100% Acrylic Yarn

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Loading Port:
Shanghai Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1TON m.t.
Supply Capability:
100 Ton/Tons per Month m.t./month
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Product Description:


(1)Count: NM1,2/10s-1,2/60s

(2)Type: High-Bulk and Solid Yarn

(3)Color: Raw White/Dyed Yarn

(4)Application: weaving yarn/knitting yarn

(5)Weight: 1.6-1.7kg/piece,other weight is also allowed



Advantages of 100% Acrylic Yarn:

1.We have 20 Italian combed spinning equipment and advanced detecting device.

2.We produce high quality cashmere yarn 1500 tons every year.

3. Advantage: high quality, skillful manufacture, competitive price and prompt delivery

4. If you can place a large order, we can give you a special discount.



 100% Acrylic Yarn


 100% Acrylic Yarn


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Q:What is the reason why the yarn is spinning
Spinning machine without insurance yarn, loom with a large circular machine, latitude and longitude knitting machine, the traditional shuttle weaving machine, etc.
Q:Textile yarn 75d ppt memory silk how much money meal?
After dyeing, the surface will fold a lot of side pores, can quickly sweat and quickly dry, quickly sweat out.
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
Fiber length is long, the length of uniformity is good, the linear density is low, the twist factor should be small, otherwise should be large. (2)? Roving, yarn roller pressure heavier, twist coefficient should be large, otherwise should be small. Roving quantitative weight, twist factor should be small, otherwise should be large.
Q:Textile waste silk (abandoned side yarn) what purpose ah?
Traditional textile technology and equipment are complicated, rising production costs, to enable people to find new technologies
Q:Textile spinning yarn should be done first what to do
Merchandiser's work content is very complicated, involving a wide range, the face of more departments. That is, to the progress of the higher feedback, but also on the relevant personnel in a timely manner, a little careless, that is cast a big mistake.
Q:Cotton yarn downstream enterprises have what kind of
In particular, combed yarn can be used to produce high quality textile products, such as high-grade T-shirt, fine poplin, cotton yarn can also produce special industrial electric wax cloth, tire cord fabric, high-speed sewing thread and embroidery line.
Q:Is the thickness of the yarns 40S and 80S / 2 in the textile fabric the same?
The thickness is basically the same, but 40S is a single yarn, the general twist is Z twist, 80S / 2 is the strand, twist to S twist, is made of two 80S single yarn twisted
Q:How good is the textile economy?
The requirements of the warping have three points: uniform tension, uniform yarn, winding density uniform.
Q:There are several yarns of textile mills
In the special yarn: in the special yarn 21 to 32 special (British 19 to 28 British branch) of the yarn. Such yarns are suitable for medium and thick fabrics such as medium cloth, gabardine, khaki and so on. 3. Fine yarn: fine yarn refers to 11 to 20 special (British 29 to 54 British branch) of the yarn. Such yarns are suitable for thin fabrics, such as fine cloth, poplin and the like. 4. Special fine yarn: special fine yarn refers to 10 special and below (British 58 British branch and above) of the yarn.
Q:What is the textile fancy yarn theory?
Various fibers can be used alone, can also be mixed with each other, learn from each other, give full play to their inherent characteristics.
In recent years the company continue to grow stronger, now has 10 worsted imports, domestic production lines, domestic brand half worsted, worsted 5000 ingot, equipped with computer Mao Dou, synchronization and electronic yarn clearer and air splicing equipment, make product quality grade, more competitive

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Year Established 1997
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Main Markets North America, South America, Western Europe, eastern Europe, east Asia, central Asia, southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania
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