100% Cotton Yarn

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Product Description:


OE Yarn: Ne 10/1; Ne 16/1; Ne 20/1

Yarn: 100% cotton

Yarn: 6-21s

High strength, small CV%

Yarn for weaving and knitting



 100% cotton yarn


Specifications of 100% Cotton Yarn:


1. Composition: 100% cotton, T/C, CVC


2. Color: we have color card with 150 different colors


3. We can also supply 100% spun polyester sewing thread, cotton thread, nylon thread, fishing twine, monofilament, polyester/nylon texture yarn, grey yarn, metallic yarn, elastic thread, acrylic knitting yarn, fancy yarn and so on



100% cotton, T/C, CVC

Combed yarn count

21s/1, 26s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1, 60s/1, 80s/1, etc.

Carded yarn count

16s/1, 20s/1, 21s/1, 22s/1, 32s/1, 40s/1, 50s/1, etc.


100lbs/ctn, 4 cartons/bale



 100% cotton yarn


 100% cotton yarn


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Q:What is the textile bobbin?
The pipe wall can also be provided with grooves, easy to wire. It can be made of conical paper tube, pipe wall evenly open a lot of holes, its structure is simple, low cost, applicability.
Q:How does textile twist yarn identify?
Observe the fiber near the flame, contact with the flame, leaving the flame produced by a variety of different phenomena and the combustion of the odor, the post-combustion residue to identify the fiber type.
Q:In the textile fabric, mesh cloth and the difference between the Bali yarn is what
It has a unique elasticity function. Mesh fabric mesh structure, in the production process after a high temperature stereotypes, when subjected to external forces, can follow the direction of force extension, when the pull force to reduce the withdrawal, the mesh can be restored to the original shape. Mesh cloth is made of tens of thousands of polymer synthetic fiber yarn, refined from the oil out. Made of knitted weave, it is not only firm, able to withstand high strength of the tension and tear.
Q:What is the yarn in the textile
Cloth yarn in the knitted fabrics and sweaters appear above the more, usually different ingredients, different colors of the short yarn flew to the loom and then woven into the fabric. So there is a kind of yarn is called called "flying hair".
Q:40s / 2 What does it mean, is this yarn 40 or 80?
21S.40S popular talk about the thickness of this yarn, the greater the number of sand lines on the more thin, and vice versa is thicker. 1 (single strand) .2 (double) is to say that this yarn is twisted after a single sand or two double yarn
Q:How to choose the twist of the roving?
The roving strength increases with the increase of the roving coefficient, and the roving twist factor is increased to reduce the production efficiency of the roving machine, but it can increase the strength of the roving, reduce the roving elongation and improve the quality of the roving.
Q:Cotton cotton yarn consumption of cotton how much?
Cotton combed cotton consumption quota: 1.3 tons / ton yarn; yarn per ton of finished yarn 0.77 tons. Polyester cotton carded cotton (cotton 35% polyester 65%) cotton consumption quota: 0.45 tons / ton yarn; (polyester 0.67 tons / ton yarn).
Q:Why in general the yarn in the woven fabric strength coefficient of use greater than 1
Cotton yarn is made of cotton fiber by spinning the yarn, processed by the stock after the cotton line. According to the different spinning process, can be divided into carded yarn and combed yarn. (1) carded yarn: cotton fiber is the ordinary spinning system spinning yarn
Q:What is the difference between textile sizing and paper making?
Modified starch is currently used industrially, mainly acid modified starch, oxidized starch, phosphate starch, acetate starch, carboxymethyl starch, cationic starch, amphoteric starch, grafted starch.
Q:What is the yarn inside the textile industry is what kind of yarn?
For example, like a piece of cloth, first with the experience of the general estimate of the possible combination of latitude and longitude, and then open to take the yarn to do the test, if the dispersion of dye can be colored, that is synthetic fiber
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