high temperature resistance silica chopped fiber cloth

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Product Description & Application:  

It is high temperature resistant product.Mixed a ratio of organic fiber in the chopped silica fiberglass and put into fiberglass or stainless steel wire as reinforcement to spun the yarn,and then woven into the cloth.(stainless steel wire or fiberglass reinforced)



  • As the external insulation layer for industrial furnaces and other external heat preservation and heat insulation for a variety of mechanical equipment and pipeline;

  • As welding spark cloth for building,ship,large construction equipment industry;

  • Fireproof and heat indulation for rail vehicle,vehicle transportation insulation parts;

  • Can be processed into the fire-proof curtain in the building ,fireproof garment( covered aluminum),fireproof gloves,fireproof shoes,etc.

Product Capability:

    • SiO2>=96%;

    • Compared with the traditional high silica fiberglass cloth,the advantage of this cloth is that can be reinforced with stainless steel wire,have strong resistance performance,can be folded,thick and light weight,high air tightness;

    • The skin irritation is very small,no dust,can replace the traditional ceramic fiber cloth;

    • Higher temperature resistant,insulation,low heat conduction rate;

    • High thermal and chemical stability,good dielectric properties.


    Data Sheet:

    Silica fiber products:

    A kind of inorganic high temperature resistance fiber with the content of SiO₂ higher than 95%, its soften temperature can nearly reach to 1700℃.It can be used in high temperature environment below 900℃ for a long time.


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    Q:What is an electroplated glass fabric?
    Glass fiber mesh in the process of use:The lap width between the mesh is not less than 50mm, the negative corner mesh to pressure stubble lap, its width is larger than 50mm, yang angle is greater than or equal to 200mm. In the construction, mesh paving should be smooth, no wrinkles, mortar plumpness reached 100%, at the same time to find and maintain smooth, straight corner square and the verticality of yin and yang.
    Q:What does 240 grams of fiberglass cloth mean?
    240 grams of glass fiber cloth means 240 grams per square meter of heavy glass fiber cloth.
    Q:How about the difference between glass fiber cloth and ordinary chemical fiber cloth?
    My major is chemical fiber. It's easy to tell apart! You can burn it with a fire. It can melt and drop like a candle. (careful not to stick to your body and burn it!) It's a synthetic fabric, not a fiberglass fabric.
    Q:What is the difference between non-woven fabrics, glass fiber cloth and geotextile?
    Advantages and disadvantages of non-woven fabrics:The non-woven fabrics have many advantages: 1) 2) 3 aeration filtration) 4) absorbent insulation waterproof 5) 6) 7) not scalable 8) unkempt feel good, soft light 9) 10) 11), elastic recovery without cloth direction 12) compared with the production of textile fabrics high production speed, low price, 13) can be produced in large quantities and so on.Disadvantages are: 1) compared with the textile cloth, strength and durability is poor, 2) can not be washed as 3 as other fabrics. The fibers are arranged in a certain direction, so it is easy to split from the right angle. Therefore, improvements in the production methods have recently been made to prevent fragmentation.
    Q:Is fiberglass cloth antistatic?
    Fiberglass cloth itself is not static, also known as glass fiber glass fiber cloth geotextile, with tensile strength is very strong, the surface static electricity accumulation, no fouling dead angle, easy to clean
    Q:What is Teflon?
    Generally refers to the Teflon PTFE - (CF2-CF2) n-- Teflon is divided into basic types PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE several.High performance special Teflon coating is fluorine coating resin with polytetrafluoroethylene, English name for Teflon, because the pronunciation of reason, commonly known as Teflon, Tie Fulong, Teflon, Teflon and so on (all Teflon transliteration). Teflon (Tie Fulong) coating is a kind of high performance coating is the one and only, with heat resistance, chemical inertness and excellent insulation stability and low friction, the comprehensive advantages with other coatings can not compete, the flexibility makes it can be used in almost all the shape and size of the products.
    Q:What's the difference between wall fabric and fiberglass fabric? Which is better for brushing before latex paint? Why?
    Glass fiber cloth is made of plastic and other chemical fibers, suction wall performance is poor, more smooth, less pores, easy to fall,
    Q:With what glue can stick glass steel cans?
    The modified epoxy adhesive can stick to the FRP tank;In addition to the epoxy resin and other non-polar polyolefin plastic adhesive is not good, for all kinds of metal materials such as aluminum, steel, iron, copper; non metallic materials such as glass, wood and concrete; and thermosetting plastics such as phenolic, amino, unsaturated polyester has excellent adhesive properties, so it is called monengjiao. Epoxy adhesive is an important kind of structural adhesive.
    Q:What are the cracks between the brick wall and the beam column, the cracks between the planks and the cracks in the plasterboard?
    Crack plate, gypsum board, kraft adhesive bandage or Dacron patch, then putty, paint do.
    Q:Does the construction of insulation alkali resistant glass fiber cloth need fixing with thermal insulation nail?
    The alkali resistant mesh cloth does not need to be fixed (direct pressed into the anti cracking mortar surface), and galvanized steel wire mesh needs to be fixed with an anchor bolt

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