DZL Partial Drum Quick Loading Coal-fired Steam Chain Grate Boiler

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Rated capacity1~4 t/h

Rated work pressure0.98~1.57Mpa

Adaptive fuelⅡ.Ⅲ Bituminous coal

Application industry : industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hospitals, etc.


Main technical parameters of DZL Eccentric-drum packaged boiler

Boiler Type

Rated Capacity


Rated Work Pressure


Rated Steam Pressure


Feed Water   Temperature


Thermal Efficiency   (%)

Max.Transport Weight


Max. Transportation   Size











































1.Structure introduction :

The drum of this type is laid longitudinally(deflect to one sude).lt has natural ciculation, water-fire tubes, flue-gas three return. Convection bank of tubes are laid in the second return,and furnace flues are laid in the third return,which solves the problem that the bottom of the drum is easy to bulge and the rear tube plate is easy to crack during the use of the main drum boiler.

2.Product features :

a.Because the center line of the drum is offset from the center line of the grate, the high temperature flame does not directly burn the bottom of the drum, which avoids the disadvantage of bulging at the bottom of the drum due to high temperature creep.

b. This product shrunk the fire pipe, increased the water pipe. The second return of the flue gas is changed from the fire tube of the traditional main drum to the 5-7 drainage tube on the left side of the boiler. The high temperature flue gas above 800 °C no longer directly scours the boiler tube plate, so that the flue gas temperature entering the third return fire tube is only about 600 °C, which completely avoids the crack of the main drum tube plate.

The above two points not only ensure the reliability of boiler operation, reduce the cost of boiler maintenance, but also ensure the user 's requirements for continuous safe and efficient operation of the boiler.                                                                                                                                       c. Chain grate adopts an independent sealed air chamber, the air chamber is equal pressure unilateral air inlet, the uniformity of the width direction and the adjustability of the length direction of the grate are better, which can better meet the needs of combustion, while the general boiler manufacturers use the warehouse air and the butterfly air regulating plate with two holes on the side plate of the grate

d. The two sides of the main combustion zone of the grate are sealed by high temperature resistant ductile iron, while the general manufacturers use gray cast iron or ordinary heat resistant cast iron.

e. Saw-tooth cast iron coal gate is used in coal gate. It not only loosens the coal seam, but also increases the surface area of coal seam combustion, and correspondingly increases the combustion area of grate. Practice has proved that the use of this kind of coal gate can make the coal fully burned, the burnout zone of coal is obviously advanced by about 500 mm, the carbon content of slag is greatly reduced, and the thermal efficiency of boiler is improved.

f. This series of boiler heating surface layout is more abundant, coupled with the combustion condition is better, so the boiler output, high thermal efficiency, to ensure that with 10 % -20 % overload capacity.

In summary, our company 's eccentric-drum packaged boiler has distinctive characteristics. The boiler is widely welcomed by Southeast Asian and domestic customers because of its sufficient output, high thermal efficiency and good safety.

This series of eccentric-drum packaged boiler is the first batch of energy-saving products promoted by the company. It won the title of ' Golden Dragon Award ', ' Provincial Excellent ' and ' Ministry Excellent ' of the new products of the National Economic Commission.

Q:My boiler was turned off for a week. I turned have since turned it on. How long before the water is hot?
I assume by boiler you mean hot water heater. It should be warm within a few hours(3-4). If not, make sure it is still lit. most have a tricky to start pilot light (if it's gas powered). This can vary between different sizes of heaters and what powers them.
Q:Thermal power plant boiler six fans their role
In addition to the larger fan there are sealed fan (for the direct blow mill to provide air), booster fan (for the flue gas desulfurization to provide pressure head), but not necessarily have!
Q:new thermal couple...last week i had noticed the damper (automatic) was in the closed position. i nudged it a bit and it opened and the boiler fired...needed to fix a radiator pipe and shut it it won't fire. mounted on the boiler is..pilot unit (works) a control box when i turned on the circulating pump a grey switch inside moved. that no longer is the case...near that a small box with a red button (like a reset button) pushed it nothing happens...wires from the control box to round black unit that controls the damper automatically. i manually opened the damper....3 other boxes mounted to pipes controlled by thermostats...there is power to these..any help before i call in a professional would be appreciated
The button that you pushed is the reset for the flame safety that makes the boiler follow a start up procedure and looks at the fire to make sure it is on. The boiler should have some gas pressure switches on it that often go bad, check these. Also, the damper and other items need to be in the correct position to have the boiler purge and fire. The blower also has a pressure switch on it that is a permissive for firing. There is also a high temperature limit someplace on the unit too. If you are electrical type try to follow the schematic and see if you have power in the circuit. Turn everything off, power down and then turn the power back on and start through the start up sequence. Follow the schematic with testers to see which switch or whatever is bad.
Q:Sort by boiler capacity
According to the boiler water cycle can be divided into natural circulation boiler and forced circulation boiler (including the boiler
Q:Landlord have been repairing this boiler 4 times so far now I still hear loud noise does not sound right he told me he is not getting any new boiler does not need it supposed to last up to 35yrs. This boiler is now 16yrs. since I moved in. Is there such a thing of gas boiler blowing up Should I talk to the gas company? I feel now it is on its way out with the noise it is making loud banging, clanking noise.
Its suppose to be noisy but not to the point where it is unbearable. I would talk to your landlord and demand to have it checked by a professional if you are concerned enough because we are talking about your health on the line. Yes they can last pretty long so that's normal, mines about 32 years old now
Q:I know there's definitely air in it because I can hear water running inside the pipes and sometime making bubble or gurling sound when the boiler is running. It's a 2 zones. I did try to bleed it until I see clear and hot water come out. But I don't if I did it right. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Bleeding your system is dependent how your system was designed and installed. There should be valves to release air at the tops of older, cast iron radiators. Most newer systems have automatic air release valves mounted near the boiler itself. Before bleeding the system, make sure it's properly pressurized. For example, my boiler requires 12 to 14 psi in the system when it's cold. If I lose that pressure I'll hear water running as if there's air in the system due to cavitation, whether there's actually air in the system or not. If your system pressure is correct, you can flush any hot water heating system by opening the water feedline fully (ensuring you bypass any pressure reducing valve), and connecting a hose to a drain bib on the boiler's plumbing. Open the drain bib fully and let the water flow through the system for several minutes. The high velocity of the water should push any air out of the system - even if there are no air bleed valves installed anywhere on the system. Good luck with it!
Q:i'm thinking of a house i like, but i' not sure about the heating system
Ask the seller how old the boiler is, and to show you when it was last checked. When you have a home inspection as part of the purchase contract, be there to ask boiler questions of the inspector. If the boiler is good, and you like the house, good luck in the future.
Q:All of a sudden I have no hot water at home. I went to check out the boiler and water is leaking from the top, around the pipe that expels the fumes on the top of the boiler. It leaks though the joints of the metal where the hole for the fumes is. As soon as I cut the water to the boiler it stops leaking.The boiler is about 10 years old and I have very hard water in my area. Is it possible that it went kaput? how do I fix it?
Hi going off the age of the boiler I would honestly suggest you get a few q uotes from tradesmen it will save money in the long term good luck
Q:Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler First and Second Winds
As the windmill hood and bed material (or material) resistance is great, and to make bed material to a certain fluidization state, so a high pressure head, generally in the 1400-2000mmH2O range.
Q:What is the difference between a regenerative boiler and a conventional boiler?
The technology can balance the grid peak and valley difference, improve the power grid load curve, improve electricity efficiency, reduce environmental pollution, reduce user operating costs.

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