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printing plush

Technology: embossing and further processing
Pile Length:8-9mm

Weight and width can be changeable

Can be bonded with other fabrics

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Q:Clorox wipes on carpet?
Carpet Wipes
Q:How long is the life of the carpet?
there are a variety of carpets, the best is the silk carpet, in general, it is no problem to use over ten years. Advantages: you'd better buy handmade pure natural carpets, not containing chemical raw materials. Harmless to the human bodies, shortcomings: Expensive. The worst is the chemical fiber, not containing chemical raw materials, generally use six months or a year.
Q:my carpet is dirty...?
Yuck! Definitely rent a carpet cleaner from your nearest grocery store. I think they cost about $24.99 plus the cost of shampoo. You gotta get that dirt and bacteria out of your new home. You'll be glad you did.
Q:How come My Feet is Always Dirty From My Carpet?
Carpets hold in dirt so no matter how much you clean your carpets some dirt will remain... You can use a mixture of baking soda/salt mix it together and use on the rug...The BS will deodorize the carpet and the salt picks up any loose dirt. You'll just have to vacuum a lot if your carpet is a dark brown... Also, your vacuum may have lost suction if it's not picking up ALL the dirt... Good luck
Q:Carpet Cleaner chemically lightened carpet!?
I personally prefer Woolite SpotShot for those little carpet mishaps. But not sure if that would fix your problem. I have seen Martha Stewart use OxiClean to whiten and remove stains from antique table linens. When doing so, she allows the item to soak in the Oxiclean for as long as 24 hours. I don't think OxiClean would harm your carpet. And at this stage how much harm could it do? I would apply it liberally and reapply from time to time to keep it damp until the stain disappears, up to several hours or even a day. If no cleaner works, is covering the stain with a rug or piece of furniture an option? There might be some way to cut out the stained area and replace with a remnant of unstained carpet, if necessary taking the unstained piece from a closet floor or from under a large piece of furniture. But I don't know how you would secure the patch down. Maybe your carpet supplier could suggest a method or be willing to do it for you. Hope something in that helps you somehow.
Q:What harm does inferior carpet have to people?
Total volatile organic compounds is inferior in the carpet of indoor air pollutants harm in a serious, can cause the body's immune imbalance, affecting the central nervous system function, make the body dizziness, chest distress and other symptoms in a short period of time. Long term exposure can cause convulsions and memory loss, which can damage the liver, kidneys and even increase the risk of leukemia.
Q:What are the different kinds of carpets?
Chemical fiber carpet, chemical fiber carpet is also called synthetic fiber carpet, such as polypropylene chemical fiber carpet, polypropylene fiber carpet, polypropylene (polyethylene eye), chemical fiber carpet, nylon carpet and so on. It is a tufted or woven synthetic fibers made of the surface layer, and the underlying linen stitched. The chemical fiber carpet has good abrasion resistance, elasticity and low price, and is suitable for the ground decoration of general buildings.
Q:What's a good color rug?
I have a similar room to yours though opposite colors concerning the wood and walls. I have very light oak for furniture and light fabrics with vibrant blue walls. The area rug I used is a brilliant red. So to my thought... What about a royal blue rug? I have seen some nice ones at Ikea recently. Good luck!
Q:What do you put under a carpet?
A carpet pad is usually put under a carpet to make it softer, to absorb sound, and to act as additional insulation between the tile floor and the room.
Q:What rug pad brand would you recommend for a persian rug on a limestone floor?
You shouldn t use a true pad or sorts. The best I ve seen for area rugs in a line called Rug Hold. Its a non skid underlay ment for rugs. Come in a wide variety of sizes and types . The type you need is for rug over hard surface. Now there are some felts that can be added to the backing of a rug but w/o seeing yours its hard to say if you can add it or not. Any padding for carpet will not work properly and actually be a tripping hazard, even a thin 1/4 rubber pad. Any question you can e mail me through my avatar. GL

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