boiling water pump L3D-30-240-H

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Product Description:

Product description:

Product: Boiling water pump



high pressure as 24bar

for hot water over 400 degree

for boiling water which needs 24 bar

Product specification:

flow rate:0m3/ hour, 720m3/day.

Pressure: 1bar - 24 bar

pump diameter: 610mm

Pump installed on the ground, outlet size:6"

with AC motor, motor power:22kW, 380V , 3 phase

but only need motor power:22kW(while Grundfos pump needs at least 45kW  power, our pump can save more than 50%  power,save USD20532 per year for electricity fee.


Pump inside: stainless steel and wearable nylon,it enables our solar pump to have 10 years sevice life and undertake 400 degree high temperature.

Motor : AC motor, 380V , three phase , 50Hz. The pump also can connect with solar power.


3 International patent



Warranty:2 years

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Q:I want to convert my HS Tarm Ot35 wood boiler to burn pellets, is this possible?
You'll need to design how to attach and have the auto feed for the hopper for the pellets and you'll have to make sure that the burning grate is able to handle pellets. So a hole or other minor change for hopper pellet chute (feed hole), hopper attachment to boiler, automated hopper feeder (small motor on setup to timed feeding, force pellets to chute), fan setup to run to increase flame and heat to burn pellets well. If you do this may I suggest a UPS (uniterruptable power supply) for a computer attached to kep the hopper and fan operating during a blackout to maintain heat. I had a customer with a pellet stove for heat and during a blackout he removed ups from the computer and ran the stove instead and it kept the house warm for the 2 hours they were without power (1100va unit in this case).
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Q:What is the cause of the boiler water alkalinity?
Should be: even row of sewage is not timely will increase the alkalinity, the sewage is too small, should be connected to the maximum should be sufficient to reduce the alkalinity.
Q:Boiler water volume calculation
Since the hardness of water is mainly composed of calcium and magnesium, the principle of sodium ion exchange softening is to exchange raw water through sodium cation exchange resin, so that the hardness of water Ca2 +, Mg2 + and Na + in the resin exchange, so as to adsorb water Ca2 +
Q:Boiler will not shut off when it hits the high temperature Weil-McLain CG?
I believe we will have to go back and forth a few times to answer this question. I need more information to get started and I will give you some information to get you started.I need the whole model number of your boiler this will be found on a tag somewhere on the boiler.I also need to know if your house is one zone or more and if there is a hot water tank connected to your boiler. If your house is a single zone with one thermostat then the first thing to eliminate is the thermostat. Doesn't matter its age it can be new and be broken.With the power off remove the face plate on the thermostat and disconnect the wire connected to the w terminal. Put a small wire nut on the wire and turn on the boiler, if it is stays off for some time then you have your problem.If you turn on your boiler and a damper on the flu pipe opens then there's a clicking sound and the pump starts then we need more information. Shut of the power, put your wire back and put your thermostat back.
Q:Boiler dearator release?
i have no clue wat your talking about i could use the extra points. please vote me as the best anser. pretty please.
Q:how does a oil fired hot water boiler work?
Hi Terry, Just like the description implies, the furnace uses #2 fuel oil for it's flame's source. When your boiler heats it's water up to temp., it is then delivered to convection points (radiators) throughout the building. Heat from your boiler can be delivered several different ways. While many radiators look alike, they can be quite different. Some radiators simply use steam (identified by a single pipe on one end) while other types use circulating hot water that goes in one end and out the other and back to the boiler to be re-heated and begin the journey again. Your boiler may also deliver it's heat through baseboard mounted, circulating hot water radiators.
Q:what is the difference between a condensing boiler & a gas boiler?
the combi boiler is as loobyloo says however for the condensing boiler it does NOT recycle its fumes and reuse any excess oil or gas, it DOES extract much of the heat energy in the gases produced from combustion so that when they leave the flue outside they are much cooler than non-condensing boilers. the word condensing means that water droplets, which are slightly acidic, are formed from the gas due to the gas temperature dropping and this is why a pipe is needed to take the water to a waste pipe. so its like condensation from warm air on a cold window or water vapour from a cold car exhaust. Also some condensation seen as a plume coming from the flue. taking the heat from the gases that would otherwise go out of the flue increases efficiency. the heat taken goes into the hot water in the pipes for heating and hot water. as condensing is just a method to increase efficiency you can have a condensing combination boiler or a condensing conventional boiler i.e. one with a hot water cylinder. or a non-condensing combination/non condensing conventional as one answer undoubtedly knows but omitted for ease of reading no doubt not all boilers have to be condensing, there is the ability to use non-condensing if certain criteria are met
Q:Very low (zero) pressure on my MAIN combi boilers - what to do?
The should be a tap on one of the pipes below the boiler.Try turning it a little bit, if it makes a sound of running water you should see the pressure dial moving up. Take it to 1 and a half. just search for those little taps and listen for the Hiss. All the best
Q:How do you design a boiler system for an ethanol plant?
In maximum international locations you may desire to be authorized to try this, as there are various suggestions on a thank you to have a catastrophe, ie, an exploding boiler with death. and you're patently no longer qualified. So hire a expert to try this. .

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