HUAYUAN High-end Biomass Burner--1046KW

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Product Description:

This burner is 1046KW one.


Innovative product in China--biomass burner. Brand: HUAYUAN

Specification: 58~1395KW  Burner over 1395KW can be modularized.

The III generation biomass burner promoted in July 2014:

1. We use the casting modularized hearth. The boiler core is the only thing to be replaced in the post maintenance of burner. It is cheap and easy to change the modular fittings.

2. Generation III biomass burner adopts hyper heat-resistant casting material, replacing I and II generation material, which makes less cost and more stable performance.

3. The actual capacity of traditional burner is 70%, HUAYUAN marks authentic datas on the nameplates.

4.  HUAYUAN product has hyper-high temperature efficiency burnning tar and other harmful substance totally which will not be attached to the tubes to cause block.

5. The flame colour of HUAYUAN product combustion is white and blue, realizing clean combustion.  

6. Solve the problem that no coking fuel could be used in the traditional burner. More biomass fuel could be applied.

7. One-button control system to set fire, feed bunker, and control temperature automatically.

8. Equipped with dust blower system, which could be cleaned after long-time usage. Different size of reducer adapter could be made according to customers' requirement.

9. Widely applied to high temperature required conditions as coal-fired, natural gas-fired and oil burning boiler reconstruction, as well as industrial drying painting.

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Q:What hazards or risk do boilers pose? Where are boilers normally found?
Boilers usually found in basements or auxiliary equipment buildings. They are found where hot water or steam is used to provide heat (rather than hot air.) Boilers in buildings are usually low pressure and thus lower risk than power boilers found in electric generating plants and locomotives and boats. A boiler can heat water and send it out as hot water or it can heat water to steam and send it out as steam which condenses and gives up heat to the room and the water drains back down to the boiler for reheating. If a boiler heats a large amount of water, there is a risk of a large amount of energy being in the water available for steam explosions. Therefore, a flash boiler is sometimes used where only enough water is admitted to the boiler to be flashed to steam to meet needs. The former boiler (water) operates at lower pressure and temperature since the tubes are full of water at the boiling point at what ever pressure the system operates at while the later (flash steam) has hot tubes (at least several hundred degrees higher).
Q:What is the best gas boiler to install?
There is a great deal of confusion surrounding boilers and we have tried to cover the basics here. Essentially if you have any doubts you should discuss your installation in detail with your supplier, or your installer who must be CORGI registered. In the case of oil boilers this should be done by an OFTEC registered engineer.
Q:Looking to replace my water boiler furnace?
Since the efficiency is the driving force you would be looking at a condensing type boiler. These are different than the old cast iron boilers that had some mass and water content. The condensing type boilers need good water movement through the heat exchanger and a primary loop installed. You would also need to have each zone controlled by a pump. So there would be some piping changes involved. The vent pipe would also need to be changed. Prices would vary with the specifics of your system so a job visit would be required to give a good estimate. Just roughly you could figure $5000 for a boiler, $2000 for piping changes and $2000 for labor.
Q:I have no hot water but my heating is fine. What is going on? It is an intermittent gas boiler, i believe.?
is piolit lit but call engineer they will figure it out
Q:how do i adjust pressure on ravenheat boiler?
Your pressure setting is ok at that level but only when the boiler is cold. If it is this level when hot then it is too low. Look for a small back tap like handle on the £water in pipe. If theres not one then look for a small round valve with a slot on it. There should be one. Increase the pressure by turning this as it allows water into the boiler. Just make sure you do it gradually and do not increase it any large amount and make sure it is turned back to the off position when done. I would still advise you allow a qualified person to do this just in case. Anyway, if this doesn't help then you definitely should consult a CORGI Engineer.
Q:Is there a problem with my boiler?
Not sure where the green zone starts, but, assuming your boiler is hot water, and not steam, the water regulators are typically set to maintain 12psi....and should be raised accordingly when the boiler is in the basement of a multi story building. You may want to make sure the water supply valve is on, and from there the feed valve / regulator should take it from there. If water is on, and you're confident that the gauge reads accurately, it'd be best to call a pro to look at it. An improperly serviced boiler can create some real hazards. Good luck
Q:Boiler flue system
The burner's pulverized coal and air mixture burns in the hearth with the rest of the hot air and releases a lot of heat.
Q:I would like to relocate boiler from a bedroom to loft. Is this just a case of extending existing pipework?
Any time you move a boiler you are affecting HVAC and you need a permit for this. You also have to keep certain clearances from combustible materials and extending the pipes will require an engineer to run calculations to check if you need a larger boiler to handle the extra run. You may also want to check local, state and federal ordinance to see if you are permitted a boiler in the space you want to move it to as some places may have laws prohibiting boilers from being located on certain floors or areas of the home.
Q:2T gas boiler burn 10 tons of steam how much natural gas
And oil-fired boilers, electric boilers compared to the most economical, so most people have chosen the gas boiler as a steam, heating, bathing with the boiler equipment.
Q:boiler temperature in my apartment?
A hydronic boiler for heat will run roughly as follows: Standing cast-iron radiation: up to 130F Baseboard (Fin-tube) radiation: up to 180F For domestic hot water only - and depending on the application, 120F - 150F in a residential setting. The higher temperature if tempering valves are installed, as 150F water will scald nearly instantly. You should not get more than 115F +/- at the tap as even that will scald sensitive skin. 110F is generally considered a 'safe' operating temperature (at the tap).

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