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I have a 6 x 9 jute rug under our dining table that has become very dingey and spotty. Any suggestions on the easiest method to clean?
How To Clean Jute Rug
Okay so yesterday i mixed dawn soap and water together and scrubbed the spots on my floor to get these crusty spots that were left on my carpet from the carpet cleaner. the crusty spots went away but in their place small spots (smaller than the crusty resdue from before.) were left over and they were now sticky! I than tried washing off those spots with anti bacterial wipes which didn't do anythign, i vaccumed my floor twice and today i used a combination of baking soda and vingar to get it ou of my floor. Now i have merely one or two small spots but im aware carpet cleaner is rather toxic and hazardous and so I wanted to ask if it's truly carpet cleaner resdue stuck to my floor or if it's simply the dawn soap that won't come out. Please help for I am rather worried.
Dawn soap is likely the culprit if it's sticky. Dish soap, especially dawn, has heavy sudsing agents in it. If you have an extractor carpet machine, go over it several times with plain water, and it should come out. Don't add any more chemicals to it. You are just adding to the problem. Depending on how strong the soap solution was, you got work ahead of you if you don't have the carpet extractor.
i have candle wax in my carpet
Place an old towel over it and then run an iron over the towel. It should lift it right out of the carpet. Good luck!
Hi,After the carpet delivered to my home, how can I tell if it is 80% wool ?Thank you.
Read the printing on the back
I want to make carpet skates but don't know what material to use.
u don't really need much to make them. Carpet skating is possible if you use any material under your feet that will slide on carpeting. This also works on hard floors, too. To skate on carpet, start with a pair of nice thick socks. Cut out plastic foot pads for the bottoms and sew them in place. The plastic bottom will slide on the carpet without hurting the carpet material. To skate on wood, linoleum or any hard floor... just use the thick socks. Some kids do this without thinking about it. Carpet and sock skating is like any other type of skating. Please be safe. Don't try it near obstacles or furniture. Make sure surfaces are clean. Keep it simple. Real carpet skates are pretty cheap and probably offer a better surface for sliding:
what does it really matter? does it has to have a high ph level to clean carpet?
Yes, you may destroy it by using low or high pH.
should horses (in summer) always or most of the time wear a kool coat/sheet?if so why is this essential?
Hello... If you have a grey or pally or light coloured horse it really is essential that your horse wear a uv protective fly sheet or cotton sheet so to help reduce sun damage to the skin... if you have a dark horse... it would also make your horse so much more comfortable to wear a white sheet and help keep him kool... it isnt essential... but all my horses wear uv protection in the form of fly sheets... also keeps the bugs and mozzies of them...
Every summer, my horse gets attacked by the flies on her belly and no creams seem to help. I was looking for an attachment onto her rug which allows her belly to be covered... but couldn't find one - can anyone suggest anything that might help me? Thank you.
An extremely simple and free way to effectively protect her from flies is to cover the section that is being attacked with wet mud and to let it cake on and dry.