150Ton Injection Plastic Machine

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Product Description:

Specifications Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine

1,housenhold ware, container,preform, cap etc.

2, injection molding machine

3,pe,pp,ps,pvc etc.

4.heat power:8.2kw


Features Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine


Injection Unit:


Double cylinder balanced plastic injection

150Ton Injection Plastic Machine 

Multi-level pressure and speed for injection


High torsion and five-star motor preplasticizing driven


Clamping Unit:


Clmaping quickly and stoping slowly


Automatic gear adjusting


Storage type automatic lubricating & oiling system


Electrical Control:


Controlled by specialized computer for injection machines


Large LCD screen display---clear


Dynamic display of machine movements---visual


Hydraulic Unit:


Differential mold clamping control


Double ratio of of pressure and flow


Optimize combination of world famous branded hydraulic parts


  • 1).Double-cylinder balance injection system

  • 2).Multi-stage pressure speed injection adjustment

  • 3).back-pressure adjustment & control

  • 4).decompreeion

  • 5).high speed mold-clamping device

  • 6).low pressure mold protection 

  • 7).multiple Ejecor style

  • 8).machnical,electrial & hydraulic(according to the product specifications)safety device

  • 9).centralized lubrication

  • 10).proportional pressure & flow control

  • 11).all computer control system

  • 12).data locking function/mould menory system

  • 13).large screen of LCD

  • 14).linear displacement transducer controlling injection,clamping & ejection

  • 15).electronic & hydraulic control components & elements of the world famous brands

  • 16).5 points vertical double toggle mechanism


The components list Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine


Main direction valve


American Sunny


Five-star motor


China & Italy adventure


Electric ruler




A/C contactor




Heating relay




O ring


Taiwan Escort


Sealing ring




Stroke switch




Air switch


LG Korea LG








Adventure PHASE


Oil pump


Italian Screw pump


Technical specifications Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine












Injection unit


Screw diameter        mm






Shot size(theoretical)   CM3






Injection weight         g






Injection pressure       MPA






Injection rate           g/s






Screw L/D ratio         L/D






Plasticizing capacity     g/s






Screw speed           r.p.m




Nozzle diameter       Srmm




Clamping unit


Clamping tonnage       KN




Toggle stroke          mm




mold thickness          mm




Space between bars   mm




Ejector stroke   mm




Ejector Tonnage        KN




Ejector number         Piece




Hole diameter           mm






Heater power           kw




Max. pump pressure    Mpa




Pump motor power       kw




Valve size               mm




Machine dimension       m




Machine weight(Approximat) T




Oil tank capacity           L





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Q:What is the injection molding machine back pressure, back pressure role is what?
Adjustment of back pressureThe adjustment of the injection back pressure shall be determined according to the raw material performance, drying conditions, product structure and quality, and the back pressure should be adjusted at 3-15kg/cm 3. When the surface of the product has little Qihua, mixed color, shrink and product size and weight changes, may be appropriate to increase the back pressure. When the nozzle leakage glue, salivation, Melt Overheating product decomposition, discoloration and feeding back too slow may be considered appropriate to reduce the back pressure.Back pressure is one of the important parameters to control melt quality and product quality in injection molding process. Proper back pressure plays an important role in improving product quality, and can not be ignored!
Q:Injection molding machine computer maintenance where professional?
Shenzhen Guanlan hung large injection machine repair parts Service Center; 075528085816; 13924627722 - bit o Shenzhen Longhua, Gongming Mission Hills, Pinghu, Dongguan, Tangxia, Fenggang, Cheonggye, professional injection molding machine maintenance; computer maintenance injection molding machine injection molding machine; circuit board maintenance; injection molding machine circuit, circuit, mechanical maintenance; 1) Shenzhen, Dongguan, Huizhou within the scope of domestic and imported brands of fault injection molding machine maintenance; 2) shock maintenance male injection molding machine; Chun machine maintenance; Haitian injection molding machine maintenance; elite machine maintenance; kendat machine maintenance; Schroder machine maintenance; maintenance Jia Ming Ren Xing injection molding machine injection molding machine; maintenance;
Q:What is the function of the temperature control box of the injection molding machine? Thank you
Control the temperature and see where the line meets where the temperature is controlled
Q:The injection molding machine calculates the approximate output value of the month
Able to save 1/4 of electricity5 inches with 250T machine to produce, use the mold should be 1 out of 4, cycle count 50 seconds, too specific I don't know how, I just need to calculate method and approximate output value! Because we shipped here, probably a few days 45 to 90 days, I want to see enough money flow! That's the way it is, huh?! --------------------------- know this product with what material, if the PA is up to 30 seconds, you said the other 2 material may be 40 seconds, I didn't see products not determined.
Q:Structure and principle of motor oil injection motor 5O
Q:How the elite injection molding machine sales in Southern China?
Not how the elite injection molding machine is low, I used, not very easy to use. The quality is poor and the price is cheap
Q:What is the injection molding machine?
That is simple, there is a machine, you put the granular materials into his mouth, it inside the particles melt into liquid, then the whole into the mold, the mold is filled, the liquid cooled to a solid, spit out your parts, such a machine is injection molding machine
Q:What products can be produced by injection molding machine?
we can choose to do energy-saving energy-saving servo servo injection molding machine, has become an industry trend of energy-saving injection molding machine, Levin Bullock company as a professional manufacturer of servo energy-saving injection molding machine, the successful transformation of hundreds of cases, the average energy saving rate is more than 50%, free trial, free to do the program, customer service warranty of two years, to speak with the effect, if you have other questions, you can Baidu A bit of "servo energy efficiency", that has their official website. Can do a detailed understanding.
Q:Consult the injection machine and say how many grams, but I also see "360T 250T", what does this mean? Thank you
The injection molding machine has said how many grams refers to the injection volume, and say how many tons refers to the injection molding machine clamping force size, such as 250T injection molding machine clamping force of 250 tons, namely 2500KN, A and spiral mistress, screw diameter 50mm, injection volume of 452g, B 55 screw, 547g.C screw diameter injection volume 60mm, the injection volume of 651g. range of 452-651g. in general 500g of the injection molding machine clamping force is about 250t.
Q:What do you mean by the number of beers produced by an injection molding machine?
Beer here with the pronunciation of "sad", is the injection molding Hongkong said.The number of each beer translated into Mandarin is the first mock exam a few cavities, namely a number of parts injection molding means ~

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