PET Molding Machine HW98

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Product Description:

Detailed Product Description of PET Molding Machine(HW98)


Energy-conserving king's series machines have been succeed in manufacturing


Injection Unit


Machine Model


Screw Diameter





Screw Ratio





Max. Theoretical Swept Volume





Shot Weight









Max. Injection Pressure





Max. Theoretical Injection Rate

cm3/ sec




Screw Stroke



Nozzle stroke



Nozzle contact force



Max.screw speed



Clamping Unit

Max. Mould Clamping Force



Max. Opening Stroke



Min.-Max. Mould Thickness



Max. Daylight



Space Between Tie Bars (H x V)



Platen Size (W x H)



Ejector Force / Stroke



Ejector Quantity




Pump Motor



Max. Pump Flow



Pump Working Pressure



Oil Tank Capacity



Machine Dimensions (L x W x H)



Machine Weight




Standard Features of PET Molding Machine(HW98)


- LCD Control System


- Displacement Transducer


- Decompression Control Device


- Cold Start Prevention Device


- Backpressure Adjustment & Control


- Double Electrical Interlocking Safety Device


- Machincal Interlocking Safety Device


- Hydraulic Adjusting Device


- JIS Standard for Ejection and Mould Position


- Low Pressure Clamping Protect


- Automatic Mould Thickness Adjusting


- High Speed Mould Clamping


- Multiply Hydraulic Ejection


- High Tensile Alloy Steel Tie-bar Plated with Hard Chromin


- Especially Big Space and Thickess for Tie-bar


- Automatic Lubtication System


- Spherulitic Iron or Steel Mould Board


- Double Thread Screw Whole Set Alloy Screw Nozzle



Optional Features of PET Molding Machine(HW98)


- Hydraulic Close Loop Control System


- Curve Comparion between Practical and Setting Value


- Hydraulic Variable Pump for Saving Energy


- Nitrogen Injection Device


- Water Flow Regulator Gavge and Temperature


- Hydraulic Safety Interlock (Standard for HW428V-HW768V)


