according to the calculation of the material size, just cut the weft, cutting: The primary ground treatment, actual measurement and pay off, cutting carpet, frictioning and cooling, laying silver pressing, clean up, until to make seam trace cannot be seen on the surface: Before laying, the actual measurement is required, find warp and protection. The joint place should be sticked together with tape on the back of the carpet, don't warp When binding and paving , cooling in air for 5-10 minutes after frictioning, the main points of construction, laying until the glue becomes dry and sticky, measuring the corner to see whether it is regulated side. After paving the carpet, using felt roll to extrude bubble, record angles correctly, as for the carpets with backing lining, after cutting weft yarn the construction process of laying carpet.
I have been living in a rental home for 2yrs and notice that the carpet is old. Due to the fact that i have had it clean 1 time steam clean and 2 times rental machine and stains will not come up. Asked rental company once and they said the owner does not have enough money to replace carpet. The carpet is over 10yrs old and you can tell because the edges are coming up and the man who clean the carpet one time said they don't make that kind of carpet any more. How can i get the owner to replace the carpet.
I think it's time for you to move. If you've been renting this home for 2 years and the owner hasn't replaced the carpet in 10 years it's obvious that the owner isn't escrowing money for maintenance and repairs. What's going to happen if one of the mechanical systems (plumbing, heating, etc.) fails? Save up your money until you have the enough for the first month's rent and deposit for a new place, then get out as soon as your lease allows. I would definitely keep a record of what the carpet cleaner said and take pictures because chances are this kind of landlord will try to keep your deposit.