Wool Cut-loop Pile Floor Carpet

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China Main Port
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2000 M2 m²
Supply Capability:
2000M2 Per Week m²/month
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Description of Wool cut-loop Pile Floor Carpet




90x110cm,120x170cm,150x250cm,160x230cm,customized size


Any color available

pile height

can be from 8mm to 12mm

pile weight

1800-2200g/sqm , 90-120 lines


cotton canvas with latex adhesive


Tufted , cut pile or loop pile




Home, Hotel, Bedroom, Prayer, Outdoor, Decorative, Bathroom, Toilet,


available, but freight of DHL/FedEx/EMS/UPS by customers


Rolled & packed by poly bag, each rug each bag

Container Holding

20’ container----1800 to 2200 SQM

40’ container-----3800 to 4200 SQM

40 HQ container-----4500 to 6000 SQM

Production time

25 to 35 days


Deposit + TT/ LC


Details of Wool cut-loop Pile Floor Carpet

wool carpet


Package of Wool cut-loop Pile Floor Carpet

package of rug

Q:To avoid telling you the story of my life, the carpet has ended up being a rainbow of stains, from dog urine, to juice stains, the works. It has so many different stains that are already dried out that it's crazy. I tried to clean them, but it was already too late (I wasn't here for the actual accidents). We hate it! My husband is very skeptical about it. We can't afford a professional cleaner and we seriously need to get rid of all these stains. Will the rug doctor work on these stains? Make them disappear? We don't really care about a deep cleanse, just enough for the stains to go away, when we move out they'll charge us for every stain that there's on the carpet and we don't want that to happen!
No. What MIGHT work is a carpet stain treatment FIRST, and an enzyme treatment from a pet store FIRST. IF the stains are removable, they will work, but the Rug Doctor, alone, won't. If anything, the heat will make the stains harder to remove
If it is chewing gum or flexible glue like double faced adhesive tape or Black & Decker glue ( full- purpose adhesive), and banana oil. use the volatile oil, but the carpet will be damaged, chloroform and hot water containing soda are the best. transformer oil and rosin water can also be used; if it is glass glue, acetic acid could be used(vinegar essence, nail color remover); if it is 502, it is afraid of heat and alkalis; if it is epoxy resin (combining of two kinds of glues), white vinegar), Fengyoujing could be used if you are afraid of pollute the air.
Q:My boyfriend and I have a mini fridge in our bedroom. It was collecting ice really bad around the little freezer compartment and was so bad we could hardly open it so I unplugged it and asked him to carry it outside to drain. I went to work. He didn't do it. It was a hot day so most of the ice melted.. out the bottom of the fridge into the carpet. Thennnn he took it outside. We put lots of towels in the carpet and sprayed with carpet cleaner but now there is a horribblee mildew smell, and its still pretty wet. I can't stand it, its gross.. what do we do? Welll.. what do I do.
After okorder This product is excellent...recommended by hospitals and veteranarians for getting rid of all kinds of strong, foul odors. Comes in spray or concentrate....not expensive either.
Q:My carpet is starting to leave a bad smell, is there a way I can clean the carpet? With what and how? Please help!
Hello, I would suggest you can hire the company for cleaning your carpet.The same kind of situation happened to me.I had a terrible carpet with a lot of stains.I called Heavenly Touch Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Company.They really dug deep and got the job done at a great price.They were responsive, professional, nice, and affordable. Call a professional carpet cleaning firm and have them give you an estimate to clean the carpet.Call at (408) 252-5402.You can also visit the website ,Hope this will help: Thanks Pretson
Because carpet is easy to deform, and the carpet will become hard after exposed to hardlight. Dry foam carpet cleaning machine will make you no trouble any more. Dry cleaning to the carpet is recommended, and not dry it.
Q:i have looked around and nobody seems to be selling white carpet...yeah i know it's gonna get dirty and no i dont want a white area rug i want white carpet. I live in florida near tampa. Any help would be nice!!
Have you asked the carpet stores that you were already to if they could order the white carpet for you? I wouldn't think that should be a big deal at all. A lot of carpet stores may not have all colors of carpeting available on sight. They should have plenty of samples for you to look at and you choose the one you want. If you don't see it in the store, that doesn't mean they can't order it for you. There shouldn't be an extra charge for ordering the carpet you want.
Q:How do I fit the carpet in the billiard hall?
Carpet laying: carpet has carpet and roll carpet in two forms, using different laying methods and laying position.Movable laying: refers to the carpet pendulum, floating on the base, without carpet and grass-roots fixed.
Q:Hi. We're currently redoing our spare bedroom complete with new carpet, new paint, and new molding. We've ripped up the old carpet and removed the old molding from the walls. We plan to paint next weekend. My question is, do we install the new molding before or after the new carpet is installed (in about two weeks after painting is done)? Which is the best way to go?
Hey. this is all preference, carpet layers like to do the carpet first so they don't scratch up the base the backing is very rough. also if you are repainting the base be for it is hung it is easy to touch up after you hang it and after carpet. also don't compress the trim on to the carpet very tight it makes it hard to remove later lightly set and nail. So if you hang the base before carpet and paint it in place make sure that you space the trim no more than a 1/2 use small blocks (little chunks of trim usually work very well for this) as spacers the carpet finishes nice if the carpet tucks under the trim. If the carpet is a Berber or commercial grade bring base a little lower So what ever works for your schedule it can go both ways. good luck! If the trim is up already tell your carpet layer to be careful.
Q:I am desperately trying to find out how to remove melted candle wax from carpet. Help!
For candle wax. You can freeze it off. Take a can of keyboard cleaner or any canned air will do or even ice will work. Slowly spray the canned air on the wax or rub on the ice. Then when it's frozen just chip it away with a dull butter knife. This also works for bubble gum. Carpet cleaner for 13 years.
Q:what is the commercial that the woman is looking at her carpet saying oh no my mother in law is coming in a hour how am i supposed to get this carpet clean. It's like a shake on thing moist powder or foam then you vacuum up after like 30 mins.
Carpet cleaning is imperative to carpet holders. This is the reason huge numbers of them spend a great deal of cash on items and administrations to get their floor covering clean and looking just took the ribbon off new. Lamentably, not all rug managers can stand to get their floor covering cleaned professionally constantly, or burn through cash on business cleaning items. On the off chance that you are one of these individuals, don't stress, as there are still ways you can get your rug clean. In the event that purchasing a business cleaning item is outside of your financial plan, or simply something you rather not burn through cash on, there are successful choices that are available to you. You may not know it however you might as of now be utilizing them for purposes other than cleaning. Here are two modest options to modern floor carpet cleaning items that you can utilization.
We produce beautifully patterned carpets, exquisite craftsmanship famous. After years of development, we have formed a series of distinctive varieties, by foreign merchants of all ages and trust. There are more than 2000 kinds of product design, color fidelity, novel designs. Fruits and vegetables, animals, figures and other colorful designs products to meet the needs of our customers and consumers, due to the traditional designs and modern decor, decoration combining our products more applicable to all grades of homes, restaurants and hotel. Our Company's products are divided into three categories: cotton carpet, acrylic carpet, wool carpet.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Tianjin, China
Year Established 1984
Annual Output Value ¥10,000,000 - 20,000,000/year
Main Markets North America; Australia; European
Company Certifications ISO 9001 Certificate

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Xingang
Export Percentage 50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 5 - 8 people
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10000 square meters
No. of Production Lines
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered
Product Price Range

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