HUAYUAN high-end horizontal biomass boiler--1395KW

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Product Description:

This boiler is 1395KW one.


The first horizontal biomass boiler in China    Brand:  HUAYUAN

High-end product---Longxiao series A, B, C

Technical features:

By the great effort, HUAYUAN has developed the first biomass boiler without grate. There are three kinds of hot water boilers as following:

Longxiao Series A: blue touchscreen control system, burning any biomass fuel without dark smoke.

Longxiao Series B: colorful touchscreen control system. motor frequency control system. drain the coked fuel in the combustion procession. burning all coked biomass fuel.

Longxiao Series C: large colorful touchscreen control system. intelligent control system, internet control system. drain the coked fuel in the combustion. burning all coked biomass fuel.


1. Different from tradition vertical boiler, any parts of boiler could be checked and repaired. Even the fire pipes in the boiler could be replaced without boiler disassembled.

2. HUAYUAN adopts world leading patent combustion system. Boilers without grate will need no more grate transporting to solve coked fuel burning problem.

3. High temperature in the hearth could be controlled to make sure that temperature is enough high to do biomass pyrolysis gasification and complete combustion. With specially designed

   airflow spraying, tar will not be attached to the hearth after longtime combustion and pipes will not be blocked by the attached tar, it will do little effect on the boiler's efficiency after long                 time using, this is what users will neglect. Long-time energy saving is what matters.

4. As store is directly connected to the hearth, many biomass boilers catch fire easily. Applying anti-back fire structure and back-flow prevention device, so that only biomass fuel can be put  into hearth, high temperature airflow can't flow into bunker. We are equipped with safety fire protection device, even when the back-flow  prevention device fails, automatic monitoring feeding system will start to force high temperature into hearth. Boiler will stop working only after cleaning all the fuels.

5. Change the traditional boiler feeding way, decrease the feeding height of bunker, increase the capacity, reduce the labor strength.

6. Traditional biomass boiler only monitor output water temperature, Longxiao series adopts touchscreen control system, clients can monitor the parameters of temperature of input water, output water, smoke, fuels in bunker, combustion in hearth etc. After the change of relevant data, it will timely remind the user of maintenance, so that to allow user to get more information about running status and energy-saving data.

7. First one to apply internet control system in biomass fuel industry, you can monitor the boiler everywhere with internet.

8. Under intelligent control, boiler will automatically operates from start-running-stop-restart. You could be an online boiler operator with high efficiency and 6 safety protection settings.

Product specification:  covers from 10*104Kcal~180*104Kcal this list shows parts of specifications for reference)  









