Colorful Faux Sheep Skin Carpet

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Product Description:

Specification details:

1. Material: Faux sheepskin fur

2. Color: Natural or dyed as your need

3. Fur Length: 5~8cm or 2-3cm

4. Origin: Australian, NZ, China and so on

5. Features: Smooth, soft and warm

6. Usage: Popular used as home decoration

7. Size specification: 50*80cm/ 60*95cm/ 60*100cm

Product Features:

1.Made by Faux sheep fur

2. Color and size can be OEM

3. Smooth, soft&warm

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Q:How can you get rid of the oil on the carpet? Jipan high master!
Here are three ways for you to choose:1. use alcohol (alcohol) or oil to wipe dirty areas.2. use dry / wet carpet powder to shave or brush dirt gently.3. wipe with acetic acid or ammonia water.Ha ha, a little professional. For your reference only
Q:how do i keep rugs from creeping and moving? My rugs are on carpet.?
There are 2 types of mats that are used under rugs to stop them from bunching and walking. One looks like a rubber that you use for lining shelves , but don t use that stuff. The other looks like felt but isn t .. Both have a tacky feel to them but leave no residue like double sided tape will ( and leave a dirt spot when dirt collects on the residue). Both of these are of a washable material ,so when they collect dirt , and loose their tackiness you wash them and their good as new. Know your rug size , since they ll come in various sizes and you trim to size w/ scissors if needed. Get only the kind made for rugs over carpet or soft surface. They also make a special breathable type for rugs over wood and vinyl.. Any flooring questions you can e mail me through my avatar... GL
Q:What's the rug under the sofa and tea table?
The carpet under the sofa and tea table is called the living room carpet.Mat decoration than practical, carpet is a matter of personal preference, feel better, foreigners generally love carpet, especially in eastern europe.
Q:burnt carpet?
Cut out a piece of carpet in the closet and replace the burnt spot using some glue on the back of the carpet.
Q:Do I need an area rug for my living room? Are they just for decoration?
Hi, Hope this helps.
Q:Living room sofa is 3.3m long, tea table is 1.2*0.6. then what size of carpet is more appropriate?
There are 1, relatively easy to buy. .6*21.4 meter can be 3 meters. 7*2, is the size of the pad
Q:Where in North Carolina are Karastan rugs made...?
Karastan rugs are American Made in Eden, North Carolina. They have been in business since the 1920's
Q:Question about an area rug?
You're in luck, ANYTHING will go with black, medium, and white!! What other major accessories do you have? A painting? A lamp? SOMETHING with some color? OR: Do it up with the rug! GO willy-nilly with a new rug, define your area, and then accessorize AFTER the rug is in!! Good luck; I'm sure it'll look GREAT!
Q:how do I get kool ade out fo carpet?
I have removed numerous RED kool-aid stains and nail polish residual red stain from carpet WITHOUT removing the carpet color.. RUN RUN as fast as you can to your nearest dollar store buy a bottle of the cleaner called AWESOME it REALLY REALLY is AWESOME just spray spray spray wipe wipe wipe all gone stain....DO NOT DILUTE like the bottle says. P.S this will also get KOOL-AId stains from your counter
Q:Invisibility or magic carpet?
So the magic carpet has a very high loiter capability? Being a rug its profile would be minimal,and the radar signature would be almost non-existent. If I could attach weapons hardpoints on it,I would go for the rug.Some stealth wepons would work a dream.

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