150Ton Injection Plastic Machine

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Product Description:

Specifications Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine

1,housenhold ware, container,preform, cap etc.

2, injection molding machine

3,pe,pp,ps,pvc etc.

4.heat power:8.2kw


Features Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine


Injection Unit:


Double cylinder balanced plastic injection

150Ton Injection Plastic Machine 

Multi-level pressure and speed for injection


High torsion and five-star motor preplasticizing driven


Clamping Unit:


Clmaping quickly and stoping slowly


Automatic gear adjusting


Storage type automatic lubricating & oiling system


Electrical Control:


Controlled by specialized computer for injection machines


Large LCD screen display---clear


Dynamic display of machine movements---visual


Hydraulic Unit:


Differential mold clamping control


Double ratio of of pressure and flow


Optimize combination of world famous branded hydraulic parts


  • 1).Double-cylinder balance injection system

  • 2).Multi-stage pressure speed injection adjustment

  • 3).back-pressure adjustment & control

  • 4).decompreeion

  • 5).high speed mold-clamping device

  • 6).low pressure mold protection 

  • 7).multiple Ejecor style

  • 8).machnical,electrial & hydraulic(according to the product specifications)safety device

  • 9).centralized lubrication

  • 10).proportional pressure & flow control

  • 11).all computer control system

  • 12).data locking function/mould menory system

  • 13).large screen of LCD

  • 14).linear displacement transducer controlling injection,clamping & ejection

  • 15).electronic & hydraulic control components & elements of the world famous brands

