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Model 28 BS 12.5 HP engine intake valve sticks. Please advise.When under a full load like tall grass, it runs great, but when the load is not as heavy, the intake valve sticks open, spewing gas back through the carb and mis-firing.
Are you sure that the valve is sticking or is the carburetor flooding?
Exhaust valve opening (EVO)Intake valve opening (IVO)
HI You answered it your self... exhaust valve opening (EVO) is when the exhaust valve opens.. and the same for the intake (IVO).. When the EVO happens the motor pushes the exhaust (burnt fuel) out of the motor when the IVO happens it sucks gas into the motor to get burned and make power.. Exampe of a 4 strock motor. 1) piston goes down , sucking in air and fuel (IVO) 2) piston goes up compressing the air and fuel spark plug fires ignighting the fuel 3) piston goes down turning the crank powering the car from the explosion of Fuel. 4) piston goes back up pushing the spent fuel out. (EVO) then repeats. On a 4 cylinder car this happens 4 different times on an 8 cylinder car 8 different times and on 6 cylinder car 6 different times. When one cylender is firing another well be coming up to push out its spent fuel and another well be going down drawing in fuel and so forth.. good luck tim EDIT IVC = intake valve closes EVC= exhaust valve closes
Between these two Blow off valves around the same price, what would be the best choice for a pt cruiser.
The Mopar Performance blow off valve is really going to be your best bet if the two are roughly the same price. The reason I say that is because the Mopar unit is designed to fit onto that car, therefore it is engineered to release excess pressure at a safe level for that engine. The Greddy unit is also going to typically require modification to make it fit and function properly. Unfortunately, what they don't tell you about universal units is the reason they are universal is because they don't fit anything until you make them to fit, you just have enough material and hardware to get creative with it. If you are looking to extensively modify your engine, then it may benefit you to go with the universal unit and just wait until you have your piping cut exactly the way you want it, this may give you better location or clearance using the aftermarket unit, but otherwise like I said, I would go with the factory performance BOV. If you have any further questions about your cruiser, please feel free to email me, I have had a cruiser for a couple of years now and have also done lots of customizing to cruisers for friends.
this question is related to Ball valves, In actuated valve for the selection of actuator we need differential pressure across the valve so I wanted to know that what is meant by differential pressure?
When you have a valve with an actuator there is a need to know the pressure differential that can exist across the valve either in the closed position, the closing or opening step. This is because that adds an additional force that the actuator must be able to handle. In the case of a gate or ball valve, this force comes from the fact that the differential pressure tries to push the ball or gate toward the lower pressure direction and that jams the ball or gate against the downstream seat. Differential pressure is simply the up stream pressure minus the down stream pressure. Usually it is calculated when the valve is fully closed since that tends to be the time of maximum differential pressure. Of course in some cases the highest differential pressure may exist just before the valve is fully closed and the two pressures have a chance to stabilize.
My friend is having 3 valves in her heart replaced with pig valves. Her dr said that putting in human valves raises the risk of her body rejecting them but wouldnt your body also reject a part form different species? And if they only last a few years why use them at all? shes all freaked out about the surgery so I dont want to ask her too many questions
We recently demonstrated a third possible replacement material: fresh porcine valves . Fresh porcine valves are immunologically privileged, as they do not express -Gal, the carbohydrate antigen that is responsible for the rejection of porcine hearts. Consequently, even when wild-type porcine hearts are destroyed by primate immunoglobulin M (IgM) and membrane attack complex (MAC) deposition within 60 minutes, the valves remain structurally pristine.
1995 Firebird - with digital EGR valve, I think when the engine is at idle, it would be closed, I think.Anyway, this EGR valve has 3 holes that open up whenever.I noticed that the plastic housing on them is melting a little, which probably isn't anything.but I felt around it, and I feel a little air coming out, not from the gasket part, but maybe it has a leak in one of those solnoids somewhere.My cars been idling really ruff, do you think a leak in that would cause it to idle ruff?when I drive, it's fine, runs smooth, but stopping it idles ruff.I just bought that EGR valve 2 years ago, I don't know why it would melt.
Take the EGR valve off and see if it is internally caked with carbon. Also look at the ports it lines up to on the plenum and see if they are also clogged with carbon. If they are, remove the air intake tube from the throttle body and open the throttle plate. See if the intake plenum is also clogged with carbon. If so, and I think it is, you will need to get yourself a cumbustion chamber cleaning. Those 90s GM cars were bad for this. This will make it idle rough, and also lack as much power as it should have.
My cougar needs new EGR valve. They squeezed the 4.6 litre engine into it. My question is, how hard is it to get out and then back in? I can barely see the top of it behind the intake manifold so don't want to get it off and not be able to get it back in. What size bolts hold it in? I'm sure they are metric. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Go to a library that carries the ALLDATA data base. This amazing system has all information you will ever need. Even secret recall campaigns can be found here. Anyways, you are wasting your money to replace the EGR valve. For the most part, they can just be cleaned out with a solvent like Gum-out or butyl cello-solve and returned to service. Usually, these valves get gummed up when the IAC valve is dirty or you are using cheap gas and/or cheap oil. You are right about being metric, but a 13mm is the same as a 1/2 inch. A 14mm is the same as a 9/16 inch. You can even clean this valve by using Amsoil Foaming Cleaner through the intake manifold with the engine running full warm. Eventaully, this cleaner will penetrate the valve and allow it to close. You can tap it lightly with a mallet. Follow with a Gum-out chaser. Good luck!!
We have a 2008 grizzly 700...Lately when we run the 4-wheeler there is a ticking like noise (as is something were loose). I have been told by a few people that it sounds like the valves need adjusting. Does that sound like what it is? Will it cause any damage to the 4-wheeler if we ride it before we get a chance to adjust the valves?
They are correct. Well almost. The Rockers are what can be adjusted. They are too far away from the valve and are starting to hammer on them instead of just moving them. You will not cause immediate damage by riding it but you could wear out the rocker completely and drop a valve into the engine which would be very costly. Best to get it repaired soon. Make sure they install new rockers and springs. The main cause for this is poor oil maintenance or poor grade of oil being used. Always use a GOOD synthetic oil and your motor will last 10 times as long