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DZL Partial Drum Quick Loading Coal-fired Steam Chain Grate Boiler

DZL Partial Drum Quick Loading Coal-fired Steam Chain Grate Boiler

Nantong Wanda Power Co., LTD.
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Rated capacity1~4 t/h

Rated work pressure0.98~1.57Mpa

Adaptive fuelⅡ.Ⅲ Bituminous coal

Application industry : industrial and mining enterprises, schools, hospitals, etc.


Main technical parameters of DZL Eccentric-drum packaged boiler

Boiler Type

Rated Capacity


Rated Work Pressure


Rated Steam Pressure


Feed Water   Temperature


Thermal Efficiency   (%)

Max.Transport Weight


Max. Transportation   Size











































1.Structure introduction :

The drum of this type is laid longitudinally(deflect to one sude).lt has natural ciculation, water-fire tubes, flue-gas three return. Convection bank of tubes are laid in the second return,and furnace flues are laid in the third return,which solves the problem that the bottom of the drum is easy to bulge and the rear tube plate is easy to crack during the use of the main drum boiler.

2.Product features :

a.Because the center line of the drum is offset from the center line of the grate, the high temperature flame does not directly burn the bottom of the drum, which avoids the disadvantage of bulging at the bottom of the drum due to high temperature creep.

b. This product shrunk the fire pipe, increased the water pipe. The second return of the flue gas is changed from the fire tube of the traditional main drum to the 5-7 drainage tube on the left side of the boiler. The high temperature flue gas above 800 °C no longer directly scours the boiler tube plate, so that the flue gas temperature entering the third return fire tube is only about 600 °C, which completely avoids the crack of the main drum tube plate.

The above two points not only ensure the reliability of boiler operation, reduce the cost of boiler maintenance, but also ensure the user 's requirements for continuous safe and efficient operation of the boiler.                                                                                                                                       c. Chain grate adopts an independent sealed air chamber, the air chamber is equal pressure unilateral air inlet, the uniformity of the width direction and the adjustability of the length direction of the grate are better, which can better meet the needs of combustion, while the general boiler manufacturers use the warehouse air and the butterfly air regulating plate with two holes on the side plate of the grate

d. The two sides of the main combustion zone of the grate are sealed by high temperature resistant ductile iron, while the general manufacturers use gray cast iron or ordinary heat resistant cast iron.

e. Saw-tooth cast iron coal gate is used in coal gate. It not only loosens the coal seam, but also increases the surface area of coal seam combustion, and correspondingly increases the combustion area of grate. Practice has proved that the use of this kind of coal gate can make the coal fully burned, the burnout zone of coal is obviously advanced by about 500 mm, the carbon content of slag is greatly reduced, and the thermal efficiency of boiler is improved.

f. This series of boiler heating surface layout is more abundant, coupled with the combustion condition is better, so the boiler output, high thermal efficiency, to ensure that with 10 % -20 % overload capacity.

In summary, our company 's eccentric-drum packaged boiler has distinctive characteristics. The boiler is widely welcomed by Southeast Asian and domestic customers because of its sufficient output, high thermal efficiency and good safety.

This series of eccentric-drum packaged boiler is the first batch of energy-saving products promoted by the company. It won the title of ' Golden Dragon Award ', ' Provincial Excellent ' and ' Ministry Excellent ' of the new products of the National Economic Commission.

Q:I am looking to purchase my first home and have found a foreclosure I am interested in that has a boiler heating system. Since there are no ducts in the house, I was wondering how much it would cost to add an air conditioning system in the future. The home is 1500 sq ft and was built in 1979.
What you have now is the cheapest in terms of installation, and the most expensive to operate. You need to consider if you want/need A/C. If you want A/C a gas or propane forced air system would make the most sense and would likely be the least up front cost. In a two story home the duct work could be an issue. Your other choice would be radiant heat, with a gas fired boiler. All of these are a major expense. You need to have a qualified HVAC contractor inspect your home to determine the feasibility an cost of retro fit installation.
Q:What is the boiler MCR
The rated evaporation is the amount of steam produced continuously per unit time at the specified outlet pressure, temperature and efficiency.
Q:This is a 2 part question. Thanks so much in advance. Does the boiler control all the hot water in the home? Meaning the baseboard heater AND the tap water? and why does it take so long for the hot water to come up to the shower? It takes about a good 5 minutes! Thank YOU!
Answer 1 is NO. they are 2 separate systems. The boiler gets its water from the same source, but it is in a closed system, never mixing with tap water. Second answer: the only thing that would explain that long a delay is distance from the hot water tank coupled with low pressure due to clogged pipes. The clog here is rust and scale on the insides of old galvanized steel pipe. I've removed pipe that had so much clog that light could not be seen from one end to the other. Only solution is to repipe, using copper.
Q:What is subcritical, supercritical, supercritical
Point, at this time there is no difference between saturated and saturated steam.
Q:on my bolier it says if over 2 call engineer but it is going on 3
Your boiler is either going to explode or blow a line. this is a dangerous situation and you should not go near it . Shut it down and phone your local boiler, furnace repairman Richard
Q:How to accept the boiler
See what you are the boiler acceptance, you mentioned the person in charge and the use of units, and I take the power plant boiler acceptance as an example to tell you acceptance procedures.
Q:My husband and I just moved into a hot that has a natural gas fired boiler and hot water heater heating system. I know absolutely nothing about this kind of heat. Do I need to get this kind of heating system routinely cleaned each year before winter, like other heating systems?If so, who do I call for that? I have been told a plumber, but every plumber that I have called has said they don't do cleaning of boilers!?Also, does anyone know how much it costs to get this type of maintenence done?
As a rule, natural gas boilers require much less cleaning than oil-fired units. That being written, you have a 'summer-winter' system, so your boiler operates all year round to make hot water. This, in fact, is helpful as you have a good gauge that the system is operating correctly when you turn on the heat. But, to answer your question directly - if you have a standard 'open' boiler that uses room-air for combustion, it is useful to clean out the burners once a year and use a soft wire-brush on the thermocouple and pilot-assembly to remove any scale. It is a very simple task that takes perhaps 20 minute from start to finish and is something a *skilled and experienced* homeowner could do. If the boiler is a cast-iron sectional boiler, it is also useful to clean out the areas between the sections with a soft brush every couple of years or so. This involves removing the sheet-metal from around the boiler and should only be done by a technician. If you have a sealed condensing boiler, no such service is required. They use specially-designed, corrosion-proof fire boxes to prevent scale and rust build-up. Speak to your gas utility. They usually have a list of approved service technicians in your area that will do what is needed. Often they offer a service-contract that includes such cleaning as well. PECO charges anything from about $180 to $300 for such annual contracts via private service companies depending on the depth and extent of coverage. But they all include at least annual servicing.
Q:Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler First and Second Winds
The effect of secondary air is mainly to supplement the combustion of oxygen and strengthen the mixing of materials
Q:Organic heat carrier boiler, rated thermal power 1.4MW converted tons is how much?
For special equipment operators, they can be specified in the qualification items of the special equipment operator's certificate, expressed as Class III (Advanced), Level II (Intermediate), Level I (Primary).
Q:I would like to know the life expectancy of this tube so that I can compare it with a Copper tube used for the same purpose. Thanks a lot.
The life of any boiler tube is a function of its environment. The amount of heat flux on the exterior (assuming a water tube boiler) or even flame impingement has a big effect. The quality of the water and it treatment is the other big factor. Poor water conditioning can lead to deposits that then result in hot spots and tube failure. Lack of good water level control can also lead to failure. Without knowing what kind of boiler you are asking about it is difficult to address your copper versus steel question.

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