injection molding machine LOG-160S8 QS Certification

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100000 unit/month
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Brand Name:

LOG machine

Model Number:


Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Plastic Type:




Injection Weight:


Injection Rate:122-172g/s>122-172g/s
Clamping Force:


Opening Stroke:





CE ISO9001

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Engineers available to service machinery overseas


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Packaging Details:20GP

Product Description


International size rating     525/160

INJECTION                      A        B         C

Shot volume cm3         277    318    392

Shot weight G               260    298    368

                     OZ              9.1     10.5   12.9

Screw diameter mm       42      45      50

Injection pressure mpa 190   166    135

Screw L:D ration             20:1   20:1  18:1

Screw stroke mm                    200

Screw speed(stepless) r/min  0-200


Clamping force kn       1600

Opening stroke mm     430

Platen size mm×mm   680×680

Space between fie bars mm×mm    460×460

Mold fhickness(Min-Max) mm        180-500

Max.daylingt mm        930

Hydraulic ejection stroke mm    140

Hydraulic ejection force kn    50


Hydraulic system pressure mpa    17.5

Max.motor current A 64

Heating capacity kw 12.6

Number of femp confrol zones \ 4+ nozzle


Dry-cycle fime Sec   2.0

Oil fank capacify λ    210

Machine dimensions m×m×m   4.95×1.25×2.0

Machine weight kg     5300




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Packing & Delivery



4.95(M) * 1.25 (M) * 2.0 (M)



Packaging Details

The normal package is wooden box(Size: L*W*H). If export to european countries,the wooden box will be fumigated.If container is too tigher,we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.


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Q:What's the pressure and speed of melt press in injection molding machine?
Sol pressure: commonly known as back pressure, refers to the back of the screw when the pressure carried. Sol speed: injection molding machine in the gum into the screw drive, the screw moving speed, that is, the plastic into the screw speed.The new technology adopts the switched reluctance servo motor to drive the hydraulic pump and drive screw to realize the valveless servo hydraulic system with high efficiency and energy saving and high reliability.
Q:Injection molding machine produced inside the product,
First of all, we should first analyze where this gas comes from, and how to prevent and reduce the generation of gas.First, when the particles melt in the screw, it will produce smoke. Second, the mold cavity itself contains air, at the time of injection if the air line out will be wrapped into the material to. Third, the moisture in the material produces water vapor at high temperature. (do not think that the drying temperature and time are enough, it must be dry, and wet weather will not be dried by ordinary dryers)From these three directions to improve, first, reduce the material temperature (reduce the production of smoke). Two, slow down the injection rate (which is good for the exhaust gas). Three increase mold temperature (improve material flow due to lower material speed). Four, fully guarantee the drying of materials (PC and PA66 moisture content must be less than 0.03%). Five, the mold into the glue point to enlarge (conducive to the actual effect of packing). Six, the increase in back pressure (effectively increase the density of the material). Seven, the mold exhaust should be guaranteed.From the above points by item examination and improvement, the problem will certainly be solved.In addition, just look at the picture, playing this bubble, the process must be a problem.
Q:The first paragraph of the injection molding machine does not rise in temperature. What's the matter?
Answer: there are several kinds of willing to 1, heating ring bad 2, line short-circuit burned 3, AC contactor damage 4, safety tube burned 5, switch trip 6, temperature line connection error or damage
Q:What does "120T 140T" mean in an injection machine?
A, an abbreviation for ounce, is a unit used by the Hongkong industry to distinguish between injection molding machines. In this way, in the domestic commonly known as "T" (ton), "12" equivalent to "160T", the screw diameter of about 32 mm. In general, the injection molding machine of various specifications, there are several specifications of the screw, buyers can choose different screw size according to their uses, the screw diameter may be selected smaller, and the groove depth is also different with a shallow depth. For example, the production of PVC, will be shallow groove.Ann and T conversion is quite troublesome, here only give some common types of control: injection molding machine 4 (50T) 8 sets of injection molding machine 6 (120T) 8 sets of injection molding machine 8 (140T) 5 sets of injection molding machine 12 (160T) 5 sets of injection molding machine 16 (180T) 3 sets of injection molding machine 18 (200T) 4 sets of injection molding machine 24 (250T)
Q:What injection molding machine is good?
The vision for the company: "based on independent research and development, production and sales of plastic injection molding machine to become the first in the world of manufacturing enterprises,Actively lead the new trend of industry development."December 2006, Haitian Holdings Limited successfully listed on the SEHK (Hongkong stock exchange), initial public offering of shares.In August 2007, Haitian International Holdings Limited acquired Germany zhafir Plastics Machinery Manufacturing Co. ltd..Click hereChinese Machinery Association unitPresident of the Ningbo Association of machine unit
Q:How to adjust the injection machine?
The injection pressure and velocity are related to material selection, runner layout, gate form, melt temperature, and mold temperature. Moldflow software can be used to predict the filling, holding and cooling of plastic melts in the mold, and also to predict the possible defects.
Q:Commissioning process of injection molding machine
When we receive a set of moulds, we need to choose the machine according to the size of the mold, the clamping force and the size of the glue.Determine the type of machine before you enter the real tune. (the premise is that the machine is normal.)1. we first beer 10 beer water board plastic pieces (not go together -- about 95% of the full plastic glue), set the appropriate pressure to ensure that the actual pressure below the set (high pressure), starting from the highest rate of 99%, and then gradually reduce an amount equal to (10%) 10 plastic beer beer. - (constant pressure, rate of change of each separated by 10% to complete the 10 beer beer).2. record the filling time of each beer and the injection peak pressure.
Q:What should be noticed before the machine is stopped when the injection machine is finished?
Dongguan City Zhen Ying Machinery equipment limited company to remind you: to prolong the life of the injection molding machine, usually must take good care of!
Q:How about the low pressure of injection machine? One hundred
Mode of clamping: fast --- slow --- low voltage --- high pressureInjection molding machine for different brands of different clamping structure is different, but also the same; for example (Taichung) adjusted low before high pressure and high pressure to adjust the position, such as the pressure - adjusting the thickness of die OK---- high voltage setting 70BAR high voltage position return to zero, the locking location data is then set - such as 20.5-- with 0.2 locations - set high - low voltage setting depends on the thickness of the product +1.0 cm - low pressure by 0 to start a +1 pressure low pressure test, the clamping motion not close up (low pressure, not recommended more than 8 special mould except) - in turn to see the lock mode low pressure die - if time is 0.8 seconds and 0.2 seconds on this basis, low pressure time is 1 second.Hope to be of help to you
Q:What brand of low pressure injection molding machine is best used in the market?
I knowChasing the answerThe best thing is the company's low pressure injection molding machine, and many famous brands are looking for them to process low voltage injection molding machines, such as apple, Microsoft, and the United states.

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