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So i'm low in Dietary fiber, can anyone tell me what i should eat to raise my dietary fiber about 24 grams? My recommended daily intake is 38 grams of Dietary Fibercould you also include the serving size? Btw im 20 years old, maleThanks in advance
You watch too much TV
I got a rabbit but I don't know how to take care of it?
Tacos, good for both in the kitchen, one chopping and prepping, and one cooking the meat and heating the shells Good Luck and have fun!
hello i have a question on thisif you suffer from hypothyroidism but eat cooked vegetables high on fiber would you still gain body fat?
You can bind with a bit of oatmeal, cornflakes (mashed up), or bread crumsIt will be tricky without the egg though.
My hair is a little above my shoulders, and I want to grow it out to just above my chestHow long will it take to grow it there? And are there any particular shampoos/products that will help my hair grow? I do use a flat iron relatively everyday, but I use thermal spray, and the iron is ceramic.
Not eating or skipping meals is not dieting If you do you may get more weight
Considering the thermal conduction of Co2 is so low, and the price is also ridiculously low, why arent gas filled bladders with co2 used in insulation of say, greenhouses in very cold places? Does it leak out? Do the bladders pop too easy? Have people just not thought of this?
There are better and much denser gases such as xenon that can be used in isulatationI'm not sure what is the industry standard but, generally the dense the gas the more insulation it providesI think people would opt for a more expensive gas if it provides more insulationAnswer mine?
How do you make an interactive scrapbook?
FIRST ADVIICE-DON'T USE ALUM IN MICRO-put in bowl with spices of choice, stirring once eggs start to setAdd cut onions, peppers, meats, etcENJOY!!
So I have a 2008 Single Cab Silverado and want to build a new Subwoofer Box but to acheive more space I want to cut the insulation along the back wall to have more depth with the boxWhat is the purpose of insulation? Anybody else done this to any car?Thanks in advance.
insulation usually is there to insulatefrom cold and noiseyou don't need it, but most people who want the best sound quality actually add insulation
So I'm starting school soon and my hair is naturally thick, wavy, and it gets frizzy if I don't straighten and blow dry it which I do every dayI just wanted my hair to be more practical so it won't take a whole hour to dry and straightenIf not are there any really good flat irons or blow dryers for thick hair?
I once heard about a blanket that offered convective cooling, slowly absorbing your heat over timeI don't remember what it was (sorry) or know how well it works, but I can say that you can't make a cooling object without either fluids or some sort of highly-conductive material (like metal)The coolest blankets are those with large pores that allow air and moisture out.