China's Innovative Products --- Transformer Biomass Hot Water Boiler

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The Transformer series biomass boiler of best quality and technology to be introduced by HUAYUAN has following features:

1. It has the best combustion ability to burn any coked, low calorific briquette fuel.

2. In the commission, the boiler will be transformed in the site to satisfy more requirement.

3.  Brand-new production workcraft, revolved boiler structure, modularized construction.

4. Any parts can be replaced and repaired, getting maintenance easily.

5. Only one equipped with watt style dust catcher in biomass boiler industry. It can be cleaned by water, the emission concentration is lower than natural gas.  

6. It adopts IV generation of B style intelligent control system.

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Q:Why is my boiler not working?
Check the fuse/breaker. Is it on a timer? If it is gas, is the pilot lit or is it self igniting?
Q:What could be the cause of my oil boiler not producing hot water?
Sir, there is more there to hurt someone than is imaginable. Unless you're used to working on boilers and their controls, please contact a qualified boiler tech. One turn of a screw can cause an incredible amount of damage. Although your system is a low pressure one, that low pressure can level a house. You are correct in saying that the heat doesn't have to be on for the boiler to give hot water to the sinks tubs. The burner might not be kicking on because of a failure of a safety device. Sorry there's really no good place to start if you have no experience with these systems. No harm in calling someone who does, and no harm in watching what the tech does, it's called learning.
Q:What to do if the heating engineer says my 3 year old boiler is a write off?
This guy does not know what he is talking about. A boiler should be good for at least 7 years and sometime even longer.Tell him you want to claim on his Insurance ( Public Liability) for the water damage he caused you. I would think tht from what you have said he is not competent in fixing boilers. The water going hot and cold could be due to a Thermistor which is located on the flow pipe of the boiler, inside. Another fault can be a faulty Boiler thermostat. Some boilers also activate the hot water by a pressure swithch that has a rubber diagpram, and when the boiler swith is pressed, it presses the diaphram which makes contact with a Micro switch and lightds the main burner. In that case it could be a worn diphram that is the problem.
Q:my room thermostat is saying it is lit but the boiler starts then cuts out after 5 mins please help?
the state in the boiler is switching it off, when the boiler cools it will come back on, sound like the boiler is working fine.
Q:Heat exchanger on Gloworm boiler does it need replacing?
If I were you I would get Gloworm out on a fixed price repair. Look at how much this man wants to charge and compare it with the fixed price repair cost which will cover you if they have to come back for any reason within a month. You don't specify the model or age which would be helpful. Swiftflow Compact CI Energysaver combi CXI Flexicom Ultracom would be some possibilities. It is actually quite common for the plate heat exchanger to get blocked with magnetite if the system has not been cleaned and inhibited properly.
Q:What is a waste heat boiler?
Waste heat boiler is the use of a variety of industrial processes of waste gas, waste or waste in the sensible heat or (and) its combustible material burned after the heat generated by the boiler.
Q:Could the boilers on the Titanic really have exploded from the cold water if not put out?
Boilers not required to supply steam for the pumps and dynamos had to be shut down, keeping them under pressure was dangerous. Engineers could not afford the time to check that feed water was being supplied to all boilers and if the water level in a boiler fell too low the furnace could collapse resulting in an explosion. Cold sea water coming into a hot boiler under pressure could also cause an explosion due to the thermal stress induced and so the boilers in No 6 and No 5 boiler rooms had to be shut down with great urgency. Any boiler explosion would have killed people but would also have damaged watertight bulkheads and possibly the hull. This would have resulted in the ship foundering much more quickly. To prevent such explosion fires had to be raked out of the furnaces and steam pressure had to be reduced rapidly; this was done by manually lifting the safety valves using the easing gear fitted to valves for that purpose and it is the operation of this easing gear which resulted in the roar of steam from the vent pipes together with the natural release from boilers generating steam no longer required by the engines.
Q:Boiler dust removal method
2, hydraulic dust: also known as Venturi dust collector, this method dust effect is good, large and small boilers are applicable.
Q:why is continuous blow down done in a boiler?
Some boilers may have continuous blow down but others havw manual blow down only. Blow downs are done in the case of manual blowdowns at least once in an 8 hour shift. This is necessary in order to remove any water impurities such as calcium and magnesium carbonates. Although , water feed to boilers may be treated for solids, solids may always develop inside a boiler after a long period of steam production.
Q:What is a safe PSI for a residential cast Irom Boiler?
Your PSI is low ! Average is from 12 to18 Lbs. If cold and at 25 or higher, when it heat up it may get past 30lbs and blow the safety relief valve.

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