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Technical features

1.The design of traditional burner has strict requirements for fuels. If using the coked fuels, the boiler can't do continuous work, after 2 hours of work, the boiler has to be  stopped to do cleaning

   It is difficult for client to purchase non coking fuel. The coking fuel burner introduced by HUAYUAN can solve this problem. It can burn any kinds of coking fuel continuous, and the fuel can be

   drained out automatically after combustion.

2. It adopts multilevel mixed combustion. The combustible material such as tar in the flame can be burned completely, which will not reduce the effeciency in the burner.

3. It can use generation II of LCD touchscreen control system and can start with one-button operation system.

4. Equipped with China leading IV generation  LCD touchscreen, dynamic intelligent one-button  control system to set fire automatically. Clients can monitor the parameters of input water, output water temperatures, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc in real time. After the change of relevant data, it will remind user of maintenance. Client will monitor boiler's running status and energy-saving condition.

5. Adopting anti-back fire feeding structure. It can still burn even with the bunker open. It can forbid the safety problem of catching fire.

6. It meets the requirement of working overloaded all day and suits reformation of industrial and commercial boiler and other heat source demands.

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Q:Question about new steam boiler..?
Steam boilers are still in use and becoming quite advanced and efficient, I would definitely get a couple of more estimates if nothing else you will increase your knowledge, then go with the person you feel most comfortable with. By getting more estimates you will make sure you will make sure you actually need a new unit
Q:digital thermostat doesn't shut off gas-fired steam boiler?
throw the digital thermostat in the trash and go back to a manual, one
Q:Adding A/C to a home with boiler heat?
Not enough info. Is it on a slab or is it a raised foundation. Crawl space or basement. It will run between 5 and 10 grand. I would suggest you get a few estimates before you buy.
Q:how do i adjust pressure on a worcester bosch greenstar 25si combi boiler?
I also have a Worcester Greenstar boiler, the outlet pipe has leaked outside since the boiler was switched on. The engineers tried to seal all the connection pipes on outside, the dripping started again the following day. I rang the company who advised me it was nothing to worry about and they would have a look at the leak when the service was carried out. As for the pressure being topped up, you will have a Instruction manual for your boiler, follow the instructions for RE-PRESSURING using the HOSE that should be connected or hanging somewhere around your boiler. It is simple enough to carry out but if not confident you could ask someone you know, who has a condensing boiler, to top up to max 1.5 bar mark.
Q:Boiler stove 2 class G2.G3 what mean
(1) Steam boilers with rated work less than or equal to 0.4MPa and rated evaporation less than or equal to 0.5t / h, and hot water boilers and organic heat carrier boilers with rated power less than or equal to 0.7MW;
Q:How can I make a double boiler?
You basically place a bowl that is conductive of heat and safe to use on the stove over a saucepan of boiling or simmering water. The bowl should be substantially larger than the pan or pot by at least 2-3 inches. This method actually works better than a dedicated double boiler as it is easier to quickly place and remove the bowl over the pot. Just be careful not to burn yourself if steam escapes from around the bowl while it is over the pan.
Q:glow worm boiler problem?
+1 for diverter valve as Tom says. Service kits are still available, which include various 'o' rings, washers and (probably the culprit) the diaphraghm. The general state of the boiler should be assessed first though, as this may be the start of a steady
Q:new boiler condensing questions?
Old boiler systems would maintain the heat inside of them all of the time, that is inefficient. Your new boiler will only heat the water when there is a call for heat from any of your t-stats and the circulation pumps is on, causing water to flow through the boiler, this is a safety issue so that the water does not flash to steam inside the heat exchanger. The fluctuation in temps you see are normal and expected
Q:why does my boiler send hot water through my baseboards when the thermostat and the circulator are off?
ithe zone valve may be stock try to close it and then check heaters,good luck.
Q:How to properly maintain two boilers on same steam header and sequence for shared run times?
Running boilers in parallel is not a simple control problem. Steam production on each boiler will be set by the firing rate. Therefore, the fuel valves must not only respond to the header steam pressure, but also to the steam flow for proper load distribution. *Changes to the firing rate are very detrimental to efficiency. Therefore, it is better to share load changes among several boilers to minimize losses. When taking one of the boilers from service, it is better to leave it under pressure from the steam header, instead of closing the header valve off. Otherwise, the boiler will cool down and it will take much longer to bring it back on line. The rise or drop in level will depend on how tight the feedwater and steam valves are shut. Either way, it is irrelevant, since you will have to go through the startup sequence, which may last several hours, before you can bring it back on line again. =============== However, from your question it appears that the boilers start firing at full tilt, and stop on high steam pressure, I guess. It is not a good idea to sequence them, since then they would have more time to cool down, which would be a useless waste of fuel. Sequence them once a week, or after they had time to cool down completely. .

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