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Architectural glass insulation film brand ranked the top ten are what
The British film is currently available in any glass to achieve energy-saving products, is the national 863 program results.
Is there a hmdso residue for the coated silica film?
1. Application in hard coatings: cutting tools, molds and wear-resistant corrosion-resistant parts. 2. In the protective coating applications: aircraft engine blades, automotive steel, heat sink and so on. 3. In the field of optical film applications: anti-reflective film, high anti-film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film. 4. Application in architectural glass: sunlight control film
My new house all the glass without the 3C logo, is not unqualified?
Property funny funny, actually come up with this naive ridiculous argument to come. Tempered glass will play 3c, but can also choose not to play. For the tempered glass is certainly not 3c. Do you understand that?
Our community bedroom bay window with hollow glass color aluminum windows, finished less than 4 years of glass on the natural fragmentation. But the purchase contract on the renovation works only one year warranty, how long is the shelf life of insulating glass? If this is based on, can we ask developers to replace?
Generally good manufacturers of insulating glass warranty period of 10 years. Your home glass broken to see what the situation, the general external collision, steel blew, overheating (sun or heating facilities) three cases. External force collision this manufacturer is impossible to lose. Overheating, then you should find the district property, this is the design of the problem. Steel blew words need to pay attention, and generally in the center of the blew will be similar to butterfly-like two small glass, we called "Hu Dieban", found that this can find manufacturers compensation.
Is it really effective to use an insulating film for glass windows? Which brand is better?
Currently on the market of glass film is dazzling, get the consumer do not know how to choose, that in the end what is good glass film, and now I say my point of view, relatively speaking, buy a large brand of glass film quality will be a little , But the price will be much more expensive, then how to choose cheap, good quality, suitable for their own glass film, according to my current understanding of the customer, the basic are to insulation film, explosion-proof membrane are relatively small. 1, select the insulation film several points, with a hand film to have texture, can not be soft, good insulation film with a finger bomb will be crashing sound, the sound is crisp, natural, poor film basically nothing sound. 2, in terms of insulation, in the sun or Yuba and other places to do an experiment to see if the film is good insulation, tearing the edge of the film with metal, no metal is generally not a good film. 3, the white film to tear to smell whether there is taste, taste more light that formaldehyde less, more concentrated that formaldehyde exceeded. 4, white membrane tear when the film on the ground or wall friction, will fade are relatively poor. 5, choose the election film to choose their own, not the more expensive the better, insulation film and explosion-proof membrane is different, buy glass film when you talk about the need for better insulation or explosion-proof effect of a good point , Businesses will naturally recommend the. Now a good point of the glass insulation film are basically more than 100 per square in more than -200, you do not recommend the stickers, which reason you want to know about you probably. Here I recommend several aspects of doing more real glass film business, dragon film, 3m, Belkaite, Henkel several do a good job, Henkel glass film in the price and other quality comparable to the glass film has a unique The advantages. Fujian glass film supply center to do this is good
Building glass specification is that set?
(JGJ 113-2009), "Construction Safety Glass Management Regulations" (Development and Reform Commission [2003] No. 2116), "Specification for Design, Construction and Acceptance of Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows", "Regulations for the Application of Building Glass" (JGJ 113-2009) (DBJ15-30-2002).
I only understand the price of the car film, and now the family would like to film, and would like to know about the price of building film, please know friends tell! Incidentally, in Changsha, better insulation film, thank you!
So ask a bit difficult to answer, a penny is always a matter of money, each market has high school low-grade film, and in each brand which also have their own high school low-grade series, if the landlord would like to pay the price is moderate, High-quality architectural glass film, you can choose Long film, Long film in the insulation, explosion-proof is doing the best
Manganese dioxide itself is black, why as a colorant added to the glass to show purple it
Ordinary pigments are faded by exposure to ultraviolet light in the sun or in the presence of oxygen and sulfur dioxide in the air; but the color glass is melted with glass because of the metal that acts as a coloring agent, so it can withstand sun and rain With the growing development of science and technology, the variety of color glass will be more and more colorful, our life will be because of its embellishment and decoration and become colorful.