  • 16).5 points vertical double toggle mechanism


The components list Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine


Main direction valve


American Sunny


Five-star motor


China & Italy adventure


Electric ruler




A/C contactor




Heating relay




O ring


Taiwan Escort


Sealing ring




Stroke switch




Air switch


LG Korea LG








Adventure PHASE


Oil pump


Italian Screw pump


Technical specifications Of 150Ton Injection Plastic Machine












Injection unit


Screw diameter        mm






Shot size(theoretical)   CM3






Injection weight         g






Injection pressure       MPA






Injection rate           g/s






Screw L/D ratio         L/D






Plasticizing capacity     g/s






Screw speed           r.p.m




Nozzle diameter       Srmm




Clamping unit


Clamping tonnage       KN




Toggle stroke          mm




mold thickness          mm




Space between bars   mm




Ejector stroke   mm




Ejector Tonnage        KN




Ejector number         Piece




Hole diameter           mm






Heater power           kw




Max. pump pressure    Mpa




Pump motor power       kw




Valve size               mm




Machine dimension       m




Machine weight(Approximat) T




Oil tank capacity           L





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Q:Can you tell me if there are 350 grams of three injection molding machines? How much? Thank you
Small equipment each company has also ten it this brand is almost a domestic brand quality and sea character generation
Q:What kinds of oil are used in the injection molding machine?
Look at it!. Spring and autumn days with 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil; but the general urban use 46# throughout the year to use, where you don't have much low temperature, in accordance with the standard conditions for winter 32# antiwear hydraulic oil, if there is a gear box to use gear oil.The main tank is mainly provided to meet the normal operation of the hydraulic system required flow, mainly with hydraulic oil, heat distribution,I contact the manufacturers are generally the Great Wall L-HM46#, anti-wear hydraulic oil consumption is relatively large. For hydraulic system lubrication and work, as well as other parts of the bearing grease, large tonnage models, which is related to the design of the oil circuit. Ask them how the hydraulic oil is used in the equipment. It is used for lubrication and work in the hydraulic system,
Q:What is the gear adjustment and chain adjustment of the injection molding machine?
The chain adjustment is to adjust a motor to drive a chain, and then drive a few small gear.
Q:What is the meaning of injection molding machine before melting and pumping and after melting? What's the function of 10?
Injection molding machine melting process is through the rotation of the screw, the material inside the bucket through the screw to the front end of the screw rod propulsion, screw rotation is not only itself active back, when the barrel material is pushed to the front end of the screw in the front of the barrel, the pressure will be more and more, will be forced to retreat when the screw, screw back the set position, the screw stops rotating, melt end. In order to prevent the pressure in the barrel is too large but the glue flows out from the nozzle, usually used to pumping (also called loosening, cable, shot back down), the active screw back a certain distance (usually a few mm) to remove part of the pressure.
Q:Injection back pressure problem
Two, proper adjustment of the benefits of back pressure1, can melt inside the barrel compaction, increase density, improve the stability of injection quantity, weight and size of the products. 2. The gas in the melt can be extruded to reduce the gas, the inner bubbles and the gloss uniformity of the products. Slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon. 3, slow speed screw back, so that melt inside the barrel full plasticizing, mixing and melting toner, color uniformity, avoid product color mixing phenomenon. 4, appropriately increase the back pressure, can improve the product surface shrinkage and product periphery walk glue situation. 5. It can raise the temperature of molten material, improve the plasticizing quality of melt material, improve the fluidity of melt filling, and no cold glue on the surface of the melt.
Q:Recommend durable low pressure injection molding machines?
Low pressure injection molding machine Dongguan tiansai Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. has CE certification, spare parts production, stable quality, electronic components are selected GB or imported brands, and the company in accordance with ISO9001 and TS16949 quality management system, in addition to standard injection molding equipment can also be customized equipment, and the 1 year warranty. (refer to the website www.lpms.cc of Dongguan Tian Jie plastics machinery Co., Ltd.)
Q:Injection molding machine barrel temperature in production
PVC for the temperature requirements are very strict, the back pressure is small, hard PVC temperature can not too low at about 170-190, too low, but not good, there is a delay melt, namely the screw does not move after injection, on the verge of opening a few seconds before time began to melt, melt after 10 seconds to stop the opening of concrete how much time delay according to the time you began to melt cooling and temperature control, there is a nozzle to just not cured so far, should not be too high. This basically can control the temperature, can be controlled within 8 degrees.
Q:Injection molding machine barrel, and the height of about how to adjust?
The screw you're shooting is just adjusting the height and the left and right. If the deviation is large, the fixed seat, the piston rod, the pressure plate and the screw should be loosened.
Q:Why should the central feed system be used in the injection molding workshop?
First, the central feed system is automated, can save people, facilitate management, improve production, and now it is not easy for enterprises to recruit individuals, and each enterprise wants to find the best employees.Second the central feeding system has many advantages such as visual, raw materials, recycling materials in switching (material) by mixing, drying, color and so on.Third, the central feeding system integration, reduce workshop covers an area, can make workshop cleanliness and beauty enhancement, and promote enterprise image
Q:Quotation of injection molding products 5
The cost of plastic parts is related to many factors, but mainly with the following points:1. Cost of raw material --- this cost is relatively good calculation, ask a raw material supplier how much 1 kg, the weight of the product multiplied by 3% of the loss multiplied by the raw material price, you can get the cost of raw materials;2.. This machine cost about plastic factory, what is the cost of processing per hour of different injection molding machine? Suppose the 1 ton injection molding machine costs 60 yuan / hour per hour, then the processing cost is 1 yuan per minute. At this time, we should calculate the cost of the 100 ton machineWhat is the injection period of plastic parts and how many opening holes are in the mold? Suppose you want to evaluate the injection period of the plastic partsFor 30 seconds, then 1 minutes can shoot 60 seconds divided by 30 equals two, said 1 minutes can shoot the second mock exam products, in addition to a two point that mold, then plastic machine processing costs 1 yuan by 1 minutes and then divided by the modulus of mouldThe number of holes to get the final machine processing costs, that is, 1 yuan divided by 2 modules, and then divided by 2 points, and finally wait until 0.25 yuan /3., two additional costsThe two processing costs include painting / screen printing / plating etc. These can be referred to their respective processing plants4. packing chargesAccording to the size and volume of the plastic parts, we can draw the packing carton / packing bag and so on;5. transportation costAccording to the location of delivery and how much container freight can be loaded, divided by the total number of trucks to be shipped per PCCost;6. other expenses;Since the above costs do not include the costs of indirect personnel and their associated personnel, there is also a need to add some costs to each plant;

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