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I have an 01 impala and theres some equipment in the trunk on the drivers side. what is it for?
Not enough info. could be jack and tools for changing flat tire, or electric antenna, cd player. better description needed, email me if needed.
I'm enlisted and my MOS is 15Y (Armament/Electrical/Avionics Repairer). I'm going to BCT on 20100203 and AIT right after at Ft. Eustis. I'm excited about learning about armament and avionics. I feel proud and privileged to have a chance to work on the numero uno attack helicopter in the world. I want to know how hard it is to get this MOS(no disrespect to other MOS') I have 3 questions in regards to this1) How does 15Y training look like and can I get a head start for the subjects taught right away.2) I would like to go overseas as a first preference, a warzone where I'm needed the most, but also what is the best non combat station to serve in for this MOS overseas and in United States respectively.3) I'm a college graduate(non-citizen pending citizenship in 6 months) and I would like to go to OCS by the end of 2010. Please let me know the best route to do it.Thank you.
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I have been trying my best to put some few things together as per building electronics and electrical equipment but i really lack circuit diagrams that can put me through. i presntly need a circuit diagram of an inverter with atleast 20kVA output.
There is one very important thing missing in your question: What will be your DC input voltage? Because you can forget 12Volt . you would need 2,000 Ampere from your battery to achieve 20kVA @ 85% efficiency! Most inverters I know in this league have between 350 and 600 Volt DC input.
Examples include-Unplug your wireless router for 30 seconds and then plug back inUnplug all elerical cords for 45 seconds then plug back inWhy do they recommend a specific amount of time?
It's called a power cycle and that 30 to 45 seconds give any capacitors in the circuit time to discharge, wiping out any unwanted trash. Power cycles can clear lots funky little annoying issues in electronic and digital devices.
and can they be prosecuted? (UK)
Most electrical or electronic equipment is governed by a user honesty system where if the interfere with other equipment they are required to fix it. Especially if it is ham radio or CB radio. If it is a sewing machine or other home electrical item ring your communications dept. and they will take care of it. Sewing machines can be quite noisy as far as signals and interference go. As far as prosecution is concerned, that won't be up to you. The relevant dept will make that call based on what sort of equipment they are using. I think you should find out which dept. is in charge of radio signals and the like and talk to them. Good luck VK3FMPB
If it is, why?
The answer is no. There are resistances between electrodes placed in the ground anyplace on earth. The resistance varies with the composition of the soil. Grounding grids are engineered for industrial and commercial facilities. These usually consist of a grid of heavy gauge cable connected to a matrix of ground rods driven in the ground , sometimes to great depth. These ground rods are in a 6 to 12 inch diameter pipes at the ground level. There are special connectors which are used to test the resistance on scheduled periods. Individual electrical equipment and buildings are grounded directly to the grid using a method of welding the cables with a mold and a powder which is fired to create a short lived, very intense reaction. The individual cables connected to the structures and equipment is with a special split bolt which is threaded directly to the equipment. The cable is placed in the split and a nut is screwed on the free end of the bolt to compress the cable. Once while assisting in plant startup in Michigan, we had to drive the grid ground rods to a depth of 80 feet to obtain a satisfactory ground.
Actually in position, we have provided shade for an electrical equipment but sun is hitting during morning and evening. Can it be called as a shaded area?
Outside ambient temperatures are always measured in the shade away from direct sunlight. If your equipment is seeing direct sunlight in normally convective air, then you should use an infared remote sensing thermometer to measure different points on the outside and the inside of the equipment (if possible) to determine the ambient temperature (when exposed to direct sunlight). Alternately, you could place a thermistor, thermocouple, RTD, or semiconductor temperature sensor inside the equipment (always in the shade) and run wire leads outside the equipment container, then measure ambient temperature inside the equipment with a meter on the outside. .
I just recently bought a router that was recommended to me, Linksys WRT160N V3. I followed all the steps to connect and it works. the problem is (and i measured) i walked 34 3/16 feet away into my room and boom. no connection, and my laptop, nor my ps3 can find the router. the only thing in the way of my router and my equipment is 2 walls and a bathroom (yes a small apartment). did i buy a crappy router or is there a way to increase the range for this particular model, because i feel like i got ripped off. thanks for the help.Also i was thinking of maybe getting netgear instead, everyone else seems to think it's good i just don't have the cash. thanks for the help.
WiFi is still in its teething stages, And walls are notorious for interfering with the signal, as means to boost your range you could buy a larger WiFi aerial, And try having it pointed at different angles rather than straight up.