low Carbon -Ferro-Manganese C0.4

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Product Description:

Ferro manganese

1. Mainly used as alloy additives and deoxidizer in steelmaking.

2. Used as alloy agent ,widely applied to be widely applied to alloy steel, such as structural steel, tool steel, stainless and
heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.

3. It also has the performance that it can desulfurize and decrease the harmfulness of sulfur. So when we make steel and cast iron, we always need certain account of manganese.

FeMn manufacturer

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Q:Carbide drills and cobalt high speed steel bit, which is good? What's the difference between these two materials?
The two materials are not good or bad, the key is to look at the application!!Carbide drill, high hardness, wear resistance, high efficiency, toughness slightly worse, therefore, the rigidity of the machine tool and spindle runout and speed are required!Cobalt high speed steel including ordinary high-speed steel, good toughness, edge processing can be very sharp, more suitable for processing some sticky materials, of course, low strength materials will be nothing difficult, but its high temperature resistance, wear resistance is relatively poor, the drilling speed is not high!!Therefore, the choice of drill or according to your working conditions to choose,
Q:Is there a material that is more wear-resistant than cemented carbide and has a relatively low cost?
If it is numerical control tool, it is more wearable than cemented carbide: ceramic, CBN, diamondAmong them, the lowest price of ceramics, diamond prices are highest
Q:What are the grinding carbide wheels?
Diamond grinding wheel, carborundum wheel and so on.Diamond grinding wheel is a diamond abrasive were used as raw materials, metal powder, resin powder, ceramic and metal plating as binder, made of the central circular hole is called consolidation abrasive diamond wheel (alloy wheel). Only welded blades use carborundum wheels, and generally fine grinding blades use diamond grinding wheels. The best tool is mounted on a tool grinder with a high speed. The tool is polished and has a good finish.
Q:What is the hardness of YG8 cemented carbide?
YG8 is a tungsten cobalt type material.Good wear resistanceDensity / (g/cm3): 14.5-14.9Hardness (HRA): 89Flexural strength (sigma bb/MPa): 1500Impact toughness K/ (J/cm2): 2.5
Q:What are the differences between the two grades of carbide, YT15 and YT5?
YT15 is compared to YT5. The former has high hardness, great brittleness and good wear resistance. The latter is low in hardness, tough in toughness and poor in wear resistance. YT5 is often used for roughing or machining, impact cutting, and YT15 is usually semi finishing and finishing.
Q:What kind of cemented carbide is used for processing HRC40 degrees stainless steel?
This kind of hardness stainless steel is martensite, hardness is high, use tungsten cobalt class (do not use tungsten, cobalt, titanium, this is attention 1), and carbide containing Ta. Such as: YA6, YH1, YW3, etc.. This kind of steel is of high hardness, small feed rate, lower cutting speed, greater cutting depth, and avoiding the work hardening of the surface leather and the front working procedure (Notice 2). Machine tools. The steel of the tool is better. The coolant selects viscous and chlorine - containing cooling liquid with good adhesion and cooling performance. (Note 3)
Q:Can hard alloy be welded with silver electrode?
Hard alloy can use silver electrode welding, some more liquid silver wire than general tin brass or iron brass, the cost is too high, the strength level than the ordinary copper electrode should be higher, personal suggestions for the selection of copper base up instead of silver electrode, such as the WEWELDING 46 electrode (referred to as Odin Wei 46 If the strength of electrodes), the structure is higher than silver, if it is to achieve the high permeability, it is still the ideal to silver, only from the strength level, is not WEWELDING 46 copper based electrode.
Q:The difference between cemented carbide YG 15 and yg12
Material introduction: YG3X 14.6-15.2 132092 is suitable for high speed finish machining of cast iron, non-ferrous metal and alloy, hardened steel, alloy steel and small cutting section. K01 YG3X YG6A 14.6-15.0 137091.5 is suitable for semi hard finishing of hard cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys. It is also suitable for semi finishing and finishing of high manganese steel, quenched steel and alloy steel. K05 YG6A YG6X 14.6-15.0 142091 has been proved by the production and use that the alloy can be used to process chilled alloy cast iron and heat-resisting alloy steel. It can also achieve good results and is also suitable for the finishing of ordinary cast iron. K10 YG6X YK15 14.2-14.6 210091 is suitable for processing integral alloy drilling, milling, reaming and other cutting tools. It has high wear resistance and toughness. K15 K20 YK15 YG6 14.5-14.9 138089 is suitable for semi finishing with medium casting speed of cast iron, non-ferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic materials. K20 YG6 YG6X-1 14.6-15.0 150090 is suitable for cast iron, nonferrous metals and alloy non metal material during continuous cutting finishing, discontinuous cutting the semi refined car, fine car, small section fine car, coarse thread, continuous section semi finishing milling and finish milling, rough and fine hole expansion. K20 YG6X-1 YG8N 14.5-14.8 200090 is suitable for high speed cutting of cast iron, white cast iron, nodular cast iron, and chrome, nickel and stainless steel.
Q:Which carbide alloy factory in Hunan is good 10
Zhuzhou China Tungsten Alloy Co., the company's main products are: sand making machine alloy strip, mining carbide tools, hard alloy, hard alloy, hard alloy mould plate, carbide blade, cutter, hard alloy, etc. at the same time or special "diamond" brand hard alloy cutter dealer. The company uses one to one service, reasonable price, cost-effective, prompt delivery, heavy credit, Shou contract, guarantee product quality and other thoughtful service, so that you can rest assured.
Q:What type of carbide is the most ductile?
Cemented carbide material with tungsten and cobalt carbide toughness is better, at present the carbide grade in the most toughness of YG15. The relation between cobalt content and toughness is shown below. It can be seen that cobalt content and 13%-16% toughness are the best. In this interval, only YG15 cobalt content is 15%.

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