Nitrided Ferro Chrome FeCrN8

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Good quality with best price and well service

FeMn is composed of manganese and iron alloy. In steel, Ferromanganese is the most useful additive products .

We produce good quality low carbon Ferromanganes ,pls check our specification .If you are interested in them , kindly send me your requirement .

Commodity :  Low Carbon Ferroamganese

We can supply the following specification of Aluminium Ferromanganese for your reference :


Composition %

impurity ≤%








































If you are intrested in this products ,pls feel free to contact us .

Size : 10-100mm, 10-50mm, 90% min


1. ISO Approval

2. Certified as "Qualified&Reliable" manufacturer by CIQ

3.Mill’s test report as each 1 M/T p.p bag by CIQ

About Sample:

In order to help you know our products better, our factory would like to offer free sample of 1kg by express air currier on the condition of mutual communication

Production Lead Time &Shippment:

1.Prompt producing after order,with 20tons capability/a day.
2.Shipment within 5 working days after production.(ship to Korea&Japan about two days;ship to Brazil(North America) about 35 days).

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Q:How to polish the rough surface of cemented carbide?
Polish the surface of the cemented carbide surface by using diamond abrasive paste. When polishing, can not cut short, should be in accordance with the first rough grinding paste polishing, and then use fine grinding paste polishing process, and can not be directly polished with fine abrasive paste. Otherwise, the surface of the material will leave a wavy corrugation, which will be difficult to be polished with fine abrasive. In addition, the grinding efficiency of fine grinding paste is much lower than that of coarse paste.
Q:Carbide coated drill bit
1. carbide drills are generally worn in the back. Then it has little influence on service life.2., the high strength of the workpiece material, easy to cause the front of the drill (spiral groove) wear, bit life impact.
Q:What is the relation between the number of teeth of carbide saw blades?
1., it is mainly used for longitudinal sawing of small diameter logs. According to the size of the pre adjustment, a plurality of sheets can be sawed off at one feed, which is widely used in the sawing process of the front path, small diameter and log sawing of blockboard and finger jointing factories. 2. compared with the band saw, the processing efficiency is high, the precision is high, the operation is simple and convenient, the technical requirement of the worker is not high, and the defects of low processing precision, low efficiency and high operation technical requirements of the band saw are compensated. What is the difference between the 1:40 tooth and the 60 tooth? Because of the small friction, the 40 teeth will save effort, and the noise will be small, but the 60 teeth will be cut more smoothly. A carpenter usually uses 40 teeth. The price is the same, ha ha. For small sounds, use thicker ones, but thin quality is better. The more the number of teeth, the more smooth the cut section. If your machine is stable, the sound will be smaller. What is the difference between the 2:30 wood cut saw blade and the 40 Tooth cut wood saw blade? Main: 1 cutting speed is different. 2 different gloss. The angle of the teeth of the 3 saw blade itself is different.
Q:Hello, what's your company? What do you do with carbide? Thank you in advance
Pro, what do you mean by that question? We are the hard alloy recycling companies, focus on hard alloy recovery, Qingdao cemented carbide business network, with the recovery of hard alloy scrap, hard alloy die, tungsten steel scrap recycling
Q:Which one is better made of cemented carbide?
Overall, Zhuzhou cemented carbide works, Shanghai alloy materials factory, Zigong cemented carbide plant, new carbide knives are good. But the single pair of milling cutters is not clear! There is no YL!
Q:Is there a material that is more wear-resistant than cemented carbide and has a relatively low cost?
If it is numerical control tool, it is more wearable than cemented carbide: ceramic, CBN, diamondAmong them, the lowest price of ceramics, diamond prices are highest
Q:What is the specific gravity of cemented carbide?
Similar to mercury. Tungsten cobalt carbide 14.4~15.3 density, tungsten, cobalt, titanium carbide 9.7~13.2 density, can float in the mercury is a steel knife, sink into the mercury is a cast iron knife
Q:Chengdu which has carbide scrap acquisition point?
Bars of 75000 yuan / kg (Fu Xujian) Zhejiang Zhoushan self-employed waste tungsten 150-200 yuan / kg, Hebei Hengshui Gucheng County Sindh rare metals tungsten tailings 100-300 yuan / ton Guangzhou lechran gold bars 1200 yuan / kg, Zhengzhou Zhengzhou Hongsen tin small PCB tungsten steel drill 160-190 yuan / kg in Zhejiang Taizhou
Q:What alloy tool can be used as hard alloy?
Wire cutting can be cut open. As for what knife car?... I said, man, you have a technical problem
Q:Is the hard alloy the same as the cemented carbide?
Is essentially the same, are two kinds of powder alloy materials, but the composition is different, its processing performance depends on the alloy material of concrete, in my experience, super hard alloy toughness than hard alloy with high hardness, but lower than the hard alloy, don't be misled by the literal meaning, the word super tool hard alloy generally refers to add the other ingredients of high speed steel the hardness wear resistance than ordinary high speed steel (of course not hard alloy) without losing the advantages of high speed steel toughness.

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