Injection Molding Machine LOG-900A8 QS Certification

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$100,000.00 - 149,077.00 / unit
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TT or LC
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1 unit
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720 unit/month

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Product Description:

  • Type: Tube Head Injection

  • Style: Horizontal

  • Brand Name: LOG MACHINE

  • Model Number: LOG900-A8

  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Plastic Type: Thermoplastic

  • Automatic: Yes

  • Injection Weight: 2893-5143g

  • Clamping Force: 9000kn

  • Opening Stroke: 1050 mm

  • Power(W): 37+37 kw

  • Certification: CE ISO9001

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

  • Voltage: 380V

  • Space between Tie Bar: 1080*1030

  • Platen size: 1530*1530

  • Heating power: 58.45 kw

  • Oil Tank Capacity: 1900 L

  • Machine weight: 48T

  • Screw Diameter: 90-100-110-120

  • Ejector stroke: 300 mm

  • Ejector force: 270 kn

Shot   volumecm³3179392547505652
Shot   weight  (ps)G2893357143215143
Max injection rate cm³/s540666806960
Screw  diameterMm90100110120
Plasticizing rateKg/h291378503600
Injection  pressureMpa227184152128
Screw   L:D ratio22:0122:0120:0118.3:1
screw  speedr/min0-120
Clamping forceKn9000
Opening strokeMm1050
Platen  sizeMmXmm1530*1530
Space between tie barsMmXmm1080*1030
Mold  thickness  (Min-Max)Mm400-1100
Hydraulic ejection strokeMm300
Hydraulic ejection forceKn270
Power Unit
Hydraulic system  pressureMpa17.5
Pump motorKw37+37
Heating capacityKw58.45
Number of temp control zones6+ (nozzle)
Dry-cycle timesec8
oil tank capacityL1900
Machine dimensionsMxmxm11*2.4*3.5
Machine weightkg48000


Injection Molding Machine LOG-900A8 QS Certification

Common thermoplastic resins include:

  •     Polyethylene  PE

  •     Polyvinyl Chloride  PVC

  •     Polypropylene   PP

  •     Polystyrene   PS

  •     Polyethlene Terephthalate   PET

  •     Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene   ABS

  •     Styrene-Acrylonitrile   SA

  •     Acrylic   PMMA

  •     Polyamide   PA (Nylon)

  •     Styrene-Acrylonitrile   SAN

  •     Polycarbonate   PC

Injection Molding Machine LOG-900A8 QS Certification



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Q:Injection molding machine produced inside the product,
1 back when there is air into the screw, increase the point back pressure, 2 shooting back position is too far, appropriate to reduce 3, control the temperature of the mold, do not use cold water 4 injection molding process adjustment, using multi-stage injection and packing forms and other reasons
Q:What are the main parts of an injection molding machine?
(3) hydraulic system hydraulic transmission system is to realize the injection molding machine according to the process of the various actions required to provide power, and meet the injection molding machine parts of the pressure, speed, temperature and so on. It is mainly composed of each kind of hydraulic component and hydraulic auxiliary component, in which the oil pump and the electric motor are the power source of the injection molding machine. Various valves control the oil pressure and flow rate to meet the requirements of the injection molding process. (4) the electrical control system, the electrical control system and the hydraulic system coordinate reasonably, may realize the injection molding machine craft process request (pressure, temperature, speed, time) and each kind of procedure movement. Mainly by electrical appliances, electronic components, instruments, heaters, sensors and other components. Generally there are four kinds of control, manual, semi-automatic, automatic adjustment.
Q:The problem of injection molding machine! Fifty
This kind of injection molding machine is mainly used to produce thin-walled products, increasing the motor and nitrogen auxiliary, pressurization and acceleration
Q:Novice ask: can rubber injection molding, plastic injection function?
Rubber can be injection molded and has a special rubber injection molding machine (plastic requirements for blended rubber). Plastic injection molding machine can not be used for rubber injection molding.
Q:Injection machine storage is not normal 20
According to your account, it is likely that the rear end temperature is too high, the feed port is bridged or the material is not broken
Q:What injection molding machine is good?
At present, as a subsidiary of Haitian International, the company is committed to R & D and manufacture of high precision all electric injection molding machines, which are located in high tech plastic products manufacturing customer base.Through the introduction of the new structure, Haitian International have the strength to carry the most high-end machine Innovation and research, by providing the most high-end machines to the market, expand the high-end customer groups, we can expand its competitive advantage for more customers (such as: high technical content, high standardization degree, full consideration of environmental protection, ensure the Haitian) customers can more effectively maximize profits.Focus on the huge market demandHaitian International's Wuxi Haitian Machinery Co. Ltd. has "sword presses" brand, mainly located in the general plastic products market, the high price of hydraulic injection molding machine R & D and production for the market, to meet the growing market demand, especially populous Chinese and India market.
Q:How does the injection machine prevent the product from sputtering to the machine?
It's time to slow down. Is it a launch rocket? It's too vigorous. Not really. Just use a cardboard file
Q:How to change the suction filter core of injection molding machine?
This is simple,The first ready to stop operation of filter, filter box machine behind the clockwise turn can be replaced, not what skills
Q:The working principle of injection molding machine
The working principle of injection molding machine and injection syringe with similar, it is the use of screw (or piston) thrust, the plasticizing good molten state (i.e. viscous flow) plastic injected into the mold cavity closed good after curing stereotypesmade the process of the products.Injection molding is a cycle process, each cycle mainly include: quantitative feeding - melt plasticization - pressure, injection - filling mold cooling - die opening pieces. Take out the plastic parts and then close the die for the next cycle.Injection molding machine operation items: injection molding machine operation items, including control keyboard operation, electrical control system operation and hydraulic system operation three aspects. The injection process, feeding action, injection pressure, injection speed, ejection type, temperature monitoring, injection pressure and back pressure adjustment are carried out respectively.The molding process of the general screw injection machine is first granular or powdered plastic into the machine barrel and then through the rotation of the screw and barrel wall heating the plastic as molten state, then the machine mold and the injection seat moves forward, to close the mold gate nozzle, the pressure oil through to the injection cylinder then, the screw to move forward at a high pressure and speed will melt into the closed mold temperature low, after a certain period of time and pressure (also called pressure), cooling, the curing, can remove mold products (pressure to prevent molten material the reflux, supplementary materials, to ensure the products with the mold cavity and the density and size tolerance in a certain cavity).
Q:Injection machine profile size
The size of the nozzle is confirmed:When you write sizes, you often write "M45*3*", which means "diameter * tooth pitch", and the length varies from 50 to 200 (depending on demand)

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