High Quality Light Chenille Microfiber Rug

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Product Description:

Product Description

1 Item :3D design polyester shaggy carpet

2 Material:100% Polyester stretch yarn mixed1200D silk

3 Pile Height:1.5-4cm

4 Pile Weight:1800g/sqm

5 Backing:Fine Grey-white cotton backing

6 Size:120cm×180cm,140cm×200cm,160cm×230cm,170cm×240cm,200cm×200cm,200cm×300cm Or other customed size

7 Color&Design: according to customer's request

8 MOQ:300sqm/color

9 Payment Terms: 30%T/T in advance + 70% T/T before shipment or L/C at sight

10 Packing: Rolls in the polybags, your specific packing is available

11 OEM Welcome

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Q:Will my carpet be ok without underlay?
If by underlay you mean pad, and you will be gluing the carpet directly to the floor, yes, you can do this. If by underlay (this is the way the term is usually used in the US) you mean an additional layer of material, pressboard or some sort of plywood, which is used to either smooth out an imperfect subfloor or to raise the level of the carpeted floor so it is level with adjacent hardwood or tile, yes, you can do this. I'm assuming you are talking about pad... The thing with glueing down your carpet is that it won't have that additional layer of padding for softness. It will be very hard and uncomfortable to sit on or lay on (like kids like to do) and as the pad protects the carpet from the grinding of shoes, it will make your carpet break down faster. Also, when it comes time to change out the carpet again, it will be more work to take up the old carpet before you put down new carpet. I suggest going to other stores in your area for ideas, when looking for the best deal, it's always wise to shop around and maybe someone will have other ideas or deals for you. For a residence, especially with kids, I do suggest a pad with a moisture barrier, it will help keep spills, accidents and dust from getting into your new carpet pad. Once these things get into a regular pad without a moisture barrier, they will never ever come out..
Q:how to get mildew smell out of carpet?
The carpet just sat overnight and now smells of mildew? Wow. First you need to kill the mildew. I would spray it with Lysol so that you saturate the wet spot. You need to make sure that the padding underneath the carpet will be clean and dry, so you may even need to lift up the carpet to check the padding. If the water has saturated through to the padding, you need to Lysol that too. Then blot it with a towel to get as much of the moisture out as possible, and turn a fan on that spot and leave it for a couple of days until you are sure it is completely dry. Then work some baking soda into the carpet and vacuum it up.
Q:Where does expression red carpet come from?
In the age of Kings and Queens it was beneath royalty to walk upon the soiled....umm....soil. So they had a large roll of red carpet that they'd walk on. Hence the phrase Roll out the red carpet.
Q:remove scorch marks from carpet?
Scissors. Give your carpet a bit of a haircut. The scorch marks are actually burns and will not come off, the burned fibers will need to be removed.
Q:How can the wood floor urine stains be removed?
Remove urine stains with a sponge dipped in cold water. Wet the sponge pad gently, wipe it gently from the middle edge of the urine stain, or immediately dilute the urine with soda water. Apply some water detergent and a few drops of ammonia water at the urine stain. Silk and wool are not to be treated with ammonia Cover urine stains with a water absorbent pad impregnated with a water-based detergent. Cover time enough to clear all urine stains. When the absorbent pad absorbs urine stains, replace it. To maintain the water pad and urine stains are soaked with water-based detergents and ammonia. Then rinse with clean water (that is, pass the stain in the past, remove some of the dye and detergent residue), urine stains, and then daub some water detergents and a few drops of white vinegar. Wash the fabric clean with water and repeat the process as needed. Last dry. When handling carpet, use Stain-X carpet detergent, Up&Out (not wool fabric) or Afta carpet detergent after all procedures.
Q:antibacterial carpet powder?
The only thing I've heard of is Borax. I sprinkle Borax on my carpet, let it set overnight, and vacuum it up in the morning. This gets rid of any odors and kills a lot of germs. I'm not sure if it's antibacterial or not but it works great for me and my carpets look like I had them installed yesterday! :) I hope this helps!
Q:Carma.... How do you tell if it's rug burn or if he fell on the ice?
There's so much going on in this question. First, yes he can get a rug-burn type scrape through pants. The pants would be the rug contact. Second, that's what's so amazing about karma, even if he's completely innocent, he's gotten even because you're freaking out about it. Lastly, I guess if you cheated on him previously and he does use the same ice story, consider yourself paid back. There's really not a lot you can do about it but wonder and stew. Sorry. Maybe you can go out and cheat again to get even. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you bring infidelity into the marriage-- it's a slippery slope (yes, the ice joke was intentional).
Q:Are there any coupon codes for Hopscotch Rug?
You can try these marvelous webs retailmenot, coupons, and halfpricedrapes and you want to select first and see what are the latest design you must first check this facebook page.
Q:my cat is pissing my off by pissing on my new rug!!!!!!?
A UTI could be the cause of your cat's missing the box in favor for the rug, or he could be upset about something. Have you moved his box? Changed his food? Changed his schedule? Anything that is different that might seem small to you might be big to him. My mom's cat started pooping on her rug because my mom moved her litter box. She solved the problem by purchasing Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract cat litter; it is specifically made for cats who fail to use the litter box. There is a booklet inside the package that discusses how to deal with this issue. Dr. Elsey emphasizes that scolding the cat could have the opposite effect that you intend - it could cause the cat to urinate outside the litter box more frequently. This litter and the suggestions worked for my mom's cat. You can find it at Petsmart and other large pet supply stores. Good luck.
Q:Cat scratching carpets?
I have two kittens and had this problem at first. I would try this...every time she starts to scratch at the carpet, pick her up and re-direct her to the scratching post. Literally take her to it and if you have to, put her front paws on the post. Another thing, what kind of scratching post is it? If it's the kind made out carpet material, maybe try the kind that are made out the rough brown straw material. My kitties like that kind better. Oh, and one more thing, make sure you keep her little claws nice and trimmed. She may start to scratch because they are getting too long and they are uncomfortable. I really hope this helps.

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