Injection molding machine LOG-500S8/A8 QS Certification

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$51,943.00 - 67,053.00 / unit
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TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1 unit
Supply Capability:
100000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Quick Details

  • Condition: New

  • Type: Other

  • Style: Horizontal

  • Brand Name: LOG

  • Model Number: LOG-500S8

  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

  • Plastic Type: Thermoplastic

  • Automatic: Yes

  • Injection Weight: 1494---2397G

  • Injection Rate: >100MM/S

  • Clamping Force: 5000KN

  • Opening Stroke: 820mm

  • Power(W): 37kw

  • Certification: CE

  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Injection molding machine LOG-500S8/A8 QS Certification

Injection molding machine LOG-500S8/A8 QS Certification

Injection molding machine LOG-500S8/A8 QS Certification


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Q:Quanlifa injection molding machine can replace the barrel and screw size
As long as the manufacturer can do, Zhoushan Xin Ren mechanical screw barrel manufacturing experts welcome!
Q:What does "120T 140T" mean in an injection machine?
A, an abbreviation for ounce, is a unit used by the Hongkong industry to distinguish between injection molding machines. In this way, in the domestic commonly known as "T" (ton), "12" equivalent to "160T", the screw diameter of about 32 mm. In general, the injection molding machine of various specifications, there are several specifications of the screw, buyers can choose different screw size according to their uses, the screw diameter may be selected smaller, and the groove depth is also different with a shallow depth. For example, the production of PVC, will be shallow groove.Ann and T conversion is quite troublesome, here only give some common types of control: injection molding machine 4 (50T) 8 sets of injection molding machine 6 (120T) 8 sets of injection molding machine 8 (140T) 5 sets of injection molding machine 12 (160T) 5 sets of injection molding machine 16 (180T) 3 sets of injection molding machine 18 (200T) 4 sets of injection molding machine 24 (250T)
Q:What kinds of oil are used in the injection molding machine?
Look at it!. Spring and autumn days with 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil; but the general urban use 46# throughout the year to use, where you don't have much low temperature, in accordance with the standard conditions for winter 32# antiwear hydraulic oil, if there is a gear box to use gear oil.The main tank is mainly provided to meet the normal operation of the hydraulic system required flow, mainly with hydraulic oil, heat distribution,I contact the manufacturers are generally the Great Wall L-HM46#, anti-wear hydraulic oil consumption is relatively large. For hydraulic system lubrication and work, as well as other parts of the bearing grease, large tonnage models, which is related to the design of the oil circuit. Ask them how the hydraulic oil is used in the equipment. It is used for lubrication and work in the hydraulic system,
Q:What is the injection molding machine Euromap?
It is divided into vertical, horizontal and all electric type. The injection molding machine heats the plastic, applying high pressure to the molten plastic to make it crack and fill the mold cavity
Q:What is the temperature of the NH, H and HP on the injection machine screen?
Injection molding machine in the lock mode, the thimble is to look back, not open mold, to see if the parameters are set incorrectly, press the mold opening, the volume of mold opening valve, there is no electricity
Q:The problem of injection molding machine! Fifty
This kind of injection molding machine is mainly used to produce thin-walled products, increasing the motor and nitrogen auxiliary, pressurization and acceleration
Q:Commissioning process of injection molding machine
3. calculate the relative viscosity of the plastic with the reciprocal of the filling time multiplied by the peak pressure value. The reciprocal of the filling time is the abscissa, the relative viscosity is the ordinate, and the relative viscosity is plotted. The viscosity curve can be found in the low speed high speed changes more, little viscosity change, find a middle viscosity curve trend in value from flat as we used for the production of fire, (also can be judged according to the change of filling time of plastic viscosity stability when the filling time changes, the peak pressure is small) to overcome the rubber mold flow resistance when the pressure, but also beer pieces of the actual pressure, we use this value is greater than 10% for injection pressure.4. determine the pressure and speed, then come to the switching point, do the packing and feeding in beer 95% ~ 99% position switch for holding position. (padding should be controlled by position rather than pressure or time)5. the filling time should be constant, the injection time is longer than the filling time, so as not to be controlled by time, for example, the injection time, whether it is 4 seconds or seconds, the filling time is about 1 second.6. in this way, the filling time and the holding time can be set up. The average injection time is 0.5 seconds longer than the filling time, and the other can be used as the holding and filling time.
Q:What is the function of the temperature control box of the injection molding machine? Thank you
Control the heater to keep the colloidal particles in molten state
Q:Debugging and debugging process of injection molding machine
Causes and solutions of plastic forming defectsIncorrect operating conditions, damage to the machine and mold will cause a lot of molding defects, the following provides some solutions for reference. In order to reduce down time, reason and can find out the operation problem as soon as possible, the operator should put all the best record in the condition of injection type injection molding condition record table, for days after the reference for problem solving.(1) the finished product is incompleteFault reason handling methodThe plastic temperature is too low to increase the temperature of the fuse tubeThe injection pressure is too low to increase the injection pressureThe amount of injection is not enoughWith the nozzle with the sprue bushing is plastic spill to re adjust its coordinationThe shot time is too short to increase the injection timeThe injection speed is too slow to accelerate the injection speedImproper adjustment of low pressureMold temperature is too low to improve mold temperatureThe mold temperature is uneven, the mold pipe is re adjustedThe exhaust of the mould is not proper, and the proper exhaust hole is installed at the proper placeThe nozzle temperature is not low, and the nozzle temperature is increasedUnequal opening of mold to re release the mold overflow positionThe sprue or overflow is too small to enlarge the sprue or overflowPlastic lubricant does not increase lubricantBack pressure is insufficient, slightly increase back pressureRubber ring, adhesive screw wear, removal, inspection and repairInsufficient injection capacity, replacement of larger specifications of injection molding machinesThe product is too thin and use nitrogen spray
Q:The injection molding machine calculates the approximate output value of the month
Able to save 1/4 of electricity5 inches with 250T machine to produce, use the mold should be 1 out of 4, cycle count 50 seconds, too specific I don't know how, I just need to calculate method and approximate output value! Because we shipped here, probably a few days 45 to 90 days, I want to see enough money flow! That's the way it is, huh?! --------------------------- know this product with what material, if the PA is up to 30 seconds, you said the other 2 material may be 40 seconds, I didn't see products not determined.

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