Rated head








Rated discharge pressure


0Normal pressu re

Rated temperature of outlet water


Rated temperature of return water


Heat efficiency



Water inlet








Water outlet








Drain hole








Vent hole









































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Q:How do I know if my immersion boiler is gas or electric?
Yeah, I wouldn't want to move in there if the LANDLORD doesn't know... sounds incompetent to me.
Q:what if my boiler works and heat goes up but it doesnot warm my basement ?
the boiler heats air; hot air goes through ducts (tin pipes) to end at wall or floor vents; all rooms that have vents get hot air. Are there any vents in the basement? If not, no heat, cold basement. You'd want someone experienced at HVAC to figure if and how the boiler can heat the basement w/o reducing heat to the rest of the house.
Q:What could be the cause of my oil boiler not producing hot water?
Sir, there is more there to hurt someone than is imaginable. Unless you're used to working on boilers and their controls, please contact a qualified boiler tech. One turn of a screw can cause an incredible amount of damage. Although your system is a low pressure one, that low pressure can level a house. You are correct in saying that the heat doesn't have to be on for the boiler to give hot water to the sinks tubs. The burner might not be kicking on because of a failure of a safety device. Sorry there's really no good place to start if you have no experience with these systems. No harm in calling someone who does, and no harm in watching what the tech does, it's called learning.
Q:Boiler/Hot water tank heat?
the previous answer became not ( worryingly as he works with water tanks) maximum appropriate The twist of destiny with the little lady befell by using fact the THERMOSTAT became set too severe and optimistic failed additionally This became on the immersion ( the nice and cozy water tanks electric heater) it incredibly is conceivable , as in this situation for the thermostat to fail close and the heating factor nonetheless keeps heating up that's what I understand befell right here to evade the nice and cozy water tank pressurising and exploding there's a pipe that returns warm water to the chilly water header tank - the enlargement pipe in lots of circumstances this in basic terms returns prolonged heat water to the chilly water tan whilst the water expands from chilly . even if if the water interior the nice and cozy water tank is , nonetheless a fault BOILING ten it is going to shop biking boiling water upto the chilly water tank. even if there is an further protection gadget the overflow or warning pipe it incredibly is a pipe that ought to loose water to the exterior of the domicile if he chilly water tank gets TOO finished Water working from those short pipe exterior the domicile ought to alert you there's an issue, warm water would be understanding of your overflow pipe protruding the wall All that stated you're saying you have a decrease back boiler ( gas / coal ?) which ought to have 2 thermostates outfitted and , except you have a stabd b electric heater ( immersion heater) interior the nice and cozy water tank AND use it you could not adventure a similar twist of destiny by using fact the single presently reported in basic terms watch the warning pipes and if water is popping out be conscious there's an issue ... yet , on your case it incredibly is maximum not likely The incident isn't UN straightforward I incredibly have attended 2 circumstances the place the ceilings have been thoroughly destroyed interior a similar way .... the two rented accomadation
Q:What industry uses oil fired boilers?
Don't leave out transportation....ships, trains, trucks [diesel]
Q:Design considerations for boilers
In order to assess performance and improve the design, the boiler often undergo a thermal equilibrium test.
Q:what are the functions of the boiler in chemical plant?
In a chemical plant, boilers can be used as a heat source for the various processes, to drive steam turbines for pumps, compressors, blowers and generators. In some cases, the turbine's exhaust can be used as a heat source for some of the processes. in other cases the turbines exhaust to a steam condenser. The cooling water for the condenser would typically come from a cooling tower. A heat and electric energy balance for the plant would determine exactly how the steam usage would be set up. In some cases there would be no electric generation, in others no turbines driving pumps or other mechanical equipment other than the generators.
Q:I have a combi boiler and just purchased a power shower. I am being told I cannot run my shower off a combi?
Yes, sadly the way a combi-boiler works, it's at low pressure. And yes, it is possible to get it to work (in a fashion) by boosting the output pressure with a pump. But I don't think it's the right, and best way for you to go. If you go to a good Bath Shower place and ask advice for an electrically-operated proper (separate) shower, working off the mains pressure, -buy it, and have it installed, you'll have got the best of all worlds. The advantages of a combi-boiler, and the independence and pleasure of a good shower. But be careful to insist on seeing your shower demonstrated IN ACTION before you buy it.. Nothing worse than buying it and then having to put up with a trickle! A trickle that might be scalding, or cold!
Q:Why should I replace my 125000 BTU Boiler for a larger one?
both are hosing you. a new 125,000 btu boiler is 10 times more efficient than your original and will be fine. the weil McClain is the better of the two,ask him to rebid the job with the 125.but i would get three other bids and specify you want a 125,000 btu output.check your boiler nomenclature plate to verify the output
Q:working principle of a steam boiler?
Coal fired steam boiler is wide range used. Especially it is usually used in electric power plant. Do you know how coal fired boiler works in electric power plant? Coal is densely compressed ancient plant matter. It's like a naturally made barbecue charcoal. It is a solid fuel. It has a long history that people use it. The coal is mined and brought to a power plant in large quantities by trucks and trains. It is stacked up with large equipment, like bulldozers, and feed onto conveyor belts. The conveyor belt dump the coal chunks into a grinder, or crusher, which makes fairly uniform sized of coal powder. This powder is fed into a combustion where it is ignited and as the coal if fed into the combustion it's burning become self-sustaining. There is a lot of air being blown through the combustion and flow of this air is the oxygen for the burning of the coal and transfers the heat from the combustion to the coal fired boiler. The temperatures of this 'flue gas' is over 2000 degrees fahrenheit. In the boiler of coal fired the section of the power plant is water flowing through tubes. As the heat passes across the outer portion of the tubes it transfers heat to the water and the water boil. A continuous flow of water is fed through these tubes. Once the water is boiled to steam and a pressure of steam develops. The steam is directed, through piping, to a steam turbine. The steam turns the turbine. Connected to the turbine is an electric generator. As the turbine turns the generator electricity is produced and is directed to the power grid and eventually to your house and school. This is a very simplified version, but covers the major steps of how a coal fired boiler work in electric power plant. I hope this can help you.

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