- High Resists Attrition Oil-less Alloy Brushing


- Double Alloy Barvel and Screw

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Q:How the elite injection molding machine sales in Southern China?
Not how the elite injection molding machine is low, I used, not very easy to use. The quality is poor and the price is cheap
Q:Does the injection machine have to use cooling water?
First, the injection molding machine normally work, it is necessary to cooling water.Two. Cooling water is related to the specific heat of molding material, the temperature and weight of melt and the temperature at the time of demoulding. The formula for the required ice water energy of a mold is Q=W * C * T * S. Among them:Q is the required ice water energy kcal / h;W for plastic raw material, weight kg / h;C is a plastic raw material with a specific heat of kcal / kg DEG c;T is the temperature difference between the temperature of the melt and the demoulding of the product;S is the safety factor (usually 1.35 - 2).When a single machine match, the general choice of small values, and when a cold water machine with a number of molds to match when the big value, such as the selection of air-cooled chillers, S should also be elected a big point.
Q:Trouble shooting of injection molding machine
Common faults and elimination methods of injection molding machineNon locking modeA, close the front and rear door safely;B and check whether the safety threshold switch works properly;C, check the thimble recession switch;D, check mode lock electronic ruler and die stop switch;E, check mould parameter, speed, pressure and position setting is correct;F check whether the coil of the mould valve is live or not and whether the spool is working properly;G, the mold thickness adjustment or switch mode switch open, in the automatic state can not die;H, if there is a hydraulic safety lock, check whether it is normal.Open moldA and check the test status of the electronic ruler;B check whether the coil of the mould valve is live or not and whether the spool is working properly;C, if the high pressure mode locking down time is too long, because the metal structure related to the elastic deformation caused not opening, approach: a) to improve the opening speed, pressure, pressure reducing opening time, b) in general can be opened;D, if there are core pulling, twisting and other operations in the opening die, the working state of the lock die is not normal, so it is necessary to check whether the start and stop signals of these actions are normal.Die adjustmentA, mode adjustment counting switch fault;B and the original position change of the mould (in this case only one way adjustment)C, regulating valve coil is charged, and spool work is normal;D, the working state of the regulating motor;E, the die nut dies.
Q:Can carbon fiber be used for injection molding?
Carbon fiber can be used for injection molding, and the typical product is CF+PPS.Carbon fibers are difficult to process two times, such as drilling on molded products, plain drills, drilling holes, and drilling bits. Therefore, in the part design to avoid two machining. In addition, as with plastic and glass fiber, and carbon fiber after the screw injection molding machine screw wear increases, the life expectancy was shortened.Global carbon fiber technology and production are still largely in the hands of Japan and the United states. There are less than 20 countries and regions that can realize the industrialization of carbon fiber in the world. There are no more than 12 large-scale production enterprises. Japan, Dongli, Japan, Toho, USA, tektronix,Japan MITSUBISHI Li Yang is the global carbon fiber production capacity of the top four manufacturers, the four respectively accounted for global carbon fiber production capacity of 23.4%, 17.1%, 14.3% and 10.3%, while Chinese enterprises accounted for only 4.3%.The global carbon fiber production is mainly based on PAN based carbon fiber. In 2009, PAN based carbon fiber production capacity accounted for about 96% of the total carbon fiber production capacity of the world. The Dongli of Japan, and Toho MITSUBISHI rayon is mainly engaged in the small tow (24K) PAN based.CF+PPS 160000 yuan / tonFiber production, in 2009 this three accounted for 70.5% of the world's small tow capacity; the United States Zoltek is mainly engaged in large tow (>24K) PAN based carbon fiber production, 2009 Zoltek accounted for the global total capacity of 49.1% large tow.
Q:The problem of injection molding machine! Fifty
This is a high-speed machine, do daily necessities certainly not, the amount of plastic is too small, and too much electricity, if you want to sell,
Q:Injection molding machine tuning technology?
Q:What brand of low pressure injection molding machine is best used in the market?
The best thing is the company's low pressure injection molding machine, and many famous brands are looking for them to process low voltage injection molding machines, such as apple, Microsoft, and the United states.
Q:What are the requirements of screw plating in injection molding machine?
Usually plated hard chromium, it can be made transparent material. The surface requires no blisters, plating layer is not allowed off phenomenon.
Q:How to calculate the clamping force of injection molding machine according to the product
Clamping force x09F>=k*P*AF= actual clamping force (KN) x091KG = 9.8NP = cavity mean pressure (Mpa) x091MPa = 9.8KGThe projected area (cubic centimeter) of the A= product on the parting surface x09K = safety factor, usually take 1.1-1.6.x09Injection pressure, x09, injection pressure, =1.5* internal pressureGrade x09 internal mold pressure (kg/cm2)Precision products x09550-700Common product x09350-500Liepin x09250-300
Q:Introduction of injection molding machine
Introduction of YX - ZR injection molding machine on the internet:The leading products of the company are YX-ZR series single stage capacity increasing injection molding machines and their injection products. The core technology of super large single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine developed by key institutions with independent intellectual property rights, breaks through the traditional structure design of injection molding machine limitations, and consumption premise are significantly reduced in weight and energy, realize the large capacity injection, the production of large injection molding is possible.Application of injection moulding machine (example of producing products)(1) all injection trays (silo, backing plate);(two) full injection moulding of building formwork and waterproof partition of concrete building;(three) full injection molding and assembling ton box;(four) full injection, hot melt and electric melting large pipe fittings;(five) full injection, boat body, furniture and earthquake activity room;(six) full injection molding isolating piers for road safety.YX-ZR series single step type compatibilizing injection molding machine due to the single step type compatibilizing injection and wedge locking system, the screw and the international advance injection, two-stage or multi-stage compatibilizing injection combined with traditional injection molding machine toggle clamping system has its advantages compared to Aaron than:First, the weight of the whole machine is reduced by more than 50% compared with the traditional machine, and the manufacturing cost of the equipment is fundamentally reduced;
We are engaged in mechanical and electrical integration products' research, development, production, sales and service companies. Its main products are injection molding machines, CNC, EDM, wire cutting.

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