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It started out as a small black printer ink on the carpet. I tried to use WD40, then Jax, now it looks like a giant orange/light black circle! How can I get rid of this? PLEASE HELP ME!
do no longer understand what sort of ink. If ball factor ink attempt spraying hairspray on it and blot sprayed section with sparkling fabric. Take care to no longer smudge or unfold stain. try hidden part of carpet to comprehend if colour quickly earlier doing any stain elimination. Oxyclean is notably solid too reckoning on the kind of ink. the kind of ink might possibly dictate what you used to get rid of it besides as what your carpet is made up of. i might evaluate sort of ink and what the carpet fiber is and then act hence. Hair spray works great on outfits it relatively is polyester and or mixed with cotton. proceed with warning.
i saw it online and i really want to make it does someone have a tutorial for the mega doily rug,
At my twelfth birthday, each person made up our minds to have a séance. Some persons didn’t wish to be in whole darkness, so I grew to become on a black mild (and not using a coloration) and positioned it subsequent to me. I’m identified for goofing off and looking to scare persons, so while I began screaming and crying, no one paid instant concentration to me. The black mild blub fell proper on my thigh and it harm so unhealthy I couldn’t even take it off. Finally anyone grew to become at the lighting they usually essentially needed to rip the blub off of my thigh. It was once a third measure burn and I nonetheless have a scar 10 years later :-/ Your burn appears quite painful too! OUCH!
Hi guysI'm moving to a new house and I want to replace the old carpet. But I'm stuck between carpet and laminate/hardwood.I thought carpet is warmer in winter but keep the carpet clean is a tough thing.can you plz give me some ideashave anyone had a carpet?Thanks for you time and help :)
Depends where you want to put the carpet and wood. Actually flooring is all the same temp its just that carpet does feel warmer. Thats why well placed area rugs work out so well on wood. If this house is a long term investment, go hardwood. Properly maintained, it ll last a lifetime. As far as pricing goes, 0n the average ,carpet is overall cheaper than hardwood. But hardwood will outlast carpet when taken care .. If this is a shorter term investment, a good laminate may work out for you.. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. GL
i just moved into a new apartment. i really like, and i spent like 2 days.....but walking barefoot on the carpet turns my feet black.....i live in small apratment, there is only one large area that is carpeted...are there any products that are good to use? would a carpet cleaner come out for just one large room?
Most okorder to loctate a certified pro near you. If they use a Roto Vac, a Dri Master, or an RX20, along with their truck mount power, you will get the best cleaning job possible. Also keep and maintain an area rug outside of your door, the plusher the better.
i have a huge braided wool rug and was wondering if i could use a bissel home carpet shampooer on it. if not, how can i give it an all over cleaning? i cant afford to take it anywhere professional
I would not use anything less than WOOL LITE does a beautiful job..........follow the instructions on the can.
My puppy is basically almost fully potty trained and he messed up the carpets pretty bad of was expected haha anybody know a good carpet cleaning product to clean well and also make the floors smell good? i have a steam cleaner (its a BISSELL) ive used it once to clean the entire area it does ok, but i was hoping maybe there is a better product out there.
I used to do maintainance at a large motel and we used a Rug Doctor as we found it to do the best job. A problem that you will run into will be if your puppy found one localized area to his liking or if your carpets are tacked or glued down with a pad laid underneath. I have heard of a product called Natures Miracle which is specifically for cleaning up pet excrement and eliminating residual odors although never used it. Its available in pet stores. I hope this helps.
I have a rug imported from Iran. It is made of wool on a silk backing. My cat was sick on it and some of the color ran—vermilion into cream color. It is getting a bit dingy and I would like to get it cleaned. Is there any way to get the pinkinsh stain out of the cream part. It is a beautiful rug.
Wow you bought a rug from Iran. Sweet!!! Your cat was sick HMMMMMMM....
OK, my pet pooped on the carpet, didn't notice it for awhile. It dried, I picked it up, vacuumed the carpet as well as I could, sprinkled a little (not too much) baking soda into the carpet and rubbed in it. Then I put diluted vinegar (half and half with water) in a container and soaked a paper towel, wrung it out and scrubbed the carpet with it. I didn't use a whole lot of vinegar, about half a cup solution (which would be 1/4 cup of water, 1/4 of water) for an area the size of a large cutting board.I plan on leaving it overnight and in the morning scrubbing it out with a bit of water - will the vinegar harm the carpet in the meantime or am I OK? Nothing was put sopping on the carpet - the paper towel was just damp.
I wouldn't leave it overnight. It should be fine with the treatment you already gave it.