boiling water pump L3D-60-120-H

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Product Description:

Product description:

Product: Boiling water pump



big flow rate as 60m3/h

for hot water over 400 degree

for boiling water which needs 12 bar

Product specification:

flow rate:60m3/ hour, 1440m3/day.

Pressure: 1bar - 12 bar

pump diameter: 610mm

Pump installed on the ground, outlet size:6"

with AC motor, motor power:22kW, 380V , 3 phase

but only need motor power:22kW(while Grundfos pump needs at least 45kW  power, our pump can save more than 50%  power,save USD20532 per year for electricity fee.


Pump inside: stainless steel and wearable nylon,it enables our solar pump to have 10 years sevice life and undertake 400 degree high temperature.

Motor : AC motor, 380V , three phase , 50Hz. The pump also can connect with solar power.


3 International patent



Warranty:2 years

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Q:Has anyone ever heard of a Boiler template in PowerPoint?
Boiler plate is a term for a preset form that can be used for different things over and over. Usually referred to (originally) in legal forms, but also available in other things that run on computers.
Q:whats up with my boiler? pictures to help...?
if the pressure rises that much when its on, it must be a blown expansion tank. get them to have a good look at it.
Q:how do i add water in my boiler in my home so it can fill my radiator's?
You don't say whether you have a hot water or steam heat system. Also without knowing what your set up is makes it difficult to give you a good answer. If steam, you definitely DO NOT want to fill the radiators. Your best bet would be to have a licensed technician come in and get you properly set up.
Q:my boiler will only provide hot water when the central heatin is on wtf?
If you've got a 'combi' boiler it usually means the diverter switch has packed up and you'll need to call someone out. If you've got a conventional system ie. a hot cylinder to store hot water there's a good chance the motorised valve has stuck in the mid position. you will usually find the motor valve in the airing cupboard it is a brass 'T' shaped valve with either plastic or silver metal box on top and you should be able to manually over-ride it by moving the slider on the side to select hot Water only. Hope this helps. Leon.
Q:Help with a boiler, and where I can get a new one!!!?
Sounds as if someone is mixed up a little here. Boilers are basically all the same in they will run more or less whatever is attached to them. A single pipe system is probably what you have now and would most likely have been an old solid fuel system converted over to gas. You would have a single pipe running all around the house feeding all the radiators and very likely a gravity feed from the boiler to your hot water cylinder. To operate todays high efficiency boilers it requires a 2 pipe system so in effect all your radiators will be in parallel instead of series as at present.So I am sure its going to be a big job with all the boards being lifted as needed which considering the age of the existing system is probably advisable as it will probably be gunked up and will save about £400 on having a power flush and the whole system would be new. I would suggest you ask a few local installers to quote you as £8000 would probably do a small mansion. See if any of your friends/neighbours can recommend an installer for a start.
Q:Boiler Furnace?
Don't buy the house!!! My father owns a heating a cooling business and I helped replace a home such as the one you are considering to buy with a regular furnace. Major costs and house repairs!!!
Q:how much will a replacement gas boiler cost?
Residential Boiler Replacement Cost
Q:i own a duplex with 2 units, 2 old boilers that won't last much longer, i want to sell?
It really doesn't matter that much as when selling new boilers would get you a higher sales price and not putting them in will cause the buyer to offer less for the total unit (or make the contract subject to boilers being replaced.
Q:my hot water boiler is losing pressure my boiler is a valiant?
I suspect you have a leak somewhere but have a look at the following website
Q:Crown Eco Jakarta Capital Management asking what is the best boiler system to install,which is safe to human?
The two main things you will pay for are the installation process, i.e. the time it takes for the qualified boiler engineer to fit it for you, and the cost of the boiler itself. However you will also need to cover the cost of additional items such as the pipe work and associated items that are also required for fitting. The price of the boiler can vary a lot depending on the make and model you buy. For example you could pay anything from approximately £500 to about £2,000 or more, so you need to work out your budget to buy one and the type of boiler your home will need.

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