boiling water pump L3D-20-80-H

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Product Description:

Product description:

Product: Boiling water pump



for hot water over 400 degree

for boiling water which needs 8 bar

Product specification:

flow rate:20m3/ hour, 480m3/day.

Pressure: 1bar - 8 bar

pump diameter: 296mm

Pump installed on the ground, outlet size:3"

with AC motor, motor power:5.5kW, 380V , 3 phase

but only need motor power:3.2kW(while Grundfos pump needs at least 7.5kW  power, our pump can save more than 50%  power,save USD3715 per year for electricity fee.


Pump inside: stainless steel and wearable nylon,it enables our solar pump to have 10 years sevice life and undertake 400 degree high temperature.

Motor : AC motor, 380V , three phase , 50Hz. The pump also can connect with solar power.


3 International patent



Warranty:2 years

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Q:Do Combination Boilers have a return ?
I think tinman has his pipes crossed.There is obviously a return on the heating circuit as otherwise it would not work but there is no return on the domestic water side. The cold water is connected to the various points of use as required and the cold feed to the boiler will be one of those connections. The hot water does stay as you say in the pipes just as it would with almost all domestic installations until you turn on the tap next time. A return hot water system such as you suggest is normally only found in large dwellings, hotels and similar large commercial applications.The water would need to be in the pipe for a considerable time to stagnate.
Q:Can chilling the water in a boiler remove the oxygen?
c. Heating. Chilling has no effect.
Q:What type of Boiler heater is best?
The boiler unit itself will either be water or steam. Water is easier to work with and in most cases cheaper. Steam produces more heat, but can cause serious damage if there is a leak. The registers, I think this is by choice, I prefer the thin fin; they're not quite the eye-sore as radiators.
Q:I have a heated towel rad one plumber said it can be plumbed straight into the combi boiler another said it?
If the boiler is at the other side of the wall then put the towel rail on the wall you want it and pipe it through the wall to the heating mains on the boiler, then it's just a simple job to cap the old radiator off. Just remember you may not get as much heat from the towel rail as you do from the existing radiator depending on the size of the rad, so maybe try it first with the rad turned off before you remove it totally.
Q:Boiler Issue and Hot Water and Heat?
if it's a oil fired boiler the reset is for the burner only has nothing to do with it leaking unless it is leaking directly in to the firebox(where the flame is) you could have a bad nozzle,plugged filter. bad fuel or water in the fuel most are a simple repair by a pro make sure they do a combustion test to properly set firing of the burner. hope this helps. get a good pro to do the work get references
Q:How do Boiler Systems work?
I take it you mean boiler and not the hot water cylinder, i hear many people call the cylinder a boiler, boiler system isnt quite right, the system is whatever the boiler is running, then you have instantaneous water heaters, conventional boilers, system boilers, combination boilers, and condensing boilers, all do different things for different reasons, so we need more info, what boiler type is it? what is it running? and what part of the system do you need to know about?
Q:What is the Problem with my boiler?
gas valve makes noise
Q:1 tonne boiler can be the number of square meters of heating?
according to 1 ton boiler full load operation calculation can theoretically 10,000 square meters of heating
Q:What is the proper psi for a residential 2001 Slant Fin gas boiler?
Yup, assuming that the boiler is in the basement, 12-15 is good. If you have a two story home, you may want to boost it to 15-18.
Q:if a boiler drops from 140psi to 80psi with no change in firing, would I need to change the safety valve?
There is not sufficient information on the boiler or the system to answer properly. Is the safety valve open or closed. A safety valve should not be open unless the boiler is over pressured. Has the load on the system changed? How do you know the firing has not changed. What measurements do you have to verify your statement?

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