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We have a large carpet that we want to cut and lay over our cream one (to save it as we have a two year old) The carpet WILL fray and become untidy and we have heard that it will cost 80p per 12 inches to get it 'overlocked' or is it called 'binding' (the edges sewn up so it doesnt fray) and we just cant afford it as the measurements are 16 feet x 9 feet = ?40 (odd)... Ive done a little research and have come across 'double sided carpet tape' (?) also I see something else 'GLUE'.. that can be used. Does anyone out there know how we would do it... the tape AND glue (?) Can someone give me step by step instructions or directions on how to stop this carpet from coming undone and fraying. Thank you very much indeed. x
Paint the back side of the carpet with a latex glue. This product is used to make repairs to the edges of expensive wool rugs.
Vacuum cleaner brush
I've recently noticed rugs popping up on my yards in the evenings, it goes down to around 4oC here at night right now, and all horses are in their own fields, not in a herd. I personally am not too sure on rugging yet. My mare is a 16.2, 10 year old Irish Sports Horse, and I simply refuse to clip her for my own reasons. She has been rugged for most of her life with her old owner, and obviously it's unfair of me to deny her rugging now, so no rug is not an option.I was just wondering how cold it has to get before you start rugging. I myself will rug in horrible rain, and at 1oC or below, but should I be doing it at higher temps? I don't want to ruin the growth of her winter coat, and she gets hay and a feed every night.
I agree with the fact that horses have their natural central heating when the weather get cold BUT and this is a very important factor, in the UK our winters are inclined to be very wet often accompanied with a bitter cold wind and no stock likes being soaking wet and very cold. At the moment my mares, foals and two year old horses are all out with no rugs, the weather has been extraordinarily mild and most importantly dry. I would hold off rugging until the wet weather moves in. Some people are getting beyond ridiculous with rugging the moment they think that it is going to get 'cold' and leaving them on during the day whereby the poor animals are sweating. Several days this week I have turned my clipped horses out naked as the weather has been so warm(they come in late afternoon)
I'm really stressed I just spilled Mac and cheese all over the carpet how do I get it out
Clean okorder
Of course nylon carpet is better.
I painted my living room and I covered my carpet the best I could; however, there's always that little blotch of paint that somehow slips through. I tried Goof Off paint remover and I think it sucks. Any good recommendations?
it okorder / the only problem is if you use one product, it could prevent the next attempt from being successful because the chemical reactions may make it colorfast.
Smup pump broke and water leaked on to the carpet
Get new carpet. You can try Microban products, which kills mildew and definately helps eliminate smells, but its rather expensixe, and if you had much water at all, may not be worth the cost. Get a little extra insurance the next time, they will cover basement leaks if you get a rather inexpensive rider for it (Ive got it for mine).
How do you take rust stains out of carpets
Carpet cleaners treat rust stains with a special acid, it must be rinsed/extracted from the carpet after the rust dissolves.