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Introduction to metal cutting machine tools
Metal cutting machine is a cutting machine used to process metal parts of the working machinery. It is a manufacturing machine, also known as machine tools or machine tools, machine tools in China, often referred to as the habit.
What are the main factors that affect the quality of metal cutting?
It is of great significance to correctly understand the connotation of the surface quality of the parts and to analyze the various technological factors affecting the surface quality in the process of mechanical processing, to improve the surface quality and to improve the performance of the products.
Metal cutting machine tool manufacturing is mainly mechanical, machine, drilling machine, grinding machine etc.. Its safe operation
Strictly abide by the operating procedures, routine maintenance, hidden trouble, parking repair immediately;
Causes of retention of mechanical metal chip cutters
Because it is affected by the work hardening, the hardness of the product is about 1~2 times higher than that of the base metal, so it can be partly replaced by cutting edge.
What's the name of the machine that processes cutting tools?
Machines can not complete the process can be done to fitter, also known as mechanical fitter.
What is the rigidity of process system in metal cutting?
The so-called process system stiffness, refers to the workpiece surface processing in the cutting force to the component Fp, the tool relative to the workpiece in the direction of the Y shift ratio: k=Fp/y
What is the relationship between metal cutting and numerical control machine tools?
Metal cutting is more extensive, it can be said that the basic machinery belongs to.
What kinds of typical machine tools are involved in wood processing machinery? What's the difference between metal cutting and metal cutting?
The most simple, wood processing and metal cutting are essentially different, the metal cutting process is the shear slip process of grain, so the characteristics of the decision and wood processing and inevitable differences exist, the principle of processing equipment.