TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine

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 Packaging & Delivery Of TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine

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Specifications Of TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine

TYW-128 plastic Injection  Machine    
Injection Unit AC
Screw Diametermm353842
Screw L/D ratioL/D23.82219.9
Injection Capacity in theorycm3154181222
Injection Weight(ps)g143168206
Injection PressureMpa219186152
Injection Rateg/s87102126
Plasticizing Capacityg/s131619
Screw speedrpm200
Clamping Unit 
Clamping Forcekn1280
Moving mould-plate strokemm350
Max.Mould Heightmm400
Min. Mould Heightmm150
Space between tie-barsmm410x370
Hydraulic Ejector Forcekn38
Hydraulic Ejector Strokemm110
Ejector Numbern5
Pump PressureMPa16
Motor PowerkW13
Heating CapacitykW7.86
Machine Dimensionm4.34x1.29x1.86
Machine Weightt3.5

Delivery Time Of TYW-128 Horizontal Plastic Injection Machine


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Q:How many grams of 200t injection molding machine?
3. compared with the resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater heating speed more than 1/4, reducing the heating time.4. compared with the resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater heating speed, production efficiency is improved, so that the motor is in saturation, so that it reduces the high power and low demand caused by the energy loss.The above four point is to fly such as electromagnetic heater, why can injection molding machine energy saving up to 30%-70% reasons.
Q:How do we control the mold opening and injection molding process?
Q:What are the categories of injection molding machines? 5
Shape can be divided into: horizontal, verticalInjection molding, then small to the product weight, 1G large to a few kilograms have, quite a lot.Because now the injection molding machine manufacturers are based on customer demand to do injection molding machine configuration, such as the general 180T clamping force of the frame, with 36-38mm screw, now the same rack can be the smallest 20mm screw. Should say, as long as you ask what kind of can match what kind of, so that the injection molding, mold force is now not necessarily, according to your product requirements to configure!
Q:Which country was the injection machine invented in?
The oldest known record is in 1872 when J.W.Hyatt in the United States solved the problem of plasticization and molding of nitrocellulose and camphor mixtures with his "packer" (US Patent No. 13329)The first machine, called an injection molding machine, was made in H.Buchholz in 1921. It is a piston type machine. Similar to the screw press at that time. Of course, this machine is driven by manpower. The first batch of injection molding machines manufactured by Eckert and Ziehler in 1926. Although its mold locking is still manual, the injection process is done with air pressure. The machine adopts a horizontal structure, and the principle is still used today.Plastic machinery in our country started in the late 50s.
Q:How about overheating of injection molding machine drives?
Ask for advice! The factory has the secret MA1600 of the Taiwan Strait, the drive is over temperature, the electric heating is not hot, the motor contactor does not suck
Q:The working principle of injection molding machine
The working principle of injection molding machine and injection syringe with similar, it is the use of screw (or piston) thrust, the plasticizing good molten state (i.e. viscous flow) plastic injected into the mold cavity closed good after curing stereotypesmade the process of the products.Injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly include: quantitative feeding - melt plasticization - pressure, injection - filling mold cooling - die opening pieces. Take out the plastic parts and then close the die for the next cycle.Injection molding machine operation items: injection molding machine operation items, including control keyboard operation, electrical control system operation and hydraulic system operation three aspects. The injection process, feeding action, injection pressure, injection speed, ejection type, temperature monitoring, injection pressure and back pressure adjustment are carried out respectively.The molding process of the general screw injection machine is first granular or powdered plastic into the machine barrel and then through the rotation of the screw and barrel wall heating the plastic as molten state, then the machine mold and the injection seat moves forward, to close the mold gate nozzle, the pressure oil through to the injection cylinder then, the screw to move forward at a high pressure and speed will melt into the closed mold temperature low, after a certain period of time and pressure (also called pressure), cooling, the curing, can remove mold products (pressure to prevent molten material the reflux, supplementary materials, to ensure the products with the mold cavity and the density and size tolerance in a certain cavity).
Q:Name of China's top ten famous brand injection molding machines
Haitian, Donghua, Huada, Iraq and so on, many, many.
Q:How to maintain the injection molding machine?
The inspection before use is mainly divided into the following steps:1, first of all, check the fuel tank to determine the amount of oil in the standard2. Then check the room heat and oil temperature. The oil should be preheated at room temperature. The room temperature should be treated as heat sink3, and finally check the pressure gauge, whether the swing is serious, can return to zero and mileage statusThe inspection in use is divided into the following steps1. start, overflow valve to minimum pressure2. check and adjust the regulating pressure of overflow valve, whether the continuous rise and fall evenly, all normal, and then transferred to set pressure3. oil pump oil shell electromagnet inspection, the oil temperature 20 degrees -50 degree is normal, the pump shell temperature is 10 degrees higher than the room temperature, -30 degree is normal4. oil leak check5. noise and vibration inspection6. pressure gauge check7. the work of electrical components and the reliability of safety devices are examined8. the fastening nut and screw of each column and cylinder element are looseAfter use, that is, after checking downtime:1. tank oil surface inspection2. check the hydraulic components3., the valve handle position should be restored to the "pressure relief", "stop", "back" position.4. check whether the control switch button and electrical components are loose and sensitive5. machine column and oil bearing movable connection, moving parts filling lubricating oil6. turn off the power and do the work safely
Q:How to adjust the injection machine?
The injection pressure and velocity are related to material selection, runner layout, gate form, melt temperature, and mold temperature. Moldflow software can be used to predict the filling, holding and cooling of plastic melts in the mold, and also to predict the possible defects.
Q:Injection molding machine non sol 20
Mainly back pressure problems, a lot of injection molding machine, manual adhesive and automatic adhesive in the back pressure is not the same

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