boiling water pump L3D-60-120-H

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Product Description:

Product description:

Product: Boiling water pump



big flow rate as 60m3/h

for hot water over 400 degree

for boiling water which needs 12 bar

Product specification:

flow rate:60m3/ hour, 1440m3/day.

Pressure: 1bar - 12 bar

pump diameter: 610mm

Pump installed on the ground, outlet size:6"

with AC motor, motor power:22kW, 380V , 3 phase

but only need motor power:22kW(while Grundfos pump needs at least 45kW  power, our pump can save more than 50%  power,save USD20532 per year for electricity fee.


Pump inside: stainless steel and wearable nylon,it enables our solar pump to have 10 years sevice life and undertake 400 degree high temperature.

Motor : AC motor, 380V , three phase , 50Hz. The pump also can connect with solar power.


3 International patent



Warranty:2 years

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Q:What is the distinction between industrial furnaces and boilers?
Industrial furnaces: Almost all of the equipment used to heat in the industry can be used to heat the furnace.
Q:how dependable and and what is the difference in cost with steam and boiler verses foirced air furnace?
Steam is a more even heat if used with perimeter base board heaters. forced air can have a humidifier added to make a more reasonable moisture level in the house. Both are equally dependable, the energy used to produce the heat is the determining factor on cost. Gas is the cheapest,then oil then electricity. in most locals. Steam can be added after a structure is built , forced air systems must be designed into the building at design time in most cases
Q:Combi boiler 12 years old - repair or replace?
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Q:What are the steps involved in flushing a hot water boiler?
balance expansion tank
Q:Do I need to bank a boiler if I have geothermal heating ?
I think that you are at the point of ''NO RETURN''.
Q:How to make a double boiler with pots and bowls?
Q:My oil boiler won't ignite and i haven't got a clue how to fix it. HELP?
1. Switch off all power. 2. Turn off oil feed at boiler. 3. Remover boiler-burner cover. 4. Un-screw retaining bolt at top of burner. 5.Slide burner out of boiler. 6. Un-screw burner jet cover. 7. You will now see 2 needle like probes. These are set between 3 4mm apart. DO NOT MOVE THEM. Take a wire brush and gently clean them. 3 to 4 strokes with a fine wire brush will do this.. 8. Now but all back with the exception of the boiler-burner cover. 9. Switch on power(but do not activate burner yet) and turn on oil feed. 10. Below the pump on the burner is a sump bolt. Un-screw this a little until you get a small run of oil.(good idea to place a dish under this). Now activate burner. A mixture of oil and air will be released from the loosened bolt. As soon as burner lights tighten this bolt and replace cover. If this fails then call a boiler engineer. Best of luck.
Q:water tube boiler start up procedures?
1. Before attempting to start up the boiler, check to ensure that all systems are in good operation condition. Items to be given special attention are; a. Boiler water supply and feed system b. Fuel supply and feed system c. Forced draft blowers d. Steam valves, and pressure relief valves e. Boiler casing f. Steam drum and mud drums manhole covers, and super heater header handhole covers g. Ensure that the level of the water in the steam drum is at half full. h. Check to ensure that fuel spray nozzles are properly installed. 2. If all systems are OK then start up as follows; a. Recirculate the fuel to warm it. b. Run the force draft blower for about five minutes to purge the fire box of any explosive gas accummulation. c. Open the fuel valve to the fuel spray nozzle. d. Press the ignition switch. e. If the fuel fails to ignite, close the fuel valve then repeat procedure from b. f. After the fuel is ignited switch on the automatic combustion control. Don't attempt to repeatedly press on the ignition switch if the fuel does not ignite on the first attempt because atomized fuel would already have accummulated in the fire box and may explode.
Q:Boiler problem ): please help?
If the boiler is NEW, like in just installed call the contractor who installed it. There are too many things it COULD be and very little that a homeowner can repair. Instead of making suggestions about what it MIGHT be, call your contractor or if you have Natural gas call the gas company. You can have most licensed heating contractors check it out for you as well.
Q:What does the boiler tonnage mean?
For example, the boiler tonnage is 130 tons, then the boiler up to an hour to create 130 tons of saturated steam.

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